20 Family Album Photos Our Eyes Will Never Unsee

Let's check out some of the family album photos that our eyes will never unsee.

When it comes to taking a family photo, it seems like there is a lot to consider. Many families think of their family photos as being huge milestone moments that allow them to capture a particular time in their lives. It shows children at a particular age and it can be a great way to show off their family interests. Some families choose a professional photographer in an outdoor setting or they choose to go to a photo studio to take their photo.

Yet, not every family photo is done in a way that really showcases how great everyone looks for a particular day. In fact, there are a number of family photos that make people wonder how they could ever actually pose in a certain way, dress in a certain way or even just pay for it. Let's check out some of the family album photos that our eyes will never unsee.

20 Negan Moment

via teamjimmyjoe.com

Long before Negan had his infamous moment on TWD, this family photo was taken and shared with the world.

It was a photo that was probably trying to promote the fact that the family was into sports but the placement of the bat and the look on the son's face wasn't exactly helping the appeal of the photo.

19 Ballet Splat

via Reddit

Having little girls take a ballet class isn't exactly a new thing but this photo isn't exactly showing the activity in the best light.

This wheelbarrow movement doesn't exactly scream graceful in terms of a ballet move and the fact that the little girl on the ground doesn't exactly seem the happiest shows that this isn't the best family photo.

18 Doll Twin

via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

It's a known thing that little girls often like to play with dolls but having them pose with a doll is quite strange. This particular photo has the doll strangely placed in the photo and it has an effect that isn't the best.

From the glasses comparison to the odd placement, this could have been done better.

17 Loving Family?

via Kim Komando Show

There are more than a few things that are extremely odd about this photo. The hands around the neck seem extremely odd since it's not exactly looking like a loving embrace.

The daughter's look is very unfeeling and the father looks so proud that this is the pose that they've chosen.

16 Shirtless And Proud?

via komando.com

There is so much to say about this photo and not enough time to say it.

The fact that all three of them have hair that is questionable is one factor of the photo but it's the shirtless nature that really should strike people as a bit odd in the picture.

15 Family Dress Up

via komando.com

There are a number of families that choose to dress up and coordinate for their Halloween costumes every year and there are some that really do it well.

Yet, this one isn't in that category. Let's hope that this is a Halloween picture but the fact that the costumes look so dingy and used isn't exactly winning for them.

14 Goth And Surprised

via komando.com

There is something quite odd about this family photo and it's not just because of the surprised look from the man in the middle.

There is definitely a '90s vibe going on with the dark lip color and goth style but it's strange to see such a difference in style from the wholesome-looking kids all dressed up to the darker styles in some of the people in the picture.

13 Turtleneck “Situation”

via pagesix.com

When "The Situation" joined The Jersey Shore on MTV, he was seen as one of the most attractive members of the reality show because of his stellar abs.

Yet, this particular family photo proved that he didn't always have that same swagger and there was a time when it was turtlenecks instead of muscle shirts.

12 Denim On Denim

via Reading Public Museum

There was a time when denim was the major style and people were unafraid to pair up their favorite denim jeans with their favorite denim shirts. Yet, it took a unique person to truly pull off this look.

This particular family didn't seem to have that same luck but it's the posing choice that really made this family photo fail.

11 Easter Mommy

via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

There are a number of family photos that show a family member all dressed up as a holiday figure but this photo isn't exactly a father dressed as Santa Claus.

Instead, it's a mother dressed up as the Easter Bunny and it's far scarier than it is heartwarming and cute.

10 Shirtless And Happy?

via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

When choosing a family photo that will really show off the true joy of a family, it's not just the location and clothing choices that should be considered.

This particular family definitely didn't have it together when they chose a random outdoor setting, no cohesive smiles and a father that forgot his shirt.

9 Fabric Discount

via Sad and Useless

There are some families that really go to town when it comes to getting the sewing machine out. Yet, someone needs to tell this family that matching outfits aren't really the best idea when it comes to homemade clothes.

This photo makes it look like there was a sale on buying fabric in bulk.

8 Big Hair Don’t Care

via FOX2now.com

There was a time when the best trend in hair was the bigger the better. Yet, that doesn't mean that this family photo was great at any time period.

It's almost difficult to tell who is the father and who is the mother and it's definitely strange to see that family members aren't all looking in the right direction.

7 Looking Away

via People

The fact that the men in the family are all wearing these odd striped shirts with yellow collars is definitely a factor in the photo that makes it incredibly odd.

Yet, it's the fact that they are all looking away into the distance that really makes it unsettling and strange for a family picture.

6 Joint Family Photo?

via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

This family photo definitely needs a bit of explanation since it seems like an odd mismatch of people thrown together in one group. It seems like they were offered a group discount if they all posed together, even though they weren't really related.

The ages of everyone looks really off and it makes people wonder who they all are.

5 The Chicken And Accordion

via brendaknowles.com

There are some family photos that have been enhanced by including the family pet but something seems completely strange to include a chicken. This may be the family pet chicken but that still doesn't make it okay.

It's also a bit strange for one kid to be holding an accordion and the other child to be dressed as a cowboy.

4 Plaid Picture

via wglt.org

This family is just another victim of the fabric discount and this particular photo shows that plaid was definitely on sale that day.

The entire family has jumped on the plaid bandwagon but it's not just the matching outfits that make the photo odd since they are all looking away from the camera and some of them look like cardboard cutouts.

3 Twins With Twins

via lostateminor.com

There have been some cases of twins that go on to marry siblings but there aren't really any that people can root for and consider ideal relationships.

This particular photo shows two sets of twins that have ended up together and there is nothing good that can be said about it.

2 Hawaiian Shirts

via rockrose.com

Hawaiian shirts aren't exactly the best choice for a family photo. In fact, it seems like the only real way to wear a Hawaiian shirt is on a Hawaiian vacation or attending a luau.

This particular family seemed to find a shirt that came in every size possible and they jumped on it.

1 Hair, Doll, And Pets (Oh My!)

via InspireMore.com

There is so much that is strange about this photo, from the family pets being there to the big hairstyles. The hairstyles can be dismissed a bit since it was definitely taken during the '80s so it can be forgiven.

Yet, the doll that is looking directly into the camera is something that can't be dismissed.

Sources: PageSix, People

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