20 Female Golfers Caught Wearing Revealing Outfits On The Course

Golfing is one of those sports that people either love or hate. There isn’t really a middle ground with this one, and some people don’t even consider it a sport… like bowling or table tennis. But the fact is, professional golfers are athletes who train endlessly to get good at their craft and win big tournaments.

And then there are the beautiful women who play the game, and people find themselves tuning-in to the matches for a completely different reason. Many of these girls are a new brand of social medialite who are models, golfers, and Instagram influencers, all at once. They’ve captured the attention of the newer generations, in a big way, and have made golf fun for the whole family (or at least the men in the family).

Let’s take a look at 20 of the most revealing pictures of female golfers that we could find—that are still somewhat tasteful.

20 Paige Spiranac’s Pre-Shot Routine

via Ehowzit

Paige Spiranac is a woman making huge waves in the golfing community, as much for her risky photoshoots as for her golfing skills. She’s a social media personality with 1.8 million Instagram followers, which almost no other golfer can say they have.

Here we see her warming up before a match, showing us that she’s got what it takes… and she has a pretty good golf swing, too.

19 Fined For Wearing Revealing Outfits

via Express

In 2017, golf women were outraged when a plan was released to find any woman wearing tight or revealing outfits, to the tune of £760, or $1,000 for the first offense, and double that for further breaches.

Former European men’s tour player Matt Blackey tweeted in response: “I’m not sure a stricter dress code will help golf’s appeal.” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Blackey.

18 Paige Spiranac Breaking The Internet

via Twitter/Paigespinarac

When you look this good and are also a skilled athlete, it doesn’t take much to break the internet.

Paige Spiranac has been absolutely killing it, and although many women might be jealous or P.O.’d that she’s stealing all the limelight, many other players believe that she’s just the thing people need to see to get the newer generations into golf.

17 Low-Plunging Necklines Are Now Fineable

via Etsy

We’re not sure who makes the rules, but they need to be fired. One of the fineable offenses is wearing low-plunging necklines like the one Paige Spiranac is wearing above.

Now, of course we could inundate this entire article with pictures of just Paige, but we want to give other beautiful women a chance to shine, too.

16 Katie Kearney Swinging For The Fences

via Guys Gab

Maybe it’s just really hot out, but whatever the case, we truly appreciate the getup that Katie Kearney is sporting here. She’s a model and social media star in the golfing world who first got famous for modeling with companies such as Strings Swimwear and Tiger Mist.

She was also Miss Missouri USA in 2012, which is completely understandable. We’ll cover more of her in a bit.

15 Allie Anderson Getting Low

via Madison

Here we see Oregonian golfer Sydney McKee lining up a putt on the ninth green at Yahara Hills Golf Course, during a Madison Edgewood Invitational in 2018.

She’s a professional golfer with a bright future ahead of her, and if golfing doesn’t work out, she could always turn to social media and modeling, we think.

14 Zoë Klopfer Feeling Loose

via Golficity

Zoë Klopfer was Golficity’s “Hump Day Hottie” back in 2017, and she could probably stand to win that award EVERY Wednesday.

Besides looking amazing in whatever she’s wearing or doing, the blonde hottie is also a fitness model with a golden body, as you can tell. But perhaps even better than her body, or close, is her swing, which is remarkably good.

13 Zoë Feeling Herself

via Golf Gods

Here’s another amazing picture of Zoë Klopfer on the green, in all her glory. She’s also wearing some of the fitness gear that she promotes, and we only wish it could look as good on us mere mortals as it does on her.

But sometimes life just isn’t fair, and we have to make do with just looking at her posing like a golden goddess.

12 Blair O’Neal Is Pretty In Pink

via Pinterest

Blair O’Neal, like Paige Spiranac, is a golfer and model who has managed to meld two disparate ventures into a gold mine. With 504,000 IG followers, she’s hot on Paige’s heels as the next big thing in women’s golf (for men).

She’s also a Golf Channel host, a PUMA ambassador, and the winner of BIG BREAK in the Dominican Republic.

