15 Fast & Furious Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

The Fast and the Furious is one of the most beloved franchises of the last two decades. The first film was released in 2001 and was focused largely on cars and racing. After undergoing a soft reboot with 2009’s Fast & Furious, the movies have become more centered on heists and espionage.

Although we haven’t had a new movie since 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, reports say that two new movies will be released in 2020 and 2021.

Given how long the F&F franchise has been making movies, it’s no surprise there have been tons of theories floating around that try to explain the biggest moments in the franchise. Keep reading to see fifteen of the most popular fan theories- and which ones are likely to be true!

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15 In The F&F Universe, People Can’t Get Hurt

via The Playlist

To say the F&F characters have been through a lot would be an understatement. There are plenty of times they’ve sustained injuries or pulled off stunts that should’ve been the end of them, yet they made it through.

Redditor Dr_Eastman has argued the franchise may take place in a universe where people don’t get hurt, or at least not easily. The account uses the scene from Fast 6 where Dom saves Lettie from falling while not incurring any injuries.

14 Fast And The Furious Or Dungeons And Dragons?

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According to Redditor Doktor Demento, Fast and the Furious franchise may not be about illegal street racing, but actually about a group an insane Dungeons and Dragons quest. Demento argued that every time a character has their car modified, they were actually leveling up.

He also added that director Justin Lin must be the Dungeon Master. Are you convinced?

13 Brian O’Conner Is Still Undercover

via comic central

A Reddit user has argued that Brian O’Conner is actually still undercover. At the end of the 7thmovie, the character left the gang to be with his family, since the actor who portrayed him, Paul Walker, unexpectedly passed away.

He suggests he had to leave to continue his undercover work but continues to help his old pals, which would explain how they can pull off such insane stunts.

12 But Brian May Get Axed From The Show Offscreen

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F&F fans are never expecting Brian to return to the franchise given the passing of Paul Walker. And while he’s supposedly still alive and well in the Furious universe, some fans are convinced he won’t be for long.

A Reddit user suggested the franchise may get rid of his character offscreen sometime soon. Specifically, the account argued it’s likely Verone may seek revenge on Brian, which would ultimately put an end to the character.

11 Parks and Rec Takes Place In The Same Universe

via youtube

Okay, this theory seems like a long-shot, but it’s definitely cool to think about. In the 5thmovie, media coverage of Dom’s prison convoy is given by Jay Jackson, the actor who portrays Perd Hapley in Parks and Recreation.

Some fans have questioned if the reporter and Perd are the same people, which would mean the car franchise and comedy take place in the same universe.

10 They Purposely Make The Odd-Numbered Films Better

via comic book center

Many F&F fans will tell you that the odd-numbered movies in the franchise are the best- and that may not be a coincidence. AV News argued in favor of this theory in 2017 after the eighth film was a flop.

The publication pointed out that the fifth movie was a turning point in the series, and although the 6thinstallment wasn’t well received, the 7thmovie made fans want more.

9 Leo And Santos Were Working For Shaw

via variety

On Reddit, Dave_Kun made the intriguing argument that Leo and Santos may have been working for Deckard Shwa this entire time. Given that the two have long been the comic relief for F&F, they seem unsuspecting, which provides fuel to the fire that they could be double-crossing Dom by giving Shaw information on his.

This would explain how Shaw knows so much about the gang and why Leo and Santos have practically gone MIA.

8 This Is What Happened To The Coronas

via rolling stone

F&F lost a huge cast member with Paul Walker’s untimely passing in 2013. Nowadays, many fans question whether the absence of Coronas in lieu of Bud Lights in the eighth movie may actually be a tribute to the late actor.

Ranker argues the lack of Coronas is meant to signify how the F&F universe changed now that Dom’s gang will never be the same.

7 Deckard Shaw And Frank Martin Are The Same People

via telegraph

A Redditor originally posited this theory because F&F’s Deckard Shaw and The Transporter’s Frank Martin are played by the same actor, Jason Statham. Moreover, the account pointed out both characters are good at face-to-face fighting, drive like a mad man, and look good in a suit.

It also helps that Deckard Shaw once went by the fake name Frank Martin.

6 Gisele And Han Are Still Alive Out There

via YouTube

Most fans still aren’t over the axing of two critical characters- Gisele and Sun Kang’s Han- at the end of the 6thmovie. As such, this has led many to theorize that the characters may still be alive and well.

A Redditor argued that other F&F characters survived similar injuries that claimed Gisele and Han’s life, so it’s more than possible the franchise could bring them back.

5 Is The Last Witch Hunter A Sequel?

via variety

Given that Vin Diesel stars in The Last Witch Hunter, it didn’t take fans long to question whether the movie takes place in the same universe as F&F.

Similarities between the characters include their ability to change identities, their passion for cars, and their talent at pulling off insane stunts. Director Breck Eisner even admitted to Huffington Post the final scene that shows Caulder driving off was a nod to F&F.

4 Dom Might Actually Have A Clone

via eonline

One interesting theory that got some people talking was whether Dom had been cloned. When the trailer for Fate of the Furious dropped, fans couldn’t understand why Dom turned on his family in order to help Charlize Theron’s character Cipher.

One of the most popular theories was that he was taken and cloned to make him more nefarious, although it was later debunked in the film.

3 Cipher Is Controlling Dom’s Mind

via the guardian

Another theory that began floating around after the release of the Fate of the Furious trailer to explain Dom’s betrayal was that Cipher was controlling his mind, Dorkly reports.

Though this seems a bit far-fetched, the whole cloning theory was also a stretch, too. Now that we know how the movie plays out, this theory has been debunked. But it doesn’t mean they can’t introduce mind control in later installments.

2 Dom Has Skeletons In His Closet (That We Don’t Know About)

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Finally, one of the more realistic theories used to explain Dom’s partnership with Cipher was that she was blackmailing him, Dorkly confirms. We already know Dom has done some questionable things in his life, but the trailer made fans wonder if he had skeletons in his closet that even we didn’t know about.

There’s always a chance future F&F movies will reveal more about his backstory.

1 Dom Toretto May Actually Be A Terminator

via pinterest

Although this theory is a bit far-fetched, it’s definitely a fun one to think about. In 2017, AV News questioned whether Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto is actually a terminator, a theory that was first brought forth by the YouTube channel Jim and Then.

In a video, the channel argued that this would explain Dom’s super strength and invincibility.

Sources: Redditt, Looper, AV News, Ranker, Dorkly

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