20 Fan Theories About Kurt Cobain That People Actually Believe

It’s been 25 years since Kurt Cobain’s death, yet the seminal artist still lives on today in the music of Nirvana. In addition to his music, he left behind journals that reveal not just a savant, but a tortured soul as well.

While his music stands the test of time to this day, so have urban myths surrounding his tragic passing. While the case file concluded he took his own life, there have circulated plenty of other theories over the years that suggest there was foul play. Some of the ideas sound plausible, others ludicrous—but they all have one thing in common: people actually believe them still to this day.

It’s time to revisit some of the controversial theories people regard as truth when it comes to this legendary artist’s untimely passing.

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20 Courtney Love Had It In For Kurt Cobain

via bio.com

Courtney Love married Cobain on February 1992 and the two remained together until he passed away. They even had a daughter together, who’s named Frances Bean.

There’s a theory that foul play was behind Cobain’s death, and that Courtney Love somehow played a part in what ultimately happened.

19 Cobain’s Passing Is An Elaborate Cover-Up

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The police report surrounding Cobain’s passing states he took his own life. Conspiracy theorists have a different idea of what happened. Instead, they think someone else took Cobain’s life and that it’s a cover-up to prevent anyone from knowing the truth.

Figures such as Tom Grant, who was a private investigator, remains curious about the circumstances surrounding the artist's death. Pictured here is Mike Ciesynski, a detective who worked on Cobain’s case (Heavy.com).

18 Foo Fighters’ Songs Pay Tribute To Cobain

via Rolling Stone

Since Dave Grohl formed his own band after Nirvana, it seems natural many of the band’s music would pay homage to Kurt Cobain. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, however.

WhatCulture notes that while many think Foo Fighters songs are about Cobain, such as “In Your Honor," there’s no relation. Instead, that one was about John Kerry when he made his presidential bid.

17 The Police Report Was False

via newlookswellness.com; CBS News

Those who suspect Cobain’s death as a possible cover-up find points of debate in the police report. A YouTube video by mind 1 confirms that Tom Grant, a private investigator, found what he believed was an incorrect detail in the police report (revealed below).

Upon discovering this, it led him to question the report entirely.

16 The Last Lines Of Cobain’s Note Are Different From The Rest

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Cobain left behind a note that they found at the scene of the crime. There’s been much debate over the last few lines and conspiracy theorists suggest the handwriting is different, so someone else must have written it. Then again, as YouTube channel mind 1 points out, these sentences appear much larger, so that could be the only reason why it looks different.

Conspiracy theorists have an idea who they think wrote those lines, however, which we touch on below.

15 Cobain Had A White Lighter On Him At The Scene Of The Crime

via Snopes.com

There’s a conspiracy theory that artists in the 27 Club had white lighters on them at the time of their passing. Images of the crime scene do show a lighter, however, Time Magazine notes it’s the color pink.

As interesting as the myth is, it doesn’t appear to fit Cobain.

14 Cobain’s Final Letter Was About Leaving His Wife

via The Independent

Many of the crazy theories out there revolve around the note Cobain left behind after his death. While many have read the note as Cobain’s final farewell, Tom Grant thinks it says something else.

He suggests it’s actually Cobain’s statement that he’s leaving his wife, Courtney Love, and that she added the last lines.

13 Love Hired Someone To Do Away With Cobain

via Bio.com

Those that believe Courtney Love was behind Cobain’s death don’t think she acted alone. As a YouTube video by mind 1 notes, conspiracy theorists hold that she recruited a hitman to do her dirty work.

To find out who they think she hired and at what cost, you’ll have to read further.

12 Cobain Was Under The Influence Of Medication Against His Will

via Los Angeles Times

Conspiracists think up the darndest things. They can’t accept the fact that Cobain would take his own life. Instead, they’ve come up with an alternate theory.

As a YouTube video by mind 1 notes, conspiracy theorists think someone put Cobain under the influence of medication before doing away with him.

