20 Fan-Made Controllers That Make No Sense

For years, gamers have loved to modify their controllers to stand out from the pack. When game consoles put out so many controllers, fans want something that feels personalized and really works for them. That includes PC owners who like to craft controllers to use for their games, but Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and other console gamers do the same for their various systems. It can be fun and some controllers are pretty impressive to see.

Sadly, for every great controller a fan comes up with, there are scores of bad ones. Many are due to poor coloring, or design schemes that make them horrible and frankly confusing. Other controllers modify the shape too much to make them hard to hold or just obtrusive to use. Here are 20 fan-made controllers that really make no sense and would hinder gaming more than help in any way.

20 Mad Money

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There’s something about adding cash to gaming consoles that just makes them look worse. It sells the idea that the owner is pretty obnoxious and loves to flaunt their wealth. This controller is a fantastic example. The fake cash along the surface is bad enough but the gold tint to the controllers and buttons looks even worse. It’s nothing more than a vanity piece and a pretty bad one at that. Trying to make a “rich” controller just has it appear cheaper than ever.

19 What Are You Looking At?

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This is just very, very weird. The coloring is bizarre with a mix of gold and shading to no real theme. The standout is that one eye staring outward. What it means is something only the owner can know. Maybe it’s supposed to be a reference to the Illuminati. Perhaps it’s meant to be he’s “watching” other players in online battles. It could be just some odd gaming motif. Either way, it just makes the controller look very bizarre.

18 No Treasure

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Here’s another case of a controller with a good design that doesn't work well in practice. Making it look like a treasure chest is good and the modder does a great job adding in barnacles, sand, and making the buttons look like gold doubloons. But the controller somehow looks larger and bulkier than a regular Xbox one would, which makes it a bit hard to handle. It may look okay in some respects, this controller should be made to walk the plank.

17 Two Bad Things Go Worse Together

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This controller obviously pays homage to Freddy vs Jason. The 2003 film finally brought the two titans of slasher films together and is still loved by fans of both franchises. So it makes sense to have one side warped and burned like Freddy and the other half sleek like Jason’s mask. Sadly, it doesn’t work out well as it warps the controller and throws it off-balance too much for handling. It’s an idea that works better on paper than in real life and not worthy of either icon.

16 You Can’t Handle the Tooth

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Horror fans sure do love remaking their PS4 controllers. Too bad they make them look bad in the worst ways. This is already a bit freaky thanks to the two massive eyeballs as the joysticks, which must be uncomfortable to use. The secondary eyes on the side also aren’t nice. There’s also the mouth of teeth at the bottom that must make it tricky if you’re trying to plug in the controller. It’s a bad look that hurts the controller all around.

15 Pika-Ew

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The reason this fails is because of the design. Trying to mod a controller to look like Pokémon’s most famous creature is okay. Coloring it bright yellow, adding in eyes and ears and such is all fine. The problem here is that to get the full effect, the controller has to be upside down which sort of defeats the purpose of such a design. It’s fun to look at yet unless the gamer is an expert, the controller simply won't work as intended. 

14 Twisted Gaming

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This Xbox controller seems to be modeled after the Flood, the monstrous aliens of the hit Halo series. Sadly, the modder goes way too far in making it look realistic. Warping a controller is never a good idea and this looks hard to hold. Doing away with the joysticks makes no sense at all and the addition of alien “blood” doesn’t really appeal either. This controller just “Reaches” too far to be effective for anyone actually playing Halo.

13 Frankenstein’s Controller

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Maybe the owner of this controller had been watching an old Frankenstein movie when he came up with this. Taking an old Xbox controller, he has two huge tubes over the joysticks and then wires sticking into the various buttons. It’s meant to look like all it takes is a bolt of lightning to bring this to “life.” This ignores how it’s pretty much impossible to actually play with the controller in this state. This thing is just plain dead as a design and playability.

12 Venomous Handling

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Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains who recently got his own hit solo movie. He’s notable for the alien suit that looks like black goo and a massive long red tongue. Had the modder stopped at just the color scheme, that would be fine as the black coloring is great. What ruins it is the need to add in that tongue. It’s far too long and obtrusive, and just hangs there for no reason. It's a clear case of a modder going too far with the design which ruins the controller.

