Far From Home: 20 Secrets You Only Catch After Multiple Viewings

The past decade has been good to comic book fans. With the increase of comic (or geek) culture into the mainstream, just about everyone will line up to check out their favorite hero (or villain) hit the big screen.

The Marvel Universe has done a good job of staggering their movies to keep moviegoers salivating for more. With a new piece to the puzzle being revealed every few months, and multiple teasers, hints, and Easter Eggs in each trailer and film, people are keeping a close eye on every little detail.

This summer marked the return of Peter Parker in a post ‘blip’ world, in a post End Game World. Just because, spoiler alert, Thanos has been defeated, doesn’t mean that our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man and other superheroes in the Marvel Universe are out of hot water, far from it. Phase four is about to be launched in the MCU, so it’s time to buckle up and start combing movies for hints of the future. Here are 20 Secrets revealed in Spider-man Far From Home that aren’t obvious until after multiple viewings. Be warned, there are a lot of spoilers in this article!

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20 Peter Parker's Birthday Is A Nod To The First Spiderman Comic

via Movies & TV Stack Exchange

In the preview for Far From Home we get a glimpse of Peter Parker’s passport. Peter’s birthday is on August 10th, the exact date in 1962 when Spider-man first appeared on the printed page, in Amazing Fantasy 15. Another note is that there is no year on Peter’s Passport, perhaps this is intentional because of the blip, and this is what the US passport office did to keep track of everyone who vanished when Thanos snapped his fingers.

19 A Hint That Thor May Be In The Next Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

via Ew.com

Thor spends a lot of time with The Guardians of The Galaxy in Avengers Endgame and leaves with them at the end of the movie. According to Shield Intel, he may still be working with them. When Parker asks Nick Fury why they need him, and why don’t they just rely on someone like Thor, Nick Fury says Thor is “Off World”, which could mean he’s traveling through space.

18 J. Jonah Jameson, Multiple Spiderman Franchises?

via Nerdist

We often forget that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man wasn’t so long ago, in 2002. The return of JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson (JJJ) in the end of Far From Home, almost acts as a bridge to the two worlds, albeit ones from different Spider-verses and time periods. It looks like Simmons will be reprising this role and facing off against a different Peter Parker.

17 A Billboard Unofficially Announcing The Next Spiderman Movie? 

via Time Magazine

As Spider-Man swings around New York City, it’s fun and care-free. Those who decided to read the billboard that Spidey passes may note an ad campaign that says, “1, 2, 3, we are so excited to show you what comes next”. This is assumed to be a subtle ad for the next movies and storylines coming to Marvel – like the presumed premise of the next Spidey film that is revealed seconds later and marking the end of Marvel phase three.

16 One of Mysterio's Associates Is From Two Famous Christmas Movies

via Screen Rant

Mysterio has several scientific henchmen who are disgruntled former Tony Stark employees. One of them is William Ginter Riva, who we first saw in Iron Man. Riva is played by Peter Billingsley, who may look familiar. This is because he’s the childhood star Ralphie from A Christmas Story, and played an Elf in the Will Farrell holiday movie hit, Elf.

15 An Inflight Movie About Wakanda

via Buzzfeed

It’s not just moviegoers who are grieving their fallen heroes and trying to learn more about those defending all that is good. One of the movies available on the flight to Europe in Far From Home is called Finding Wakanda, presumably a documentary about Black Panther and the intriguing world of Wakanda. There is also a movie called Heart of Iron, which is about Tony Stark/Iron Man.

14 A Mention Of Lesser Known Villain Hydro-Man

via Looper

One of the reasons why Peter Parker and just about everyone else believes that Quentin Beck/Mysterio is the real deal is because of how real the monsters he ‘battles’ (the ones that are really just projections) seem. These elemental monsters are so similar to Spider-Man villains, like Hydro-Man, Molten Man and Sandman, that it gives some credibility to the nefarious plan, even to fans who have read up on Spider-Man and his other adventures.

13 The Battle of New York Memorial Statue

via Slash Film

At the end of the movie, Peter enjoys some romance in a fun moment taking MJ flying through the streets of New York. Blink and you might miss your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man swinging past the Battle of New York Memorial Statue, which in the Marvel Universe is located near Grand Central Station. Previous Marvel Phases and their impact are present through this entire film.

12 The Heroes Who Live in Universe 616

via Polygon

Peter Parker learns he lives in earth-616 thanks to his briefing with Nick Fury/Agents of Shield and Mysterio. While most of the rest of what Quentin Beck says is fake, this is true. This Peter Parker lives in Earth-616 and shares this reality with superheroes and hero teams including the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Wolverine, Iceman, Beast and The X-Men.

