17 Fan Pictures Of Bulma That Would Send Vegeta Into A Rage

Over the course of Dragon Ball run for the past few decades there have been plenty of twists and turns that have taken audiences by surprise. A lot of the time these surprises have to do with the demise of beloved characters or the latest extravagant transformation, but some of Dragon Ball's biggest moments have actually revolved around matters of the heart.

In many ways, the most surprising moment in the entire series is when Bulma finds a romantic partner in Vegeta, of all people. It's a radical moment, but a tender love story slowly blossoms between the two of them that's turned into a consistent source of sweetness. They've definitely proven their love a whole lot more than Goku has with Chi-Chi. This unconventional relationship has led to many great Dragon Ball moments. However, here are 18 fan pictures of Bulma that would send Vegeta into a rage.

17 Pregnant And Proud

Bulma Pregnant Fanart
via nikkieey.tumblr.com

One of the most creative aspects of Dragon Ball is that the characters actually age and experience change. Bulma, for instance, has had two children, yet the series tends to focus more on the aftermath rather than the pregnancy itself. It’s unclear how pregnancy was handled back on Planet Vegeta, but it’s doubtful that Vegeta would be thrilled about Bulma showing off her very pregnant body in this revealing of a fashion.

16 Workout Time

Bulma Vegeta Workout Fanart
Via sakimichan.deviantart.com

When it comes to hobbies, it’s probably accurate to say that Vegeta’s favorite pastime is training and working out. The guy hits the weights hard, but it’s usually something that he takes to by himself so no one is there to hold him back. Vegeta would likely want to keep any training sessions with Bulma private, especially if she’s doing a better job and holding her own more than he is. It looks like he probably even spots for her!

15 Sand, Sun, And Skin

Bulma And Vegeta At Beach Fanart
via sbubbia.tumblr.com

It’s understandable that every now and then Bulma would want to spend some time on the beach and if her husband can join her, then all the better. Dragon Ball Super has highlighted some of the family’s vacations, but they’ve all been of a very wholesome variety. On this occasion it looks like Bulma hasn’t only taken to the beach, but found some swimwear that leaves as little to the imagination as possible. What’s worse is that Vegeta is just there to watch it all go down.

14 Bulma The Bodybuilder

Bulma Ultra Buff Fanart
Via matl.deviantart.com

Bulma is usually a character that deals with matters of the mind and Vegeta is her much brawnier other half. In that respect, the two nicely compliment each other’s differences, but this picture goes extreme in the other direction. Here, not only is Bulma bulky, but she makes an Ultra Super Saiyan look scrawny. It’s a startling vision that would make Vegeta wince and also probably envious that her body is bigger than his.

13 Slave Bulma

Buu Bulma Jabba Leia Fan Art
Via deviantart.com/nicholasxcato

Vegeta is the Prince of the Saiyan race, which kind of makes Bulma a Princess in many regards. Vegeta has a ton of respect and admiration towards his wife and there are severe consequences when anyone steps out of bounds (just look at how he reacted to Beerus, a God of Destruction, striking her). Vegeta wants only the best for his wife, so this grim image of her playing the role of scantily-clad slave, and for Buu, of all people, would seriously enrage Vegeta.

12 Flustered Over Physique

Bulma Excited For Shirtless Vegeta Fan Art
Via ramendoodlesart.tumblr.com

It’s not a secret that Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship is full of romance. Vegeta likes to act tough and shut off his emotions, but his love can’t be hidden and the two continue to have children throughout the run of Dragon Ball. Bulma adores her husband, but Vegeta prefers when that affection isn’t made public for everyone to see. So even though Bulma admiring her husband’s physique isn’t surprising, Vegeta would prefer that everyone doesn’t get a look at just how excited his wife gets.

11 Bedroom Privacy

Bulma Vegeta Bedroom Freakout
Via Pinterest.com

There’s nothing worse than bad timing, which seems to be exactly what’s happened in this scenario. Either that, or somebody forgot to lock the door. Not only is this a glimpse into an extremely personal moment for Bulma and Vegeta, but it also depicts his wife completely exposed and off guard. With some of these images there's an implied level of embarrassment in play, but with this one it's already clear here as they're caught in the act.

10 Friendly With Young Goku

Bulma And Young Goku Embrace Fan Art
Via Pinterest.com

Bulma and Goku became friends and started adventuring together decades before she even knew Vegeta. In their later years, Bulma may learn to appreciate the subtle intricacies of Vegeta’s personality, but she and Goku still share a special bond that goes back to their youth. Granted, the stakes were arguably lower and the tone was more humorous in those days, but Vegeta would likely still freak to see a picture of Bulma and Goku this chummy during their earlier days.

