20 Fake Police Cars That ALMOST Had Us Fooled

Every time people see a police car they go into panic mode - even if they haven't done anything wrong. People stomp on the brake pedal to slow down even if they're going the speed limit, double-check to make sure their seatbelt is on, and they do everything possible to avoid being the car driving directly in front of the cop car.

We can't say the same for the owners of these vehicles. They actually drive "police" cars. It's blatantly obvious that some of these cars are just meant to be a bit of fun. However, there are some who are walking a fine line between fun and impersonating a police officer.

Let's check out some fake police cars that probably need to be pulled over and searched for donuts just to make sure they're fake.

20 Fashion Police

via Car Scoops

The fashion police are a real police force, aren't they? This Fashion Force CLS 63 AMG was part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week festivities. The German sports saloon was patrolling the streets of Manhattan to spot “style setters”. Those who fit the description were pulled over and rewarded with a ride to their next destination and had their picture taken.

19 Beer Patrol

via Reddit

We would expect to find this car outside a frat house, and we'd probably spend a second or two wondering what the police were doing there. Once you take the time to actually look at the car, it's blatantly obvious that it's not a cop car. However, we feel the biggest issue with this one is the Trans-Am Phoenix on the hood. Sacrilege!

18 Polite

via Pistonheads

In the UK, it's popular amongst motorcyclists to dress in hi-viz "POLITE" clothing. This Range Rover is trying to achieve the same thing - At first glance, the word "POLITE" is easily mistaken for the word "POLICE". The problem is that bad drivers tend to panic when seeing a police car and slam on the anchors, even if they weren't doing anything wrong in the first place.

17 Drift Police

via The Mustang Source

The Mustang would be a killer high-speed pursuit vehicle, this particular Mustang could be the best high-speed pursuit car ever - if it was street legal and not a fully prepped drift car built to chase fictitious motorcycle bandits in 'Motorcycle VS Car Drift 2'. It almost looks legit, but the sponsor decals and "To swerve and protect" sticker gave it away.

16 Idiot Car

via Adressa

The owner of this Norwegian BMW E30 was questioned by the police why he had "Idioti" (Idiocy/Stupidity) on the side of his car. The officer felt it was a mockery and threatened to impound the car. In the end, there was no law that would allow them to do that and he was free to keep driving his idiot-car. It does look like a Norwegian police car though.

15 Decepticon Maserati

via Pinterest

The police stated this Decepticon Maserati GranTurismo could be mistaken for an actual officer’s vehicle and could be used for criminal intent. So they charged him for impersonating a police officer. So even if it didn't fool us, it kinda did fool the police. In the end, the charges were dismissed and the case was dropped.

14 Team Polizei

via Pinterest

You might think that nobody will be fooled into thinking the Team Polizei 144 cars are actual police cars and that both the vehicles and their owner, Alex Roy, are too famous and easily recognizable. However, several Gumballers and even police officers were fooled when the lights started flashing on the BMW M5.

13 Saudi Lambo

via Pinterest

The Saudi owner of this Lamborghini modified it to resemble a police car. We think the "Speed Enforcement" sticker means he wants people to drive faster, not slower. A traffic police spokesman stated that the modified Lamborghini could not be driven on public roads as it's in clear violation of rules and that the police would seize the car if they saw it driving on the road.

12 Nürburgring GT-R Police

via Auto Evolution

If this was a real police car, you'd definitely be in trouble. You'd certainly need a really fast car and possess some serious driving skills in order to escape this "Godzilla" around the Green Hell. Fortunately, it's not the real police. Unfortunately, if you ever see it in your mirrors, prepare to get left in the dust.

11 BMW E28 Polizei

via Garaget

Imagine driving down a quiet German road, perhaps going a tiny bit over the posted speed limit, and then you spot this immaculate "Polizei" 5-series. Even though it's an old car, the initial response would most likely be stomping the brake pedal, thinking it's the cops. After realizing it's a fake, we'd probably pull over for a closer inspection of this awesome BMW.

10 Not The Police

via Pinterest

Ok, so it's quite obvious that the car in this pic isn't a police car, unless they're undercover - then these stickers are exceptionally clever. Here's the thing, there are people out there driving decommissioned police vehicles, and they do sometimes pose a threat to the public when they impersonate police officers and commit crimes.

9 Corvette

via Corvette Blogger

We know some police departments actually use Corvette's, which is why this one almost tricked us - it even says Call 911 on the side of the car. However, on the bottom of the door, it says "Streetgasm Department", which is what gave it away - Streetgasm is a Gumball 3000-style tour. The owner apparently loves donuts as much as any policeman though, as he lit up the tires until they popped.

8 Police Limo

via Stretch-Marks

If someone had told us that this all American black and white, highway patrol themed, 8-seater, Lincoln with a 100" stretch was used by the police in order to arrive at the Policemen's Ball in style, we would totally believe that. However, it turns out that this limo is owned by British limo rental company Stretch-Marks.

7 Stanced Tokyo Cop Car

via Deviant Art

Most car enthusiasts know that Japan is filled with weird and wonderful cars, and it actually wouldn't come as a surprise if this nuts Toyota Crown Police Interceptor Mega Demon Camber actually belonged to the police. After all, the Tokyo police do have some Nissan GT-Rs in their stable. Alas, it's not a real cop car - it was built by Japanese aftermarket company Car Sense.

6 Slammed Crown Vic

via North West Auto Salon

It would be easy to believe this is a police car when first spotting it - because at one point it actually was. Some of the things that may alert you to this being anything but a standard cruiser is the aggressive wheels, fitment, and ride height. It's actually quite cool and we wouldn't mind riding in the back of this one.

5 Polite Lambo

via Reddit

There actually are real Lamborghini police cars, but this isn't one of them - it is a polite car. Still, we have to admit that it would freak us out for a split second when first noticing it cruising down the interstate. There should be a law against impersonating the police. Oh wait, there is - which is probably why it doesn't have the lights on the roof?!

4 To Punish And Enslave

via Pinterest

There aren't many tell-tale signs that this isn't an actual police car, especially if you were speeding at the time you noticed it. We're not sure whether you should relax or be worried when you see it though, as it's the Decepticon transformer Barricade. It has all the Saleen goodies including a modified engine, 5-speed manual tranny, 20-inch alloys as well as exterior, suspension, and exhaust upgrades.

3 M3 And S3 Police

via Top Speed

Did you know the Nürburgring Nordschleife is actually considered to be part of the German motorway? That means the rules of the road apply there as well. It probably would shock us for a split second if we saw this duo in our rearview mirror... until we'd realize these look like American police cars, not German ones.

2 NASCAR police

via Racing News

Can you imagine being chased around an oval circuit by the police? Neither can we, but it was a reality for a lot of NASCAR drivers. It kinda brings NASCAR back to its roots we guess? The No. 83 “Back the Blue” Toyota Camry NASCAR was the first of its kind, honoring the Dallas Police Department and all fallen officers since the foundation of the department in 1881.

1 Lowrider Police

via CA Times

This one almost had us fooled, believing it wasn't a real cop car - it's the opposite of every other car on this list as it actually belongs to the police. The 2007 Crown Victoria — a former patrol car — is dubbed "The Guardian" and has been transformed into a lowrider that any aficionado would be proud of. The car will help create a working relationship between the community and the Police Department.

Sources: Jalopnik, Auto Evolution, Carscoops

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