19 Famous People Who Took Selfies They Want To Take Back

You'd think that the number of times celebrities take photos with fans and the pictures that media take of them would be enough to make them sick of cameras. Apparently not.

Most people who are obsessed with celebrities cannot get enough of them, and it seems that some celebrities also can't get enough of themselves. Numerous celebrities post pictures of themselves on social media pages, and the response that they get from their fans encourages them to upload more.

While most of the photos that they upload are not out of the norm, some of the selfies are questionable. We wanted to see which celebrities took strange selfies and how the photos looked like.

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19 50 Cent

via BET

Long gone are the days when rappers were always angry and tried to be tough guys. These days, rappers don't mind showing their soft side by trying to make us laugh by wearing ridiculous sunglasses.

That pair might not be the best that 50 every wore, but it is one of the most interesting.

18 Miley Cyrus

via pcfargenteuil.fr

It seems that Cyrus is always looking for a way to reinvent herself. Looks like she's trying to add more comic relief to her persona by showing us that she can make fun of herself.

That's a good trait to have. Being able to make fun of yourself isn't something that many people can do.

17 Kathy Griffin

via Vorply

Being a celebrity can be hard work. So they try to take naps whenever they can. The only reason I can imagine that Kathy wore sunglasses indoors is that she didn't have an eye mask, so she substituted it with sunglasses.

I can't see anybody in the reflection of her glasses taking the photo, so it must've been her.

16 Nicolas Cage

via Vorply

You have to give some actors a break. They're not always ready to have a selfie taken, especially when they've just woken up.

It seems that some fans are determined to get a photo with a celebrity no matter the cost. You have to give Cage credit for flying commercial and being a good sport about the photo.

15 Madonna

via Vorply

Zoom out. That's too close, Madonna. Perhaps she wanted to show us how beautiful her braced teeth were. Seeing her that close doesn't do anybody any favors. We can't make out what she was trying to show off.

She might be a good musician, but photography is definitely not her thing.

14 Lionel Messi

via Funnypicture

When you've got as much money and fame as Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant, you can mess around as much as you want. These two superstars featured together in a Turkish Airlines commercial.

Although they were there to work, they took the opportunity also to have some fun by pulling funny faces.

13 Rihanna

via Icepop

I'm not sure if that fish is real. For Rihanna's sake, I hope it's not. Even if it's not, why would anybody want to take a picture of themselves kissing a fish? Maybe it's a new thing that's developed in the world of selfies that I'm not aware of.

I guess whatever makes her happy.

12 Pharrell Williams

via Fabfitfun

Celebrities are known for being wacky sometimes, so this picture shouldn't come as a surprise.

I wonder if Pharrell was worried about being licked on his face. Either way, he played along and seemed to have fun. I wonder what this girl was trying to accomplish.

11 Nicole Richie

via Vorply

She used to be friends with Paris Hilton until they began their feud. We haven't seen much of Richie since her reality TV show, but it seems that she doesn't mind showing us pictures of herself wearing a mask.

I hope that mask is only for show and isn't for medical reasons.

10 Tom Hanks

via Liveabout

Not all celebrities are uptight. Some are actually quite nice. Tom Hanks showed his lighter side when he tried to mimic a crying baby.

You have to give Hanks credit for being down to Earth and having fun with his fans. It's nice to see that celebrities are human like the rest of us.

9 Oprah Winfrey

via Vorply

Oprah is one of the most beloved women on television. She has won the hearts of many by giving away expensive things to her audience and interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world.

This photo is kind of strange since Oprah took a selfie right next to a bouquet of flowers.

8 Katy Perry

via Qlt Ctrl

Whatever happened to smiling in photos? it seems that these days people like to pull strange faces when they're with celebrities, and they're not the only ones.

Some celebrities have gotten sick of smiling in photos and figured that pulling faces might be more exciting. At least it's a unique photo.

7 Cristiano Ronaldo

via Unilad

After Ronaldo got a full-body paint job, he couldn't resist but to take a picture of himself. It seems that he got the fright of his life after he realized that he had cream also on his face.

It looks like Ronaldo doesn't mind paint on his body but isn't thrilled to have cream over his face.

6 James Franco

via Vorply

It looks like Franco couldn't resist snapping a picture of himself as soon as he woke up. Being a Hollywood star, Franco is pedantic about his looks.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that he wore anti-fatigue patches under his eyes. The last thing that he would want is bags under his eyes.

5 Kim Kardashian

via Odyssey

Most people expect celebrities always to look their best. After Kim spent some time in the sun, she remembered that she forgot to apply suntan lotion. When she took off her sunglasses, she realized how burnt she was.

You have to give credit to Kim for sharing this picture, considering everybody always expects her to look perfect.

4 Justin Bieber

via Vorply

Only true fans of Bieber would recognize him in this photo. Somebody should let him know that the phone is too close to his face. Who knows, maybe he was trying to re-enact The Blair Witch Project?

If you ever wanted a close up of Justin's eyes, here's the perfect opportunity. Might be once in a lifetime.

3 Lady Gaga

via Vorply

If Lady Gaga walked passed you in the street and you hadn't recognized her, you wouldn't be the only one. Besides wearing a dress made from meat, Lady Gaga has changed numerous looks throughout her career.

Once the make-up comes off, that's when the true Lady Gage emerges.

2 Ricky Gervais

via World Wide Interweb

Gervais is one of the best Golden Globe presenters in the history of the awards. No wonder he hosted those awards several times, despite making fun of the awards and everyone at the event.

Since he is known for wacky comedy, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he was in a bathtub with Conan.

1 Dwayne Johnson

via Div

Who said that Johnson didn't have a fun side to him? The Rock showed that his hard exterior doesn't mean that he's got a hard interior, as he decided to poke fun at himself by wearing glasses and putting in fake teeth.

It's nice to see the gentle side of The Rock.

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