20 Famous People Who Live Off The Grid

We have this notion that all celebrities go gaga for being in the spotlight, but some huge A-listers rather be low-key. To our dismay, many singers and actors prefer living life like they did before they got famous; they prefer living like us normies. Although if they’re out, the cameras will still snap photos of them, they try to stay away and avoid the glamorous but nitty and gritty Hollywood.

We all picture celebrities to be living in lavish mansions on the hills of Hollywood, but many, like the ones below, opt for a home that is close to the simple and regular life. You may be surprised at how many celebrities have explicitly chosen to stay away from the Hollywood lifestyle, hence the term, “off the grid.” These celebrities below are excellent at staying away from Hollywood’s hungry eyes.

20 Adele

via Instagram

The singer who could break windows with her voice, calls London her home.

The British singer has stayed true to her roots and not abandoned where she comes from for the posh Hollywood lifestyle. The songstress stays far away from people and is super low-key in a peaceful home in the suburbs of majestic London.

19 Jon Bon Jovi

via new statesman

He’s seen a million faces and he’s rocked them all! However, when the Bon Jovi frontman is not strumming his guitar on stage, he goes back home to where he’s lived his entire life; New Jersey.

The New Jersey native shares a mansion with his family in New Jersey, as well as a home in New York City, as he has never been a fan of the façade of Hollywood.

18 Daniel Day-Lewis

via Irish Mirror

There’s something to say about the Irish, and luck, and Daniel Day-Lewis seems to know all about that!

The megastar, who is now retired, is living his best life surrounded by greenery in the Irish countryside of Wicklow. With a home way out in the fields, he’s living a peaceful and quiet life that he has merited.

17 Sandra Bullock

via The Independent

There’s something peculiar and special about the house that actress Sandra Bullock calls home in New Orleans. So much so, that avid fans stop to take pictures in front of her humble home.

We all know that she has had grand roles, but Bullock does not fancy the glitzy lifestyle.

16 Shania Twain

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This Canadian pop-country singer did not go all in and indulge in the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood. Although she did not opt to continue residing in Canada, she lives quite the distance from LA, calling Europe home.

There, she lives in the Swiss town of Corseaux with her partner – and it was happily ever after.

15 Julia Roberts

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This pretty woman does not live in the epicenter of all the LA hype, but she’s not too far either. Living in Malibu, the smarty pants that Roberts is, she moved away from the spotlight, but not too far away from her workplace.

She chose to live a more suburban life because the exuberant Hollywood lifestyle is not her thing.

14 John Mayer

via People

He has soothed us with his voice for years, but off stage, he stays a far distance from the spotlight.

The musician, who appreciates open space and tranquility, does not live in New York either. No, this handsome fella lives on a farm in Montana. How down-to-earth can one get?

13 Wiz Khalifa

via Architectural Design

We expect all rappers to be chilling in their hood of LA, with their lavish cars, but this rapper does not go about life the same way.

Khalifa lives in a land far far away from LA; he built himself a home in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Not too far from Pittsburgh, Khalifa lives a very private life.

12 Bruce Willis

via galerie magazine

Live free or die hard – Willis has chosen to live free!

The Hollywood heavyweight, who has landed some pretty grand and epic roles, has the moolah to buy numerous properties around the world.

Willis lives a more laid-back life, and he does so at his homes in New Jersey, New York, and Bedford. He used to also spend many of his days at a ranch in Idaho.

11 Tina Turner

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She’s known for her famous legs, so where does she rest them each night? Not Los Angeles.

The phenomenal singer is nowhere near LA, even though her chops could be heard from wherever she is. The iconic singer resides in Europe, more specifically in the sought-out area of Switzerland, Lake Zurich.

10 Johnny Depp

via NZ Herald

Johnny Depp has always been an actor with a peculiar persona, so it makes sense that he would not stick around his peers in Hollywood. With his net worth, the megastar has bought homes around the world, so, catch him if you can.

With homes in the Bahamas, South of France and Kentucky, he’s a real pirate.

9 Woody Harrelson

via USA Breaking News

Harrelson did not move too far away from the LA climate and made way to Maui, Hawaii. Harrelson, as you may know, is an environmentalist, and prefers indulging in the laid-back and sunny Hawaii.

There, he is notably off the grid and can pamper himself and show his appreciation and love for nature.

8 George Clooney

via CBS News

Many of you may already know that Clooney, besides having a steamy hot wife, lives “la bella vita!”

Preferring to be MIA, Clooney lives with his loving wife in Lake Como, Italy, indulging in some of the best food the world has to offer. He’s living the life, with an impeccable view, and in a home with an abundance of rooms, so we know he won’t make his way back to California.

7 Michael Keaton

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This Batman and Birdman have flown far away from Hollywood – props to him!

The actor has many outdoor hobbies, like hanging out by the lake while fishing, hiking and getting on canoes. Evidently, California is not the place for him when he is not on set, so, he jets back to his home that is a ranch in Montana.

6 Matthew McConaughey

via Architectural Digest

We all have a soft spot for Matthew McConaughey because of his Southern accent and ways. Although the actor did live in Hollywood for quite some time, he quit that lifestyle.

Now a father, McConaughey brought his children back to where he grew up, in his home state of Texas.

5 John Travolta

via Daily Mail

The Grease star, who pranced around with a leather jacket and a comb in hand, is not totally into the posh and fake Hollywood.

Travolta, who is a multi-talented man, and is also a pilot, lives in a home in Florida that resembles an airport – no lie. Here, he can take off whenever he wants, as he has two runways! How rad is that?

4 Donald Glover

via Pinterest

He’s an actor with major success, and he’s also a musician, that goes by the name Childish Gambino, so he evidently lives in California - not!

Preferring to do his own thing, and avoid all the press that comes with Hollywood, he spends his offtime in picturesque Hawaii.

3 Demi Moore

via Daily Express

Demi Moore is no longer married to Die Hard actor, Bruce Willis, who is coincidentally on our list, too.

However, there’s a reason these two were once an item, and that’s because they have similar views on Hollywood and life. Like Willis, Moore has steered far away from the spotlight and spends her time in Hailey, Idaho.

2 Eminem

via Cross Fit Town

If there is one thing that we truly admire and respect about Eminem, is that he has always stayed true to himself and has never hidden behind a mask.

Always rapping about his past and upbringing, when Eminem got famous, he did not leave his former life behind. Instead, he stayed in Michigan, in a town called Rochester, that he calls home.

1 Nicole Kidman

via Hello Magazine

Some of us are envious of Nicole Kidman because she’s married to the dreamy, Keith Urban, but she’s a really cool gal.

Although she is a Hawaiian native, Kidman, who has a grand appreciation for her talented hubby, moved to Nashville, Tennessee with him. She did that to be where it is all happening for country music, in Music City!

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