11 Bella Angel Is Christmas In July

via Instagram/Bellaangelgolf

If every female golfer looked like this when they do their thing, a lot more people around the world would probably be watching. Bella Angel is a British bombshell and the “G.B.O.T.W.” (Golf Babe of the Week) from June in FromTheBackTees.com.

She was also GolfGods.com’s “Golf Goddess of the Week” in August 2018, and… you get the idea. She should wear her Santa hat more often!

10 Elle Stone Basking In Her Brilliance

via Pinterest

Back in the week of September 11, 2018, Elle Stone was GolfGods.com’s “Golf Goddess of the Week.” She told the site that she wasn’t pro, and that she didn’t want to go pro, according to her IG.

So, she’s a beautiful girl who simply loves to golf—and we’re totally cool with that… as long as she keeps doing it!

9 Morgan Ashley Striking A Pose

via Pinterest

Morgan Ashley is another IG golf model, which is apparently a thing these days. This picture of her striking a sexy pose is also the tamest one we could find of her, as her cleavage tends to get out of control in every other picture.

As she hilarious said in an Instagram post, “Golf and intercourse are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at it.”

8 Bella Angel Taking A Ride

via Busted Coverage

Golf model Bella Angel is one of those game-changers who really changes the way people look at a sport like golf. Here we see her in a golf cart, scooting along, looking smoldering.

She currently has 136,000 IG followers, but that’s growing daily, due to the ridiculously hot pictures she posts—both having to do with golf and having nothing to do with golf.

7 Mary Blank Strutting Her Stuff

via Pinterest

Mary Blank is a golfer, surfer, and Instagram model who seems to have everything under control here.

She usually has long, flowing blonde hair, but here she looks amazing in her short-cropped hairdo with legs that go on for days, all while wearing about the skimpiest golf skirt ever invented. We wonder, is that “revealing” or fineable, as per the new rules?

6 Elise Lobb Walked Onto The Wrong Photoshoot

via Instagram/Eliselobb

Elise Lobb is a 25-year-old Instagram model and golfer who is also a co-host of Fox Sports. Like many other beauties of her caliber, she is leveraging her looks to make a hefty side income, we assume, although 99% of her Instagram posts are at least golf-related.

Here, however, she appears to have wandered off the Sports’ Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot and onto the green, but we’re not complaining.

5 Alisa Diomin In Charge

via Lemonim

In case it wasn’t obvious from this split-picture, Alisa Diomin is not merely a golfer. She is a fitness model with 192,000 Instagram followers who also has a healthy respect for the sport.

In 2018, she pursued her tour card at Q School for the LPGA, so at least she takes it seriously! Not to mention that she’s about the fittest golfer we’ve ever seen.

4 College Girl On The Green

via Pinterest

This beautiful babe was featured on the “@officialmtbinsta” Instagram page, as a college girl and #golfbabe. The long-legged blonde appears to have her eyes closed, so maybe she’s just that good at golf.

Or, more likely, she’s not a golfer at all, but a model who looks incredible while wearing an oversized shirt and no pants.

3 Katie Kearney Is Too Hot To Handle

via Reddit

This smoldering picture of Katie Kearney could very well make her the queen of beautiful IG golf models. The luscious blonde has the perfect balance of a devious smile, a tiny skirt that shows off her tanned, toned legs, and even the golf pinch with her gloves.

Those sunglasses aren’t too shabby, either—perhaps that’s what she’s endorsing here? Who cares.

2 Lucy Robson Is Too Much

via Instagram/Lucyrobson

Okay, we take it back… THIS picture is the one that crowns Lucy Robson as the princess or queen of all beautiful golfing females. That smile is just to die for—the perfect mix of innocence and seductiveness.

She has 430,000 IG followers, too, so it’s not just us who love looking at pictures of her. Just about every photo on her Insta is just as hot as this one, so go take a look.

1 Paige Spiranac Takes The Cake

via Goalhorn

Okay, this is just too difficult! We end on Paige Spiranac, just how we began, as a way to show why SHE deserves the top golf goddess trophy of all time.

The curvy blonde truly has the most infectious smile, on the prettiest face, but we’re just worried that the tiny spaghetti-strap shirt she’s wearing is going to get her fined!

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