FDA Claims We Should Wash And Peel Avocados To Avoid Listeria

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about avocados stating that they pose a health risk of causing listeria and salmonella. They're now advising citizens to wash and peel the skin off before eating to avoid this risk.

This new recommendation seems strange considering the peel isn't consumed at all, and these suckers are hard to peel without being cut open first. They're typically cut open to reveal a large pit and a creamy green center. According to an FDA study, one in five avocados tested positive for a bacteria that could cause listeria or salmonella.

The reasoning behind removing the peel is that the knife used to cut open the avocado can transfer any bacteria from the skin to inside of the delicious green flesh. The FDA suggests scrubbing the outside of the avocado with a produce brush and drying it with a paper towel because we all have time for that extra step.

Business Insider reported on this news that is leaving us all scratching our heads and wondering if we really have to do this. Remove the avocado skin before eating? Should we really do it? Maybe. The findings were revealed after a two-year study where out of 1,615 avocados, 70% tested positive for the bacteria. Yikes. The numbers don't lie.

Via Andrew Purcell and Carrie Purcell

Avocados have surged in popularity in the past decade thanks in part to Millennials. Does anything say hipster more than avocado toast or tableside guacamole? Avocados also make great toppings for burgers, sandwiches, or salads. The fruit is natural to Mexico and can be found in almost any U.S. grocery store.  They're popular worldwide as well and used for things like juice, soup, or as a dessert drink mixed with chocolate or ice cream.

There have been no reports on avocados actually causing listeria or salmonella but the risk is surprisingly high.

Will you be changing your avocado habits by giving them a good scrub versus a light rinse? Or do you like to live on the edge and will just risk listeria? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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