20 Fan Drawings Of Disney Couples That Kinda Ruin Our Childhood

Almost everyone loves a good love story, and almost everyone loves a good Disney movie, so it’s no surprise that the two have gone hand-in-hand for decades.

While most fans are satisfied with the romantic pairings that Disney films provide, there’s a sizable portion that can’t help but wonder “what if?” in terms of who ends up with whom.

That’s where the fan art comes in.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with “unexpected” pairings, some of the ones we’re covering in this 20 Fan Drawings Of Disney Couples That Kinda Ruin Our Childhood list left us with, as the headline suggests, destroyed childhoods, broken hearts, and an infinite number of nightmarish implications.

Just to be clear: the art featured in this list is incredibly well done. We’re not criticizing the artists or the art, we’re simply pointing out these particular pairings bring up some… problems.

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20 Tinkerbell And Captain Hook

via Pinterest (Artist Unknown)

For Tinkerbell to fight so hard to protect Peter from the villainous (but immensely classy) Captain Hook, only for her to betray the object of her affection for that very same Captain is an exquisite jumping off point for a uniquely dark take on the Peter Pan mythos.

That said, there’s no getting around the fact that countless childhoods would need to be shattered into oblivion for this to work.

All in all, it’s a tantalizing “what if,” but the implications are far too cruel to fully accept.

19 Eric And Phillip

Nothing about the romantic pairing of the princes Eric and Phillip is particularly “childhood ruining,” at least on the surface (though, admittedly, it’s strange to see Pope Francis officiating.)

However, after taking a few minutes to process the image, that’s when the soul-crushing truth takes hold of you: Ariel is now living an unfulfilled life under the sea, and Aurora and her kingdom are simply wasting away under a spell, all because these two love birds had to get together.

18 Violet And Syndrome

Imagine falling in love with the dude that tried to wipe out your entire family. Well, that’s basically what’s being portrayed here.

Is your childhood ruined yet? Because it should be.

The worst part, though? Aside from Violet’s obvious discomfort, they actually look kind of… ugh… cute… together. Still, that doesn’t make up for the whole “I’m insane and tried to put you and your family six feet under” thing.

17 Colette And Remy

via ScreenRant (Artist Unknown)

Earlier in this list, we had an entry that covered Mater and Sally from Cars getting together. We had mentioned that we wished the entry could have consisted entirely of “no” written countless times.

We were wrong and we take it back; this is the entry that needs every “no” in existence.

In what warped world would the pairing of a rat and Colette ever be okay!? It – oh, wait… Colette actually looks pretty horrified in this piece. This is okay after all, we guess.

16 Carl And Ellie

Here’s the thing: Up ALREADY ruined our childhoods (and shattered our hearts, and caused an endless torrent of tears) so this piece of fan art is kind of opening an old wound that never fully healed.

Still, we appreciate the Pixar crossover with Coco, and it is sweet to see these two lovebirds reunited… even if they’re skeletons.

15 Louis And Sully

via Chibi-N92

While the artwork is adorable, the actual pairing makes our skin crawl.

Why Louis would ever fall in love with Sully (and vice-versa) totally escapes us, and we can’t even begin to imagine how, even if they met, it would ever get to that point.

It’s best if these too lovable beasts stick to their respective worlds.

14 Gaston And LeFou

The fan-favorite pairing of Gaston and LeFou has been around for quite some time, so seeing it being realized in fan art isn’t all that surprising (even if Gaston doesn't look 100% committed in this one.)

The “childhood ruining” portion only comes in when you realize that this relationship would be anything but happy, considering how selfish and abusive Gaston is, particularly to LeFou.

13 Ariel And Jack Sparrow

via OpalLynn

Seeing Ariel all liquored up next to an equally sloshed Jack Sparrow as they laze the day away makes our stomach churn, though not because it’s a weird or distasteful pairing.

The reason we can’t stand looking at this match-up is because it would mean gutting an enormous portion of the Pirates film’s dramatic proceedings, which would easily render the movies far less enjoyable.

12 Lady Tremaine And Maleficent Times Two

Maleficent is arguably one of Disney’s greatest villains. Her savage wit and unbridled malice are practically unmatched, so seeing her paired with the heartless and cruel Lady Tremaine chills us to the core.