11 Steampunk

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Let’s make this clear: This is a beautiful controller to look at. The owner went all out crafting a great “steampunk” motif for this PS4 model with the gears and wheels intricately put together and even a key inside. The problem is that actually playing it wouldn’t be good. The whole thing looks so intricate and so delicate that it couldn’t withstand the rigors of regular gaming. Some of the buttons may not actually respond due to the design. While it’s a great work of craftsmanship, this just doesn’t work as a controller.

10 Not Very Dazzling

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Why? That’s all you can say when you see this PS3 controller decked out and bedazzled. Why would anyone do this to a perfectly good controller? Why make it look so amazingly cheap in a lame attempt to add a “diamond” look to it? It’s all over with a terrible sheen of “dazzle” that fits better in a tacky Vegas resort than in someone’s game room. In fact, even Vegas residents would say it’s too tacky for them. The only thing that “dazzles” is the owner’s bad taste.

9 Way Too Alien

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Alien games can be hit and miss (anyone remember Colonial Marines?) but they can provide thrills when done right. Obviously, this gamer wanted to enjoy it in style with a specialized controller that included a mini-Xenomorph head. Rather than helping it stand out, it looks like a cheap Comic Con gift. The color scheme is also rough and rather than intimidate, this controller should be jettisoned out the airlock.

8 Poke-Oh-Man

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Look, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show some love to Pokémon, but this is taking it too far. The pink coloring is way too bright and makes it stand out in a bad way. Worse is the entire way the controller is shaped like a cat complete with “tail.” The single eye poking out is more fitting for some weird mutant game and not this fun creature one. The “ears” also look too obtrusive. The fan may love it but it doesn't make it easier to catch the characters.

7 Watch Out

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This may be fun for horror movie buffs but it’s more than a tad disconcerting to regular gamers. The design itself just looks ugly with the multiple eyes, and the discoloring doesn’t make the controller look good. Also, it warps the surface which can make holding it a bit trickier. It’s meant to be a bit “ugly guts” to fit playing something like The Last of Us but this controller just isn’t pretty to look at.

6 For the Birds

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It was only a matter of time before someone decided Angry Birds was way too complex to handle just by hand and created a controller. They went about and crafted a special lever that could be pulled back and then pushed forward to send those birds flying as high as they wanted. On the one hand, you have to admire the dedication to put this together. On the other hand, going to the trouble of creating this controller rather than just use a finger is pretty bizarre.

5 The Iron Controller

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A recurring bit on Game of Thrones is how the Iron Throne may look cool but it’s horrible to sit in. This controller seems to be the video game equivalent of that. It may look impressive with the spiked edges and the medieval aura, however, playing it has to be annoying as it’s too easy to stab a finger or thumb onto those spikes. It also must be hard putting it on your lap for a bit. Controllers should be nice and comfortable, not suited for a battlefield.

4 For Lefties Only

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The majority of game controllers are designed for right-handed people as that is the majority of the population. Left-handed folks have learned to adapt and handle it as best they can. Now, there’s nothing wrong with someone trying to mod their controller for their own needs. However, the results are poor as the thing looks like it snaps off too easily. Maybe it’s not bad for the particular owner but it doesn’t work for everyone.

3 The Red Ring

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Xbox 360 users well remember the infamous “red ring of death” that affected early versions of the console. Today, most Xbox users have upgraded to Xbox One. This enterprising owner decided to use his Box to create a controller. The problem is that the Xbox is a rather large and bulky device that doesn’t lend itself to being held in someone’s lap. This means the gamer would require a table to rest this on which makes portable gaming impossible. As a controller, the 360 is one poor device.

2 Too Tiny

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Look at how small this is in comparison to the hand in the photo. Even a child would have a hard time being able to handle it. Heck, most babies couldn’t make this work right. It would be a nightmare to play with in handling the small directional levers and then the two buttons that are way too close to one another. A controller should be used for two hands not barely filling one. As Derek Zoolander would say “is this a controller for ants?”.

1 N64 No-Go

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It’s one thing if this was taking the old N64 controller and trying to mod it for another system, but it appears as if someone has tried to use an old cartridge game for the system to make this controller. N64 games are meant for N64 systems only. That should be basic logic yet it seemed to escape this modder. The result is a mess for whatever system he’s trying to play this with. Trying to mod another system’s controller is bad enough without trying for the games itself.

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