20 Fan Drawings Of Nintendo Couples That Kind Of Ruin Our Childhood

For some reason, artists love reimagining their favorite characters with new romantic interests. It might be that they want these characters to get together. Or maybe it is just that they think they look cute as a couple. The world of video games hasn't escaped this phenomenon either. In fact, there is so much Nintendo themed fan art on the net that you'd never be able to get through it all.

Nintendo is a pretty family-friendly company, so their cast of characters are usually not portrayed in romantic relationships. After all, the Japanese video game giant has a reputation to uphold. That hasn't stopped their fans from coming up with couples all of their own though.

Many of the fan drawings of relationships are really not what you would expect. Whether it is the case that they are portrayed in a downright bizarre way or involve characters that should never be paired together, these couples might well haunt your dreams and ruin your childhood.

20 Samus And Mega Man

Samus and Mega Man
via deviantart.com (Nisego)

It's true that both Mega Man and Samus are powerful warriors who have saved the world and wear powerful armor over their entire bodies. So, they certainly have plenty in common. The problem here is the young way in which Mega Man has been portrayed, giving the fan art a creepy vibe. Oh, and it doesn't address the fact that Mega Man is essentially a robot, so Samus apparently has some very weird tastes.

19 Mario And Sonic

Mario and Sonic
via deviantart.com (kyu6)

Right, Mario is an Italian-American plumber who is seemingly in love with Princess Peach. Sonic is an anthropomorphized blue hedgehog who has stated on many occasions that Amy Rose is his girlfriend. So what exactly is going on here? Have the two heroes just given up on their partners and decided to hook up? I don't even want to think about what Kirby is doing here.

18 Link And Ganondorf

Link and Ganon
via tumblr.com (mmimmzel)

This artwork depicts Ganondorf and Link playfully practicing their archery skills. However, it seems to forget the fact that Ganondorf has spent much of his life destroying everything that the various reincarnations of Link stand for. Plus, Link is just a young boy while Ganondorf is a seemingly immortal villain who has filled Hyrule with fear throughout hundreds of years. This just couldn't and shouldn't ever work.

17 Pauline And Mario

via deviantart.com (iedasb)

There is nothing strange about seeing Mario and Pauline together. They have been love interests since they were first introduced in Donkey Kong. Did we really need to see the Italian-American plumber in his underwear though? What's worse is that the sentient hat from Super Mario Odyssey seems to want to get in on the action as well.

16 Link And Dead Hand

Link and Dead Hand
via deviantart.com (evangeline40003)

There are several things wrong with this particular piece of fan art. Not only are Link and Dead Hand mortal enemies but the monstrous creature's sole aim appears to be to defeat the hero. Seeing the two embrace just looks wrong and those happy faces on such evil is more than a little weird. I can't help shake the feeling that it's all just a ruse to get Link within strangling range either.

15 Birdo And Yoshi

Birdo and Yoshi
via deviantart.com (HG-The-Hamster)

This just cannot be good for Mario's adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. What if he is riding Yoshi and suddenly Birdo appears? Will the green dinosaur abandon his friend and put the safety of the world in peril to protect his new love interest? Even worse, he might even turn against Mario and become a bad guy all of his own.

14 Bowser And Rosalina

Bowser and Rosalina
via deviantart.com (HG-The-Hamster)

Rosalina essentially has the job of watching over and protecting the entire universe. She is an incredibly powerful figure within the Mario universe. If she was ever to get involved in a relationship with Bowser, the consequences could be terrible. What hope would Mario and his allies have against him with Rosalina and the lumas backing him up?

13 Wario And Daisy

Wario and Daisy
via deviantart.com (Omar-Dogan)

Wario is an awful man. So seeing him with the innocent and sweet Daisy is nothing short of terrible. You can just imagine the awful way in which he must have tricked her into trusting him just so he can have her to himself. The worst part, though, is the horrible effect this is sure to have on Luigi. Just look at him in the background, he's a complete emotional wreck.

12 Toadette And Bowser Jr.

Toadette and Bowser
via deviantart.com (HG-The-Hamster)

Ignoring the obvious problems that arise when you think about how old Toadette and Bowser Jr. actually are, this couple still poses plenty of issues. Will Bowser Jr. come over to the side of good and betray his dad or will Toadette act as a double agent for the enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom?