9 Showing Off The Bunny Suit To Yamcha

Bulma Bunny Suit With Yamcha Fan Art
Via Pinterest.com

Before Vegeta enters Bulma’s life, her largest romantic prospects amounted to Yamcha. Bulma and Yamcha’s relationship through the original Dragon Ball is very much a situation of young love and things have pretty much cooled off by the time Dragon Ball Z begins. That being said, Vegeta surely doesn’t like having this chapter from Bulma’s past rubbed in his face, as is the case here.

8 Dressing Up As Bloodsuckers

Bulma Vegeta Vampire Cosplay Fan Art
Via saiya-maria.tumblr.com

Bulma has certainly donned a few different costumes throughout the run of Dragon Ball and it at least seems like she enjoys dressing up when there’s an opportunity for it. It’s not hard to picture Bulma getting particularly excited over Halloween or just cosplay in general, even if that may seem like a massive stretch for her husband. Evidence of the two of them dressed as vampires and doing some kind of romantic role play would be a nightmare for Vegeta.

7 Embrace With Yamcha

Bulma Embraces Yamcha Fan Art
Via Pinterest.com

Bulma’s relationship with Yamcha wasn’t as long or as impactful as her bond with Vegeta, but it still’s a part of her life and hints at the growth that she’s gone through as a character. Whether this picture is from their romantic days in Dragon Ball or long after, the fact that Bulma’s so excited and happy to see Yamcha may push Vegeta’s buttons. He thinks that he’s the one that should be making her feel safe

6 Open Casket

Bulma Casket Vegeta Kiss Fan Art
via cheezburger.com

While the circumstances behind this photo aren’t clear, the idea of Bulma meeting an untimely demise and the Dragon Balls not being able to bring her back is devastating. This picture is obviously less embarrassing or incriminating as the other ones here, but it’s still an image that would set Vegeta off as it’s a reminder of the loss of his wife.

5 Bulma And Whis

Bulma Whis Kiss Fan Art
Via Pinterest.com

Ever since Beerus and Whis enter the picture in Dragon Ball Super, they’ve become mentors of sorts to Goku and Vegeta. However, Bulma has shared a strangely friendly relationship with the both of them, largely due to her ability to generate such delicious food along the sidelines. The premise that this friendship may one day get out of control and impulses get the better of Bulma and Whis isn’t something that Vegeta wants to see, especially since Whis is much stronger than him.

4 Clowning Around With Goku

Goku And Bulma Clowning Around Fan Art
Via aquapen.tumblr.com

Bulma shares a very pleasant relationship with Vegeta, but it’s not one that would exactly be described as playful. For this reason, it’s fair to say that this image would irk Vegeta on several levels. Not only does it show Bulma exhibiting a level of carelessness that’s often foreign to him, but she’s doing this with Goku, on top of that. It might hurt Vegeta’s pride a little that his wife can act so cavalier when she’s with other people.

3 Bulma Bullies Jaco

Bulma Bullies Jaco Fan Art
Via Moses-Kim.com

Another strange relationship that Bulma has unintentionally fostered throughout Dragon Ball Super is her bond with Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman. Jaco wields an important position and is supposed to keep the universe safe, but more often than not he’s looking for away to get out of harm’s way and avoid conflict. In spite of this, Jaco is still seen as an important figure, so Bulma putting the guy in a headlock and attempting to beat him up could even get her in a lot of trouble if the wrong people saw it. Jaco’s the type to even try to blackmail Bulma with it.

2 Bulma Consoles A Crying Vegeta

Vegeta Cries And Bulma Embraces Fan Art
Via Pinterest.com

Vegeta likes to put on a big show and be a constant source of strength, but there are still some occasions throughout Dragon Ball where the Saiyan Prince breaks down and cries. When it comes to Bulma, Vegeta wants to be her rock and his quick to attack anyone that does her wrong. Accordingly, Vegeta would be quite embarrassed if this dynamic was flipped and he had to lean on her for support.

1 Small Package

Bulma Vegeta Height Fan Art
Via ramendoodlesart.tumblr.com

Sometimes when characters are lacking in certain areas, they try to make up for it and overcompensate in other respects. Vegeta is an incredibly powerful fighter, but he’s definitely on the shorter side of the cast. It wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that his extravagant hairstyle is just to help give him some extra inches in height. Vegeta’s small stature is only accentuated when he stands next to Bulma, but this picture has her outright drawing attention to how much she towers over him.

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