Father Crashes Daughter's Proposal With Sign Reading 'Say No!'

Here's one juicy morsel on love that Fox News couldn't resist reporting, a story of matrimony and rebellion.

It was a loving moment between Winnemucca, Nev. residents Allison Barron and Levi Bliss, who were engaged March 24. With Bliss down on one knee with a shiny rock he was waiting to slide onto his heartthrob's finger, Barron's father was off in the distance, apparently trying to get her to call the thing off. He couldn't have made his message any clearer with a sign he held up for the couple to see, reading "SAY NO."

The optics surrounding this scenario would get even the most seasoned nay-saying muckraker scurrying to the nearest keyboard, pecking out an exposé about how one parent was trying to prevent a wayward offspring from being led astray.

Imagine the disappointment when Barron defied her father's orders. Now imagine how they'd react when Pops was only kidding about his wishes. It turns out Barron's father Jake has a rather acerbic way about him, and actually really likes his future son-in-law. He's also quite the cut-up when the whole clan gets together.


"We have a very close family and so he's made little jokes like this before," said Jake's daughter, adding that her fiancé and dad hang out riding dirt bikes and even playing tennis together. It didn't take Jake too long to bond with Levi, who was dating Allison for two years before popping the question.

Levi went all-out in planning the occasion, choosing a remote site with mountains in the background and assembling a bunch of rocks to spell out "MARRY ME." And when the moment of truth arrived, Allison started crying with joy, until she saw her father holding the sign above his head. That's when she started laughing.

The event was a hit online, particularly on Instagram, where images at this writing spiked to nearly a quarter-million likes and more than 66,000 shares.

The Fox report indicated the newsroom folks got a good laugh out of it, as well.



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