People In NYC Are Rescuing Feral Cats By Adopting Them As 'Workers'

There are countless numbers of feral cats that are living on their own all across the globe. Thus, many cities have been trying their best to control this increasing number of wild cats, so some businesses and homeowners have started helping out their cities, by incorporating a very special type of adoption program.

Instead of trying to turn all of these feral cats into their pets, there are plenty of cities across the United States that are offering 'adoptions' to the cities' feral cats as working animals. These cats can be employed as mousers, that way, a lot of animal lovers can rescue the cats from euthanization, while also getting rid of any mice and rats that may be living alongside them. Although this is not a guarantee that the cats are definitely going to get rid of any of the rodents which are present in a building, results have shown that this practice is at least somewhat effective.

According to a community cat expert from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Jesse Oldham, with this program, the feral cats can get a home, with a roof over their heads and a warm space, while the owner of the home or the business gets a lot less, or sometimes even no rodents in their space.

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After several working cat adoption programs across the United States, the NYC Feral Cat Initiative started and has seen a lot of success. So far, they have homed over 1,000 feral cats every month, mostly in veterinary offices or in animal shelters all over the city.

A similar program was started in Chicago, back in 2016. It was launched by the Tree House Humane Society of Chicago. They put some working cats in various rodent-infested locations and saw tremendous success. Nowadays, they have a 60+ day waiting list that businesses can apply to and adopt feral cats.

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These feral felines are always neutered or sprayed, but they haven't been socialized to live with people. Most of them have even lived outside for most of their lives before being hired. So all they do when they are employed is hang around the building and take care of any mice in exchange for food.

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