20 Female Actresses Guys Thought Were Attractive...10 Years Ago

Who’s hot and who’s not is always up for consideration, but as the times change so do people’s perspectives. What was popular a decade ago is far different now, and the same goes for the celebs guys thought were attractive. With newbies taking over the scene, the “latest and greatest” always come in first.

Not to say the same actresses from years ago aren’t still stunning, but turn back the clock and these gals were all the guys could talk about. They had fellas falling at their feet thanks to their good looks and famous faces.

These 20 actresses have made watching TV and movies more enjoyable. Not only are they talented, but their beauty shines through. Ten years has flown by, so let’s give these gorgeous gals the attention they still deserve. After all, beauty only fades if we forget about it, and these gals still have plenty of sizzle seeping out of their pores.

20 Eva Mendes

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Eva is one hot mama, and a decade ago she was the talk of the town. These days, her popularity has simmered down, but it doesn’t mean she’s not still gorgeous. Just ask her famous hubby and he’ll assure you she’s still smokin’. Perhaps if Eva gets more involved in movie-making, guys will put her back on their “hot” list.

19 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer is one of those actresses that all sorts of guys find attractive. She’s not as big as she once was, but she’s still considered a beauty. Rewind ten years, and the actress was at her peak. Fellas couldn’t get enough of her cuteness and bubbly personality. She’s still successful, but her popularity was on the upswing years back.

18 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay still makes the headlines, but it’s not necessarily due to her looks. Not to say she’s not attractive, but these days, it’s her behavior that makes people take notice. Ten years ago, the actress was soaring, and guys thought she was a stunner. Fans hope she’ll reclaim her fame and show the world she’s more than a juicy tabloid tale.

17 Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer is the girl-next-door type that guys adore. She’s single these days, giving fellas a shot at sweeping her off her feet. Ten years ago, the brunette beauty was the woman every guy wanted to be with, but she was busy being married.

Perhaps the actress will show the world that she’s only gotten better (and better looking) with age.

16 Julia Stiles

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Julia is still making movies, but she seemed to be a lot busier a decade ago. Her big smile and blonde hair made her a standout, and her acting skills are superb. She’s the sort of gal that guys find fun, and her wholesome good looks make her quite the catch. Ten years ago, she was the dream date for plenty of guys all across the globe.

15 Vivica A. Fox

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Vivica was a fox ten years ago, and even now, her fabulosity is still fierce. She’s a big name in Hollywood, and her bold personality makes her shine. Her figure is fantastic, her face is made for the screen, and her fans still adore her in every way. She may not be as popular today as she was ten years ago, but the guys who still think she’s gorgeous are getting it right.

14 Anna Faris

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Anna has been in the biz for a while, and ten years ago, her cute face and tremendous talent made her one to watch. Guys thought she was a knockout, and some still do. She may not be the go-to name fellas think of first when they’re listing who they lust after, but Anna’s still got it going on.

13 Penelope Cruz

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Penelope is an exotic beauty who is attractive and alluring. Her talent is top-notch, and her good looks are unique. She’s still as hot as ever, but a decade ago, dudes couldn’t get enough of her. From her long hair to her smooth skin, this gal is gorgeous. Always has been, always will be.

12 Cameron Diaz

Via: GQ.com

Cameron doesn’t act much (if at all) anymore, but ten years ago, the blonde beauty was killing it in showbiz. She’s one tall drink of water, and her long legs and lean physique made her appealing to the fellas. She’s still stunning, but guys have moved on to today’s fresher faces.

11 Sanaa Lathan

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Sanaa is still doing her thing in Hollywood, but turn back the clock to a decade ago, and her popularity was pumped up. She has a smile that could light up a room, and her good looks are evident when we see her on the big screen. Hers may not be the name guys say right off the bat these days, but ten years ago, Sanaa was the woman they wanted.

10 Salma Hayek

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Salma always steals the screen in any movie she’s in, and fellas of all ages find her amazingly attractive. Today, she may not make the cut for guys who are naming their favorite hot actresses, but ten years ago, Salma was right up there with all the most stunning celebs.

9 Kate Winslet

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Kate is a popular name in Hollywood, and her ability to captivate the crowds is mind-blowing. Her talent is evident, and so are her good looks. While she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, ten years ago her good looks made plenty of guys do a double-take. Kate is still just as pretty, but some guys prefer today’s 20-something supermodels instead.

8 Shannen Doherty

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Shannen has been on TV for decades, and her talent comes through in every role she takes on. Her time on the small screen brought her much success, and ten years ago, fellas thought she was super sexy. Shannen is lovely today too, but her male fans may have moved on to other actresses to admire.

7 Reese Witherspoon

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Reese is adorable, but ten years ago, guys were over-the-moon for the mom-of-two. She’s still doing her work in showbiz and has been endlessly successful in her endeavors. Men won’t forget the fondness they had for Reese a decade ago, but these days, her lookalike daughter is getting all the attention.

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Sarah is everyone’s favorite “vampire slayer,” and her cute looks made her one to watch. Her blonde hair, pretty features, and nice figure made the fellas fall in love, and to this day, her die-hard fans are still in awe of the actress. She may not be as popular as she once was, but Sarah still shines.

5 Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten has been acting since she was a kid, and her talent has only improved over the years. She’s super cute and fun to watch, and her fans have loved her for decades. Ten years ago, Kristen was killing it in her career, and guys thought she was gorgeous. While her looks are beautiful to this day, some guys have given up.

4 Jada Pinkett Smith

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Jada is a gem, and she seems to defy aging. Her looks today are as hot as ever, but some fellas feel she’s not the one to long for anymore. Ten years ago, guys would do just about anything to get her attention. Of course, her hubby Will would have none of it.

3 Lucy Liu

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Lucy is lovely, and guys from all over thought she was a babe ten years ago. True fans still idolize the stunning star, and the years have treated her well. She may not make the cut if guys had to choose their top 10 hotties in Hollywood today, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a rare beauty.

2 Drew Barrymore

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We’ve watched Drew grow up on camera, and she went from an adorable girl to an attractive woman. These days she’s more into other endeavors than acting alone, but ten years ago, her presence on screen stole guys’ hearts. She’s fun and feisty, something that’s attractive to plenty of fellas.

1 Neve Campbell

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Neve is a natural beauty, and her looks have matured like a fine wine. Fans still enjoy seeing her act, but ten years ago, Neve was the woman guys went gaga for. Her looks are as great as her acting chops, and people enjoy seeing Neve for a number of reasons. Perhaps her “groupies” from a decade ago will come back and realize Neve’s beauty is still outstanding.

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