10 Female Cat Names That Are Just Purrfect

Naming a pet is a big deal, and when it comes to a female cat, in particular, there are so many options out there. An owner could go for a really girly name, fit for a princess of a cat. The name could be short, cute, and easy to say. Someone may opt for a name that is inspired by pop culture, which is always fun. And then there are classic cat names from which to choose from, as well.

If anyone is needing a little inspiration, we have rounded up 10 different names for female cats that are all things awesome, beautiful, clever, divine, and well... purrfect!

10 Champagne

While any of these names could work for any little kitty, we like the name Champagne for a cream-colored cat. We imagine a fluffy diva who enjoys the finer things in life. Yes, just as her owner goes for pearls, sparkling drinks, chocolate-covered strawberries and designer handbags, this gorgeous gal enjoys expensive wet food that is cut into the perfect portions and served on a crystal dish.

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To sleep really well, there is only one spot that will do, and it needs to be fluffed perfectly, with just the right amount of sunshine. But she deserves it, doesn’t she?

9 Duchess

Duchess is a cat who is large and in charge. As her name suggests, she is the queen of the household. Like Champagne, from up above, she, too, expects treats and such; she knows when she wants them and how she wants them. But she also has a playful side to her, as well. Yes, we can see this cat chowing down on a home-cooked meal then playing outside with some neighborhood pals and then curling up with her owner on the couch at night. She is regal, but she likes to make her rounds.

8 Posh

Fans of Posh Spice may want to go with this next cool name! It would work best for a cat who is stylish, maybe a bit standoffish and unique in every way. Sphynx cats are not for everyone, but this looks like a Posh, does it not?

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Posh, sort of like Victoria Beckham herself, is trendy (and probably owns several different collars), particular (and is not afraid to hide or hiss), and is looked up to (and even talked about by the masses, since there is something just so captivating here).

7 Kitkat

This little cutie looks like a Kitkat. Now, this word may conjure up visions of a chocolate bar, and this cat does have some pretty brown in her fur. But this name is also a two-for-one deal: the cat from Charmed is named Kit, and the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is named Cat. That being said, if this name needed to be said quickly, like in excitement, an owner could shorten this yummy name to either Kit or Kat! As a whole, though, it is an original name that fits a kitten like this one in a perfect way.

6 Gizmo

Another character from another movie (Gremlins) is named Gizmo, but we really like it for a female feline. More specifically, it seems to fit a gray one, such as the one pictured right here.

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This cat is resourceful. This cat is not afraid to get down and dirty. But this cat is also caring and likes to curl up on the bed with its owner at night. So, as mentioned, any of these names could work for any cat or any pet. But anyone who has a gray cat with no name should consider Gizmo.

5 Catnip Everdeen

To take movie names a step further, think about going with Catnip Everdeen. For those who do not know, this is a play on Katniss Everdeen, the main character from The Hunger Games who is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. This character is a brave and strong one who makes sacrifices for those she loves and never gives up, even in the direst situations. Hopefully, no cat will be going through this much, but it is still a memorable name for a cat as adorable as this orange tabby one here.

4 Crookshanks

We had to include Crookshanks, which is what Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books and films named her cat. Of course, fans of this story may be in love with this name, but even those who are not big fans could find interest here; it is a quirky name that could work for a cat like the one in this image: a cat that is bold, that is smart, and that is there to greet someone at the door each day, when said someone returns from school, from work or from a quidditch match.

3 Tinker Bell

Tell us this does not look like Tinker Bell in kitten form! Yes, Tinker Bell is another great female character from another popular film, but we included this name due to how cute it is. It is super fitting for a light and fluffy little kitten — one with spunk and a shining personality.

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This feline looks like it wants to fly, just like Tink does, and she probably goes on some neat adventures, just like her namesake does, as well. So if anyone is wanting another purrfect option for a cute cat name, then think about going with Tinker Bell!

2 Rosebud

On a similar note, the name Rosebud comes to mind when thinking of a gorgeous animal with a personality that other cats only wish they had. Yes, Rosebud is sleeping now, but she does so in an angelic way. Whether she is napping, eating, playing or traveling, she has this vibe about her that is sweet yet strong — like a rose. These beloved flowers are the go-to for romance, yet they have thorns, as we know. This is sort of a sweet-and-salty-type name, which we totally love for a feisty kitten who belongs on a calendar.

1 Whiskers

Last but not least, we have Whiskers. We have probably all heard of cats who are named Whiskers and may have already owned one. But there can be more than one!

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This name is heard so often for a reason; it is a classic. It is cute yet not in a disgustingly adorable way. It is strong but still works for a female. And it goes well with a cat who is fun to watch, who keeps its owner company, who adds spice to life and who is as beautiful as this black one who is pictured right here. Purrfect!

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