Ex-NASA Engineer Designs Fart-Smelling Glitter Bomb To Stop Package Thief

Ex-NASA Engineers Designs Fart-Smelling Glitter Bomb To Stop Package Thief

Watch this ex-NASA engineer over-design a solution to people stealing his Amazon packages.

Mark Rober used to work for NASA--y’know, the same guys who put two robots on the surface of Mars. As an ex-NASA engineer, he knows a thing or two about making stuff work, and so when his packages started getting stolen off the front porch of his home (and the police refused to do anything about) he decided to use his engineering skills to solve the problem in the best way possible.

Using glitter. And fart smell.

He custom built a trap designed to not only terrorize the thief with glitter and disgusting fart smells but also capture their reaction on camera and upload it to the internet where Rober could retrieve that information no matter what happened to the trap after it goes off. And boy, did it ever go off.

But first, a training montage. Or more like an engineering montage.

Everything starts with a custom made circuit board that serves as the brains of the trap. It controls a quad-pack of phones with wide-angle lenses so that no matter how the thief opens the package they’ll get caught on film. A 3D-printed scaffold holds the phones in place, and each phone has a high-speed LTE connection to upload the video once the package is opened.

Additionally, the package is trapped with 1 pound of glitter that ejects in a circle, along with a can of fart spray that sprays 5 times every 30 seconds. Even one spray is enough to clear a room, so 5 sprays are definitely noticeable.


The final step is to make the trap look authentic. He covers the whole thing in an Apple HomePod box and gives it an authentic-looking shipping sticker. If the thief were to look closely, they’d find the sticker has the address of Kevin McAllister, the hero of the famous Home Alone series of films.

Luckily, nobody ever looked at the packaging sticker.

It turns out that Rober had more than one thief. He actually had his trap sprung several times, with each time allowing him to retrieve the trap to use again. Twice he covered some unlucky thief’s car with glitter and fart spray, while once he covered someone’s room.

Presumably, he eventually lost the trap to an enterprising (or nose blind) thief who realized that the phones were probably worth the effort of cleaning up. Or maybe that person eventually got arrested with all the data each phone was collecting. We can only hope.


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