11 El Duce Claims Love Offered him $50,000 To Do Away With Cobain

via Daily Express

El Duce was the drummer and lead singer of a band called The Mentors. In the 1998 documentary Kurt & Courtney, according to YouTube channel mind 1, the singer claimed Love came to him with an offer to do away with Cobain.

Even more, he says she offered him $50,000 to take on the job.

10 Foo Fighters’ Song “Everlong” Is About Cobain’s Bad Habits

via AXS.com

Another Foo Fighters song people ascribe with links to Cobain is “Everlong.” As the site Song Facts points out, many believe the song is about Cobain’s reliance on substances. The same source sets the record straight, however.

On the contrary, the site notes it’s actually about Grohl’s relationship with his girlfriend.

9 Cobain Was Going to Write Love Out of His Will

via TV Guide

With many believing that Courtney Love was behind Cobain’s passing, there comes up ridiculous reasons for why she would do it.

In a YouTube video by mind 1, conspiracy theorists suggest Love found out Cobain was writing her out of his will, thus serving as her motivation to rid of him.

8 Cobain Wasn’t Low Enough To Take His Own Life

via Imgur user goodguyjohnny

In the wake of Cobain’s death, Tom Grant took on the job of an investigator. As YouTube user mind 1 reveals, he had been in contact with Cobain’s lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, who didn’t believe Cobain was low enough to take his own life.

It seems possible though considering his journals that have since come to light.

7 There’s A Connection Between Cobain And Artists In The 27 Club

via Rolling Stone

No one can deny the whole 27 Club is a little eerie, which entails that famous musical artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and of course, Kurt Cobain, all died at the age of 27.

As much as the concept of there being a deeper connection between the artists continues to intrigue people today, it still stands as a remarkable coincidence.

6 The Police Report Got A Detail About The Greenhouse Doors Wrong...So The Whole Thing Is Incorrect

via The Unredacted

The detail Tom Grant found was false in the police report had to do with greenhouse doors at the scene of the crime. As per a YouTube video by mind 1, Tom Grant said that the police report claimed one couldn’t lock the doors from the outside.

Grant asserted that this isn’t the case, yet it doesn’t mean the entire police report is wrong either just because one detail is off.

5 Cobain Was In No State To Turn A Weapon On Himself

via National Enquirer

When they found Cobain the night of his passing, they found extreme levels of hard drugs in his system. According to a YouTube video by mind 1, many point to this in support of the theory that Cobain was in no condition to turn the weapon on himself.

The same source cites, however, that medical experts say he was a regular user and would have developed a tolerance that wouldn’t have prevented him from taking his own life.

4 Foo Fighters’ Song “My Hero” Is A Reference To Cobain

via Radio X

The drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl, went on to form Foo Fighters, a successful band today. There’s a theory that many of their songs, including “My Hero,” is about Kurt Cobain.

However, according to Song Facts, the lyrics actually refer to Grohl’s heroes from his youth and not the seminal artist many think he owes his success to.

3 El Duce’s Passing After Interview Proves There’s A Cover-Up

via instasaver.org

After El Duce had an interview where he spilled the beans that Courtney Love offered to hire him, he died unexpectedly. YouTube channel mind 1 reports that just two days after he revealed this information, they found his body.

While it certainly raises an eyebrow, a former bandmate of El Duce revealed in his book that the frontman had made up the story just to make money.

2 Audio Recordings Between Love, Carroll and Grant Supports Conspiracy Theories

via Ric Size; YouTube user The Artourage; Fanpop

There have been books and documentaries made that support many of the conspiracy theories floating out there.

According to YouTube channel mind 1, a 2004 book by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace assert that audio recordings between Courtney Love, Rosemary Carroll and Tom Grant back the idea that Cobain didn't take his life and that there was in fact foul play.

1 Courtney Love Wrote The Last Lines Of Cobain’s Final Note

via Open Culture

One of the drivers behind many of the conspiracy theories surrounding Cobain’s passing is Tom Grant. Cobain left behind a note after his passing.

According to Loudwire, Grant alluded to the idea that Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, wrote the last few lines in the note, suggesting the possibility she was behind it.

Sources: Loudwire, WhatCulture, YouTube, Time Magazine, Heavy.com

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