The Fastest Man Alive: 16 Facts You Didn't Know About Barry Allen AKA The Flash

Most fans of the Scarlet Speedster can rattle off the most well known facts about the hero, whether it comes from the original comics or the hit television show that is currently airing on the CW. For example, we all know Barry’s mortal enemy is Eobard Thawne and that he’s got a darn good singing voice in the television show thanks to Grant Gustin having a long history of musical training.

This list seeks to look past the usual boring tidbits about our favorite cheery speedster and explore the lesser-known facts from both the DC Comics AND the Arrowverse. For example, most people probably didn’t know that on The Flash, it was revealed that Barry’s astrological sign is that of Pisces, the fish and the last sign in the zodiac.

For all the fans of The Flash that want to learn more about the geeky hero, this list rounds up interesting tidbits that aren’t always common knowledge.

16 Barry And Iris Are The Proud Parents Of Twins

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In the original comics, Barry and Iris (kind of) get their happy ending and are the proud parents of twins. Don and Dawn Allen are speedsters JUST like their father, and wind up fighting crime as the dynamic duo known as the Tornado Twins.

Dawn eventually marries a man named Jeven Ognats and they have a daughter named Jenni, who joins the group as XS for the Legion of Superheroes. Don marries Meloni Thawne and has a son named Bart, who travels back in time to the 21st Century and fights crime as the speedster Impulse. The twins eventually sacrifice their lives to save the world from the Dominators, though.

There has been some speculation that the mysterious waitress who has been making appearances in The Flash season four on the CW could be a younger Dawn from the future, but it remains to be seen if the showrunners will introduce the Tornado Twins.

15 Everyone's Favorite Speedster Shares A Birthday With Taylor Hanson

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According to the CW show, Barry was born on March 14, 1989. This means he’s a Pisces AND that he shares a birthday with Taylor Hanson. For all those out there that didn’t grow up in the ‘90s at the height of the Hanson craze, Taylor and his two other brothers Isaac and Zac were in a band. Their first single "MMMBop" was a hit and they had LEGIONS of devoted fans that would shriek until their eardrums bled at every single concert. It would be a riot if The Flash showrunners could convince the brothers to make a guest appearance and write a birthday episode where Barry has to save Hanson from the metahuman villain of the week. I’d crack up watching Barry and Taylor bond over their shared birthdate.

14 Cobalt Blue Is His Evil Twin Brother — Literally

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We’ve all heard of the trope about a good character having an evil twin sibling, but The Flash comics took this idea to the next level. Barry and his twin Malcolm were born two weeks late in Fallville, Iowa. The doctor in charge of delivery was drunk and had sent his nurse home even though he was supposed to attend two different women that night. Hugo and Charlene Thawne’s child was stillborn, so Dr. Gilmore made the decision to give one of Nora Allen’s twins to them.

They named their new son Malcolm. Years later, he learned that he was adopted and became jealous of his twin brother. The Thawne family had the strange ability to use a blue flame for a wide variety of purposes; his adopted grandmother gave him a talisman that allowed him to use his hatred for Barry to tap into this mysterious power and he became the villain known as Cobalt Blue.

13 His Fondest Memory Is Of Going To A Diner

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When Barry was a little kid in the Arrowverse, he wanted to go to a science expo that was being held out of town and begged his parents to take him. Henry and Nora Allen relented, but on the way to the event they got a flat tire and got stuck in the town of Masonville. What was a stroke of bad luck actually wound up being one of Barry’s favorite childhood memories because he and his parents sat in the diner all day and enjoyed the fireworks that took place in the town that night. It was probably one of the last times Barry had a chance at a normal family event before Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash went back in time in order to murder Nora and frame Henry for the heinous crime.