11 Quinten Beck Creeping In The Corner Early In The Movie

via Twitter

Keep a close eye to see if you can spot Quentin Beck trailing Peter Parker in Europe, long before Mysterio enters the picture formally. When Peter goes to a shop in Italy to purchase a Black Dahlia necklace for MJ, Beck can be spotted ‘casually’ posing for a photo in a very touristy outfit

10 A Wrestling Poster Revealing A Part Of The Spider-Man Origin Story

via Looper

Backstage at Aunt May’s charity event, Happy and Peter have a chat. In the background is a carefully placed poster for a wrestling match involving a wrestler named Crusher who was Absorbing Man in the 2002 Spider-Man Film. The poster also serves as a reminder to Peter Parker and his short-lived wrestling career.

9 A Happier Ending For Ned And Betty Compared To The Comics

via Looper

In the background of Far From Home, Ned Leeds and Betty Brant have a summer fling while traveling Europe. The two enter an intense romance, break up, but remain friends. In the comics Ned and Betty have a tumultuous and toxic relationship, despite being married. Their relationship ends for good when Ned is killed, leaving Betty as a widow. A lot less fun and happy!

8 Zombie Iron Man Was In The Comics

via Buzzfeed

In a nightmare-like sequence while Mysterio is trying to spook and defeat Spider-Man, we see a Zombified version of Iron Man. This isn’t just born out of Beck’s team of bad guys, it’s based on a comic book series called Marvel Zombies, featuring Zombie Iron Man, Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine.

7 Will The DailyBugle.net Be Used To Promote Future Marvel Movies?

via Screen Rant

In one of the sneak peaks post credits, JJJ shows up talking about the modernized Daily Bugle, a tabloid website called The DailyBugle.net. Fans who had their phones out could see that this site isn’t running, but the domain is taken and belongs to Sony, which is connected to Marvel. This has people guessing that they should bookmark this site to get clues as to the plot of the next Spider-Man movie being reported on the fictional website.

6 Mysterio Says He's From UK Spider-Man's Universe

via Comic Book

While Quentin Beck is presumably just picking a number out of the air when naming his version of the earth multi-verse, 833, the choice of this number is far from random. In Spider-Man comics, Earth-833 was destroyed save for one sole survivor, a British version of Spider-Man (which is kind of amusing considering that Tom Holland himself is a Brit), and in Far From Home the locale of the final battle between Spidey and Mysterio is England.

5 MJ's Tiger Style & Clothing Choice Is All Spidey & His Nickname

via Comic Book

In Spider-Man: Far From Home you may have noticed MJ wearing a shirt with a tiger on it. In the comics MJ gives her sweetie Peter Parker an affectionate nickname, Tiger (as in ‘go gettem Tiger!). This shirt is clearly a reference to the comics and not simply a coincidence care of the costume department.

4 Happy Picking Up His Iron Man Role With Peter

The Mary Sue

There is a nice moment when Happy retrieves Peter and tends to his wounds post first battle with Mysterio. This showcases the evolution of Happy’s role as the right hand man to a superhero, as he once did for Tony Stark. Although Peter’s age keeps coming up when he does things like misidentifies the AC/DC song that Happy puts on while they build his suit as Led Zeppelin.

3 The Initials Of Peter's Uncle Ben

via Looper

When Peter Parker is packing up for his summer in Europe, an easy to miss detail is his suitcase. Engraved with the initials B.F.P. on it; this was clearly an item that once belonged to Peter’s Uncle Ben, and has been passed on, presumably by his Aunt May. While we never meet Ben in this version of Spider-Man (yet), it’s a nice subtle nod to the character.

2 Question Everything! Including Captain America's Death

via Goomba Stomp

In the beginning of the film we see a tribute montage to everyone lost in Avengers End Game, but as this movie unfolds, one thing is clear – believe nothing, and follow your gut. While we’ve seen old man Steve Rogers in the conclusion of End Game, we never saw him die, so this may mean that a younger Captain America is kicking around somewhere, or an old man one.

1 The Surprising Skrulls Cameo And What It Means For The Future...

via ScreenGeek

At the end of the movie, during the credits we discover that it wasn’t Nick Fury guiding Spider-Man all along, it was the shapeshifting Skrulls. A hint to this is during the introducing between Beck and Parker when Fury (a Skrull, Talos, in disguise) says, “Beck is from Earth, just not yours.” Unintentionally revealing that earth is not his home planet.

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