11 Mario And Peach

Mario and Peach
via deviantart.com (Villaman89)

Okay, Peach and Mario are pretty much the only established couple in the world of Nintendo. Not that they ever get up to much other than having parties and eating cake. This artwork is impressive, but does make you think about the characters in a completely different way. I didn't realize just how shredded Mario was and that Peach was prepared to show off that much of her chest for instance.

10 Waluigi And Daisy

Waluigi and Daisy
via deviantart.com (Mystar21)

If Luigi is sick of being in the shadow of his brother, things are only going to get worse when he sees Princess Daisy get together with Waluigi. The mischievous accomplice of Wario is almost certainly not being honest with the naive princess about his intentions, so only bad could follow such a pair up.

9 Captain Falcon And Samus

Captain Falcon and Samus
via deviantart.com (Gmoder3000)

Captain Falcon is an expert racer from the F-Zero series who also operates as a ruthless bounty hunter. Meanwhile, Samus is a former Galactic Federation soldier who has saved the galaxy on numerous occasions, battling through certain death in her exoskeleton powered armor. Seeing the two of these hardened characters snuggle up so sweetly just spoils their hard-earned images.

8 Mario and Bowser

Mario and Bowser
via deviantart.com (Gerardson)

Even the thought of these two getting together is disgusting. Mario and Bowser have been Mortal enemies for their entire history. Bowser even takes away Mario's actual love interest on the regular and has terrorized his friends & allies. So why would he ever decide to get together with such an awful creature?

7 Link And Prince Sidon

Link and Prince Sidon
via tumblr.com (this is GONNA HURT)

There are quite a few things wrong with seeing Prince Sidon coupled up with Link. The Legend of Zelda hero is usually a young boy, for instance, whereas Prince Sidon is at least 100 years old. That age gap isn't so easy to overcome. Of course, there is also the issue of one of them being a human-like Hylian while the other is a fish-like Zora.

6 Bowser And Peach

Bowser and Peach
via deviantart.com (CrystalCasttle)

If this piece of fan art depicted a genuine marriage between Bowser and Princess Peach, everyone's ideas about what is going on in the Mario games would have to be thrown out. The protagonist would suddenly become a jealous villain who is stopping Peach from being with her true love, Bowser. Rather than taking her away, Bowser is trying to free her from the tyranny of Mario. It is too much to think about the fact you may have been the bad guy all along.

5 Peach And Bowsette

Peach Bowsette
via twitter.com (gouldingregi)

The idea of Bowsette arose in 2018 when fans theorized what Bowser would look like if he used a power-up called the Super Crown. In New Super Mario Bros. U, this would turn Toadette into a form that resembles Peach. So this couple essentially shows Peach getting together with a mashup of herself and Bowser. If that isn't off-putting enough, just look at those teeth in the image.

4 Luigi And King Boo

Luigi and Boo
via tumblr.com (bowserxluigi)

For those of you who don't know, King Boo is essentially the arch enemy of Luigi. He takes on the same role as Bowser does for Mario. So the two getting together would ruin the idea of Luigi being a protagonist in games like Luigi's Mansion. That's before you even get into how you can be in a relationship with a ghost who can summon thousands of Boos out of nowhere.

3 Kirby And Jigglypuff

Kirby and Jigglypuff
via deviantart.com (Kittykun123)

For the most part, Kirby appears to be a sentient hero who is capable of speech and has tremendous powers. For example, he can inhale practically anything or anyone. Jigglypuff, on the other hand, is a Pokémon. This means it is little more than an animal that can only grunt or say its own name. How exactly such a relationship would even work is puzzling and probably something we shouldn't even think about.

2 Misty And Ash

Misty and Ash
via deviantart.com (EloTheDreamgirl)

Anyone who has watched the Pokémon anime will know there was always some kind of will they won't they thing going on between Misty and Ash. But at the end of the day, the show was never about Ash's romantic relationships but his journey to become the greatest Pokémon Master of all time. After all, he is only 10 and Misty is technically a Gym Leader.

1 Kirby And Yoshi

Kirby and Yoshi
via deviantart.com (Jacyll)

With Kirby and Yoshi as a couple, there are some issues bound to arise. Yoshi is more of a pet and animal when compared to the likes of Kirby and other characters. This would mean he likely wouldn't want to couple up with anyone other than members of his own species. Of course, the pair do have things in common. They both love to eat and will put almost anything straight into their mouths without a moment's pause. That probably isn't a good enough foundation to build a relationship on.

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