12 Singin' In The Rain Is Barry's Favorite Musical

Last season on The Flash, Barry revealed that his all-time favorite musical is Singin’ In The Rain, which starred Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and the late Debbie Reynolds. Most people around Barry’s age adore hit Broadway musicals such as RENT, Phantom of the Opera, or Les Miserables, but not the Scarlet Speedster. He has fond memories of Reynold’s famous flick because he used to watch it with his mother, so it holds a sentimental value for him. It would’ve been nice if the showrunners for The Flash would’ve been able to acknowledge the passing of Reynolds (and her daughter Carrie Fisher) by having Barry mention something about how they were his favorite actresses and he’s going to miss them. Especially since he talked about his love for the 1950s flick.

11 A Jock, Barry Is Not

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The Flash television series revealed that Barry attempted to try out for the football team when he was in high school, but his audition was SO stinkin' bad that he made his foster-father Joe West swear to never, ever speak of it again. Given the fact that Barry was totally awkward and a huge klutz before he became a metahuman, I have the sneaking suspicion the poor dude was tripping over his own two feet and made an a** out of himself on the field. Ah well, Barry shouldn’t feel too embarrassed over it anymore since now he’s got superspeed and spends most of his time taking down criminals and supervillains. It's too bad he could never reveal his secret identity to the former football team — I bet they’d be kicking themselves for making fun of the guy that constantly saves Central City.

10 The Fastest Man Alive Is Terrified Of Roller Coasters

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The original comics noted that in high school, Barry had a reputation for always being late, slow AF, and pretty easy-going. A girl he was out on a date with once decided that Barry needed to get a bit of pep in his step and begged him to go on a roller coaster with her. Poor Barry did NOT enjoy going on such a high-speed ride and actually developed a phobia of roller coasters. This fear stuck with him until he was an adult and he was able to overcome it. It must have SUCKED when he got his powers, though. Barry must have had flashbacks to his former high school date and their time on the roller coaster. Given the fact he wasn’t too thrilled about going on rides that move at high speeds, it’s a miracle that he decided to become the Flash.

9 Barry's A Transplant To Central City

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The Flash television show changed a bit of Barry’s backstory; it is implied that he’s lived in Central City all of his life. However, that’s not the case in the original comics; he was actually born in a small town in Iowa and went to college in Sun City, Florida. After he graduated, Barry took a job as a police scientist in Central City because it was the sister city to Keystone City, which is where the comics about the legendary speedster, Jay Garrick, took place. Yes folks, Barry is a HUGE f—king nerd and he’s a total transplant. As much as I love the CW’s Flash series, it would’ve been funny if they stuck to the original comics and made a few jokes about Barry being a hipster transplant.

8 The Scarlet Speedster Is A Chemistry Geek

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According to DC Comics, Barry is SUCH a huge chemistry geek that he won a scholarship to Sun City University after he won first place in the Fallville County Fair Agricultural Competition. The future speedster decided to major in organic chemistry and minor in criminology. PLUS it only took him THREE years to graduate instead of the usual four. Before he got his powers Barry might have had a reputation for being slow, but his mind was quick AF. The Flash television series never really mentioned what Barry majored or minored in when he was in college, but they do include tidbits of just how smart he is. For example, the most recent episode showed Barry using his brains to free himself and the other bus metahumans from their prison so that they could escape the Warden and Amunet’s clutches.

7 Joe West Paid For A Reptile Camp

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One cute tidbit The Flash television series mentioned was that when Barry was 12 years old, his foster father, Joe West, paid for him to attend a reptile camp. It's ADORABLE that Barry was such a huge nerd even as a young teen. Although I’ve never heard of a reptile camp actually taking place in real life. I just picture a young Barry geeking out with a few other kids his age at a summer camp with a reptile theme. It's too bad that there hasn’t been more flashbacks to when Barry was young because I would’ve LOVED to see a little future speedster geeking out over lizards and s—t. Barry’s also lucky too — there are some parents that would’ve been like 'WTF?' when their kids asked to go to a reptile camp, but not Joe. He had ZERO problems coughing up the dough and Barry wasn’t even his biological kid. Dude needs to win a parenting award ASAP.

