20 Female Comic Artists Who Can Draw Us Any Time

Comic books have long been a viable source of entertainment for many years, and while most well-known creators have been men, there have been plenty of women over the years that have made significant contributions to the medium. They may not have gotten as much attention as their male counterparts, but these women have been instrumental in comics reaching another level of quality. These days, there are plenty of female creators that are finally getting their shine, and this will only help encourage others to pursue their passion in life and make a run for their dreams.

Talent and beauty don't always go together like peanut butter and jelly, but believe us when we say that these artists have both in spades. In fact, they can draw us any time!

20 Nicole Georges

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Getting things started today is none other than the gorgeous Nicole Georges. Not only does she have great artistic style, but she also has a fashion sense that helps her stand out wherever she goes. We imagine that she has far more tattoos than this picture is showing off, which will only serve to keep people coming back for more.

19 Moderna De Pueblo

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Though many of the most popular comics in the world are stateside, there are plenty of people abroad that have taken an interest in the medium and have produced some quality work over the years. As it were, Moderna de Pueblo is an artist that many people have loved, and she also happens to be quite beautiful as well.

18 Kate Beaton

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Comic books are the name of the game for many, but there are still a number of people out there that enjoy comic strips. The creators of these may keep things succinct and brief, but they know how to get their point across while remaining entertaining. People wanting more from Kate Beaton should give Hark! A Vagrant a try.

17 Irene Koh

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Comics can be a tough business to break into, and plenty of people will have to grind for years before they even get the chance to show off their work to a major publisher. Even though she has plenty of her youth, Irene Koh has still been able to make a splash in the world of comics, and people have loved her work.

16 Penelope Bagieu

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France is home to beautiful architecture and amazing bread, but they have done some wonderful things in the world of comics as well. Not do be outdone by artists here, Penelope Bagieu has been holding it down abroad for some time, and some of her works have even made it across the pond.

15 Nicola Scott

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Hailing from Australia, Nicola Scott has been in the game for a while now, which has helped make her a respected artist and someone that knows how to make the most of each panel that she puts her hands on. Her work for DC Comics is perhaps her best to date, and people have loved her take on the character of Wonder Woman.

14 Julia Wertz

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California's Bay Area is a place that is known for being a breeding ground of creativity and originality, so it would make sense that some great comic artists have called the area home at some point. Julia Wertz is one such artist, and she has made her name by putting out exceptional work over the years.

13 Megan Rose Gedris

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Not every panel or piece of work in the comic industry is meant to convey a particular message, but there are some artists that dedicate their life and their platform to advancing and shining a light on what they believe in. Megan Rose Gedris just happens to fit this bill more than most artists out there.

12 Tania Del Rio

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Popular comic books have been holding it down for decades, but the rise of manga is something to take note of, because many people are beginning to make the transition to those stories. Wherever the readers go, artists will follow, so seeing someone like Tania del Rio doing manga is nothing short of impressive.

11 Tara McPherson

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Selling comics is the name of the game, but being able to license the characters for video games and toys can be lucrative for all parties involved. Some artists like to get in while the getting is good, so some will lend a hand in designing toys. It just so happens that Tara McPherson knows a thing or two about that.

10 Sara Pichelli

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Often times, comic book artists can make their name by taking on a popular character and putting a well-received spin on them, and this can help establish them in the community and build their fan base. Sara Pichelli was able to do incredible work with Miles Morales, who just became a household name after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse became a critical darling.

9 Noelle Stevenson

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Taking home awards in the comic industry isn't an easy task by any means, but the artists that can make it happen are usually able to raise their stock and pull down larger gigs. After making her name known in comics, Noelle Stevenson was able to make her way onto television to lead the charge on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

8 Lauren Weinstein

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Thanks to people spending so much time online, many artists choose to post their work on internet for the world to see. Though few artists are able to get a wide audience this way, it can be the perfect starting point for some, and Lauren Weinstein was able to make big things happen by starting off with what became popular webcomics.

7 Becky Cloonan

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Any person that keeps an eye on the comic industry knows that Batman is the ultimate book to be working on. It is consistently at the top of the charts, and it is considered a true honor to be the person that gets to work on the Dark Knight. Becky Cloonan made history when she became the first woman to draw the main title for DC.

6 Fiona Staples

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Taking home an Eisner and Harvey Award is considered among the top honors in the entire business, and there are true legends that have been able to take home both of these over time. Turns out, Fiona Staples is one of the few that has made this happen, making her a more decorated artist than many of her contemporaries.

5 Amanda Conner

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Only the best artists in the industry get the chance to work for all the major publishers in the game, which is why Amanda Conner has been able to do a little bit of everything since she made her debut. Marvel and DC have both valued her work and have made sure to let her take on some of their best characters.

4 Babs Tarr

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A great way for an artist to get their hands on many characters is to take jobs that allow them to design covers for major publishers. By doing this, they can reach different audiences and get their name out there, which is why Babs Tarr has done work with characters like Black Canary and Batgirl.

3 Amy Reeder

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Whenever an artist takes on a beloved character, they have a lot to live up to. Not only do they have to meet the expectations of their employers, they also have an entire fan base to please. Artists like Amy Reeder have been able to take on such characters and find a way to make everyone happy in the process.

2 Ming Doyle

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Any person wanting to make it in the world of comics should be taking notes from the women being featured on this list today, especially Ming Doyle. She has done some incredible work throughout her time in the business, and building this type of rapport with the audience has helped her become a trusted and respected artist.

1 Tara Seibel

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One of the more unique aspects of being a comic artist is that art can be featured in a number of places, and many artists share their gift with the world whenever they can. Having been published in a number of publications, Tara Seibel is an artist that many people have enjoyed without even knowing it.

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