15 Fast N’ Loud Urban Legends That Might Actually Be True

For any car enthusiast, reality shows which center around transforming cars are certainly fun to binge watch. Among the shows that they would want to watch is "Fast N’ Loud," which has already been airing on the Discovery Channel for 14 seasons.

"Fast N’ Loud" is a reality show that gives you a glimpse into the daily work that goes on at the Gas Monkey Garage. At the head of this shop is Richard “The Man” Rawlings. He is joined by Jason Aker, Tony Cano, Jeremy Cheatham, Charles Cimino, and Mike Coy. Moreover, Rawlings once ran this garage with Aaron Kauffman, but Kaufman has since left and set up his own shop.

Despite Kaufman’s departure, Gas Monkey Garage continues to buy, restore and resell some classic cars with true potential. Nonetheless, it must be noted that not everything is what it seems when it comes to this show. Just check out the urban legends we’ve discovered:

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15 Gas Monkey Garage has a big crew behind the scenes

via dailymotion.com

On the show, it certainly seems that Gas Monkey Garage has a lean crew. In reality, however, it seems there are more people on the team than you might think.

On the Discovery Channel website, only six people are identified as part of the Gas Monkey Garage crew. However, on Gas Monkey’s official website, there’s 11 of them.

14 The show is scripted

via youtube.com, Discovery Channel

Typically, the audience is often made to think that reality shows go on unscripted. However, it really doesn’t seem like this is the case for “Fast N’ Loud.”

As a reported from Jalopnik noted, “You’ll notice that the first priorities of the show are (1) to introduce the show’s characters - all portraying a different one-dimensional stereotype - and (2) manufacture drama.”

13 Rawlings has trouble making ends meet

via forbes.com

Especially during the first season of “Fast N’ Loud,” it certainly looked like Rawlings and his team had been living from paycheck to paycheck. However, that is certainly not the case.

For starters, Rawlings gets paid a lot of money to appear on the show. Moreover, TV Overmind estimated that Rawlings was already worth $15 million in 2017.

12 Work on a car takes as long as a month

via pinterest.com

When the team at Gas Monkey Garage goes to work on a car for the show, it certainly seems like it only takes them a few days at most.

In reality, however, their work on a car typically takes a much longer time. In fact, according to TV Shows Ace, Rawlings said that a car takes 25 days to finish.

11 Clients Are Pre-Planned

via discovery.com

On the show, it seems that Gas Monkey Garage gets a regular stream of interested walk-in clients. Sure, they’re pretty popular nowadays so some people might be interested to inquire.

However, for the show, it is most like that Discovery Channel sets up their customers for them so the ones you see on “Fast N’ Loud” are not exactly walk-ins.

10 Fake rivalry with “Misfit Garage”

via youtube.com, Discovery Channel

As you may know, Gas Monkey Garage has fired a number of employees over the years. And somehow, these employees managed to form their own a garage and show to rival Rawlings.

Well, if you must know, the rivalry isn’t real, since Rawlings is reportedly paid around $22,000 every time he appears on the so-called rival show, according to NetworthMag.

9 Tom Smith and Jordan Butler’s Release

via insidetracknews.com

As the story goes, former Gas Monkey Garage employees had been fired after an incident involving a photo op with Rawling’s Rolls-Royce.

However, the real reason for the firing was that Smith cursed at his boss following the incident. According to a report from TMZ, this got the men fired just a few hours later.

8 Mustang wreck was all a work

via youtube.com, Discovery UK Channel

In one episode of “Fast N’ Loud,” Rawlings seemed pretty pissed after a 1967 Ford Mustang his team was working on became involved in a crash with a pickup truck. After seeing this footage, some fans remarked that the situation felt staged.

On Reddit, user harper64 remarked, “Certainly, the way Richard acted like it was a true loss just didn't feel authentic when I'm sure the garage's insurance covered it.”

7 The Shart Cat transformation

via youtube.com, Discovery Channel

On the show, it looked like the work done on the Shart Cat was pretty manageable. However, that could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, working on this car turned out to be more challenging than anyone could imagine. Aside from transmission problems, the team also ran into some trouble with the car’s computer system.

6 Fake Prototypes

via hotrod.com

At one point, Gas Monkey Garage made a claim about possessing two original Pontiac Firebird prototypes. More interestingly, they had made the discovery in a barn.

Later on, it was found the cars were not actual prototypes but rather, standard consumer model vehicles already. Certainly, there’s nothing really impressive about that.

5 Kaufman’s Departure

via hagerty.com

On the show, Rawlings looked pretty surprised when Kaufman had told him about his decision to leave Gas Monkey Garage. However, during an interview with Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kaufman revealed, “It was not a surprise. I was fairly vocal about it for quite a long time, so it was really just the time came.”

Moreover, of Rawlings' reaction, Kaufman further remarked, “I’m not sure how legitimate his surprise was or was not.”

4 Rawlings has a real beef with Jesse James

via tattoodisasters.blogspot.com

Yes, everybody knows that Rawlings and Jesse James don’t exactly get along, especially after what Rawlings said to TMZ. But it seems Rawlings doesn’t think that he has a real beef with the guy.

During an interview with D Magazine, he explained, “I never met the guy. That (TMZ) video was my young, never-been-on-TV-before attempt at humor.”

3 Rawlings drove up to Burt Reynolds’ house without an invite... Staged

via facebook.com

In one of the episodes of Fast N’ Loud, it looked like Rawlings and Kaufman were just outside the gate of Burt Reynold’s residence. And as soon as they see the movie star, they started calling out to him to get his attention.

Seeing the way this whole scene was choreographed, we believe this moment was just scripted to make things more interesting.

2 24/7 Feed On The Crew

via gasmonkeygarage.com

If you’re done binge-watching previous “Fast N’ Loud” episodes and you want to watch more footage of the Gas Monkey Garage, here’s a tip. Check out the garage’s official website and view the live cam.

It will give you a view of the garage via its EarthCam. Moreover, you can also zoom in on the footage for a closer look.

1 “Fast N’ Loud” coming to an end?

via monstersandcritics.com

Now, this can’t be farther from the truth despite the rumors.

In fact, way back in October 2018, Gas Monkey Garage posted an update on their Facebook page saying, “New Fast N' Loud is coming in 2019, don't miss out on the Street Outlaws Memphis premiere tonight at 9pm [sic] EST. It's shapin' up to be a wild season.” But who knows, only time will tell if this one is true.

Sources - Discovery Channel, Gas Monkey Garage, Facebook, D Magazine & Forth Worth Star-Telegram

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