6 Barry Designed His Own Suit

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The Flash season one had Cisco Ramon design Barry’s suit by upgrading a prototype he’d been working on for firefighters, but the Scarlet Speedster actually designed his own outfit in the comics. He created his Flash suit out of a special cold cast polyester, a material Barry had created back when he was in college. This material could be molded into miniature outfits, and after it was dipped into a special liquid, expand once it hit the hydrogen in the air. As much as I love watching Cisco create everyone’s superhero suits and think that it makes sense for the television show, it would be cool to see Barry use his smarts and include a scene where he helps Cisco make improvements to the Flash costume.

5 Even Batman Admires The Flash

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In most of the DC Comics and subsequent film adaptions, Bruce Wayne/Batman is often portrayed as a harda** that doesn’t always play well with others. But THAT is the understatement of the freakin’ century. Even though Bruce is the one that recruited Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in Justice League, he obviously had issues working with a team in the beginning of the film. Even though Batman doesn’t always like having co-workers, he admitted in the eighth issue of Justice that Barry Allen is the kind of man he would have loved to have grown up to be, if his parents weren’t brutally murdered. It’s a grim sort of praise, but a high praise nonetheless. When even the mistrustful and brooding Dark Knight admires The Flash, then you KNOW Barry is a good egg.

4 Iris And Barry Used To Spar As Kids

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The Arrowverse revealed that Barry and Iris used to spar when they were kids and that Iris used to kick his a**. Joe had his daughter work with Barry on his fighting skills because he used to get bullied at school by a student named Tony Woodward. After the particle accelerator exploded, he became the metahuman known as Girder, and Barry was FINALLY able to get his revenge on his former bully. Ironically, the two men reconciled during the fight to defeat Farooq Gibran. With his dying breath, he beseeched Barry to get the hell out of there and it was hinted that his time locked up in the pipeline had made him rethink his life’s choices. Barry had to face up against a zombie version of Tony and was forced to take down his childhood bully once and for all.

3 The West-Allens Have No Luck When It Comes To Weddings

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In both The Flash television show and the comics, Barry and Iris have NO LUCK when it comes to weddings. The latest Arrowverse crossover featured the heroes coming together to celebrate Iris and Barry getting married, only to have the ceremony crashed by Dark Arrow and Overgirl, who are Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Kara Danvers/Supergirl’s evil doppelgängers from Earth-X.

Once the villains are defeated, Barry and Iris’ intimate ceremony was ruined after Oliver Queen and his girlfriend Felicity Smoak decided to join them and get married too. Their luck wasn’t much better in the comics either, since Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne tried to ruin their ceremony because he’s a little s—t with nothing better to do than to try and hurt the Scarlet Speedster in any way that he can.

2 Barry Is A Total Romantic At Heart

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Barry is a total romantic at heart in both the comics and the CW television show. He proposes to Iris in the comics on a FERRIS WHEEL, which is so stinkin' cute. If that wasn't cute enough, he actually freakin’ SINGS HER A SONG THAT HE WROTE. In any incarnation, Barry is a hude adorable dork and a real-life puppy. As much as the proposal scene in the third season of The Flash made my WestAllen shipping heart swell to three times its size, it would’ve been cool if the showrunners included a nod to the comics by having Barry propose to Iris when they were on a Ferris wheel at a local fair. Then, maybe, have him sing the song he wrote for her. I’m pretty sure that would’ve made my fellow WestAllen shippers keel over from all the feels.

1 The Heroic Speedster Has A Pet Turtle

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In The Flash season three, H. R. Wells decided to give Barry and Iris a pet turtle that wound up getting named McSnurtle. I STILL have no idea why he decided to get them a freakin’ TURTLE when he could’ve gotten them a more conventional pet like a cat or a dog, but it is pretty ironic. Turtles are often thought of as being slow and lazy, so it is funny that the Fastest Man Alive has a pet that’s really laid back and moves at a snail’s pace. It's too bad Barry and Iris never asked him what made H.R. pick a turtle as a pet for them, although he probably would’ve responded with some long-winded story about how it is a typical gift for young couples back on his Earth.

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