Family That Planned To Eat A Pig They Got For Christmas Adopted It Instead

A family that's located in Ceara, Brazil, ended up adopting the pig that they got and planned to eat as their Christmas dinner.

The pig was bought by Estael Mauricio, and it is now named "Rosinha". He was planning on fattening up the pig so that the family could have a small feast for their Christmas dinner. This is a customary tradition that happens during special events in many parts of Latin America. However, the entire family, which included his wife as well as his kids, ended up falling in love with their new pig, so they decided to make it a part of the family, and adopt Rosinha instead. The pig is now around 6 months old, and she and the family are very happy together.

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After the family decided to adopt the pig instead, they gave her a name. She is now treated as a regular part of the family. They give her the same food that they eat, avoiding any spoiled food. In order for Rosinha to cool off from the heat in Ceara, she gets about 4 baths every day, and she's free to walk around the family home, whenever she wants. And on top of everything, she can even sleep in the master bedroom, right next to her owners, in their bed!

The Mauricio family have previously adopted other animals as well, and they really are people that love animals, despite their less than fortunate situation. However, the entire family still hasn't changed their diet to consist strictly of vegetarian meals, but this might be just a matter of time after they realize that it's possible.

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Aside from cats, dogs, birds, and various rodents, in recent years people have started adopting and buying pigs as pets as well. And just like the rest of the pets that are common, people are able to choose the size, the age, the color as well as, naturally, the breed of pig they want to keep. Although pigs are very intelligent animals, they are great as pets, if you have the room for them. And don't think that teacup pigs stay small forever, as they can grow as big as over 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

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