Worst of all, both of these evil women have a penchant for ruining childhoods, so this is a match made in heaven (or the other place) for this list... especially with a second Maleficent tagging along.

11 Mother Gothel And Frollo

via Pinterest (Artist Unknown)

While Maleficent is certainly the queen of Disney villains, Frollo might very well be the king.

An all too real villain, Frollo embodies more of what’s rotten about our world than any other Disney antagonist, and seeing him vexed by the malevolent Mother Gothel spells trouble… and thoroughly terrifies us.

10 Woody And Tinkerbell

Admittedly, Woody and Tinkerbell as a couple is an intriguing and curious pairing, but it would do a lot of damage to their respective franchises.

Bo Peep without Woody (and vice versa) is almost too heartbreaking to consider, and Peter Pan just wouldn’t be the same without a jealous Tink.

That said, it’d be nice for Tinkerbell to finally find love…

9 Hades And Maleficent

We’ll be honest: there’s nothing particularly destructive or ruinous regarding a theoretical Hades and Maleficent tryst. In fact, we kind of like it: they’re both bad to the bone, they’re both cunning, and their polar opposite personalities would make for some entertaining spats.

… but imagine what they’d be capable of if they united. Maleficent is already supposedly capable of commanding “all the powers of Hell,” and Hades is, well, he’s the boss of Hell, so they’d be a serious power couple.

8 Maui And Moana

Maybe this is just us, but isn’t Moana… like… a kid? Maybe in her early teens, at best?

And Maui is what? Thousands upon thousands of years old?

While the artwork is fantastically rendered, it’s hard for us to avoid or ignore the creepiness factor of the relationship that’s portrayed.

7 Ursula And Gaston

via Robono

This wicked pairing makes perfect poetic sense: Gaston, a man who cares nothing about who a person truly is and only concerns himself with good looks, is enamored with Ursula in her Siren-like human form.

The irony that within the pretty exterior of Gaston’s new beau lies a hideous, human-octopus hybrid sea witch is deliciously perfect.

Still, though, if Ursula could manage to get a foothold in the surface world, she’d likely be capable of taking it over.

6 Maleficent And the Evil Queen

via BazNeko

Before Maleficent made her claim to villainous supremacy, the Evil Queen was at the top of the food chain.

If these two irredeemably evil queens ever fell for each other, the world would be plunged into an irreversible darkness.

We actually like this pairing, but there’s no doubt in our mind everyone's childhood would be ruined if these two were together.

5 Dr. Facilier And Peter Pan

via DrZime

Poor Peter. He obviously fell under the spell (probably literally so) of the deceptive Dr. Facilier, and we doubt that this manipulative voodoo master has anything good planned for him.

If we were ever going to see a Peter Pan heel-turn, the “relationship” would be the perfect set-up.

Let’s hope Tink can knock some sense into Peter before it’s too late!

4 Elsa And Hans

via Pinterest (Artist Unknown)

Wow. This one stabs us right through the heart and deep into our souls.

If Elsa really was the monster that she was wrongly made out to be, getting with the callous and vain Hans would be the ultimate power move.

This one desecrates our childhoods in a multitude of ways, but we can’t help but love the terrifying implications of what its alternate universe would bring.

3 Belle And Gaston

If you ever wanted to see the perfect representation of metaphorical “punch to the gut,” it would be this (admittedly gorgeous) piece of fan art depicting Belle happily reciprocating Gaston’s feelings.

For her and the Beast’s journey towards a happy ending to come to a screeching halt and then make a total 180 is more than enough to admit that not only are our childhoods ruined, but that we’ve fallen into a pit of despair.

2 Jasmine And John Smith

via laetcroft

It’s not the actual pairing that we have a problem with, but rather John Smith.

What’s with this guy? Does he exclusively date women from faraway lands? Does he dump one when he goes on his next adventure, only to woo another when he’s there?

John Smith is terrible. Jasmine, it’s best if you break things off now before he starts another war.

This picture has ruined our day, no matter how pretty it is.

1 Sally And Mater

via Nevuela

If we could simply write “no” a few dozen times in order to flesh out this entry, we would, but we can’t.

There’s something inherently eerie about the Cars universe in general, and seeing this particular budding relationship only makes it that much worse.

Lightning’s face says it all, really.

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