10 Ferrari Owners The Company Wants Us To Forget About (And 5 That Are VIPs)

Celebrities aren’t really that different from the rest of us. Aside from being rich, one of the first things they do with all that cash is to buy a Ferrari. However, the supercar manufacturer from Italy is notoriously fickle about who they allow to own their cars. They even have their own VIP list of approved customers, and if you’re not on the list, you can forget about owning one.

This is to maintain the exclusivity of the brand, but it is also used to punish bad behavior. If any celebrity brings any kind of negative publicity to the Ferrari brand, they will find it impossible to buy one. As a couple of people on this list found out, they’re also watching how you modify it.

15 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: 50 Cent

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Image is everything to a brand like Ferrari and it’s fair to say that after 50 cents public expletive-laden tirade against them, he may be forced to shop somewhere else. The rapper and failed promoter took to Instagram to slam Ferrari when his 488 refused to start, instead of calling for an Uber-like any normal person would.

14 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Justin Bieber

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The Biebs is probably not one of Ferraris favorite customers despite owning several of their cars. Not only does he not have the best driving record, but he also famously lost his blue Ferrari 458 Italia after a night out partying. Allegedly it took his assistant three weeks to track it down.

13 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Hugh Grant

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Hugh Grant clearly loves the Ferrari brand. He is regularly seen at Formula 1 events chatting to drivers and has owned several of the supercars. Their relationship wasn’t always rosy though and he famously had to abandon his Ferrari California it breaking down on his way to enjoy a round of golf. The actor was less than impressed and was forced to catch a ride in a VW Kombi van.

12 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Tyga

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Another celebrity who bought some bad publicity to Ferrari is Tyga. It’s common with celebrities to lease their rides rather than own them outright but when Tyga stopped making payments, his car got repossessed and he was then sued. Tyga reportedly owed $44k on his Ferrari and $84k on a Rolls Royce. Perhaps he could share 50 cents Uber.

11 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: David Beckham

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Despite being an obvious car enthusiast David Beckham has had a number of traffic infractions. He was caught speeding in his Ferrari 612 Scagletti and received an eight-month ban from driving which was later overturned. He also recently copped a 6-month ban after being found guilty of using his mobile phone while driving. Hopefully, he was on the phone to his lawyer.

10 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Blac Chyna

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Trouble seems to follow Blac Chyna where-ever she goes. Although she doesn’t get into trouble driving like other celebrities on this list, Ferrari certainly wouldn’t be happy to see some of the modifications she has carried out to their cars. She painted her first Ferrari bright pink, and recently bought a 458 which sadly wears red wheels.

9 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Deadmau5

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Deadmau5 may have won his fans over with his Nyan Cat themed Ferrari but the manufacturers were apparently not impressed. In fact, they hated it so much that they sent him a cease and desist letter regarding his modifications. Deadmau5 eventually removed the cartoon blue wrap and sold the car but it’s fair to say he won’t be buying another Ferrari anytime soon.

8 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Chris Harris

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We know it’s surprising to see a Top Gear host on this list but some years ago Ferrari banned Chris Harris from driving their cars altogether. Harris riled up Ferrari by accusing them of over-optimizing their cars to perform well in road tests. They eventually made up however and now Chris Harris owns his own 488 Pista.

7 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Kim Kardashian

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The star who is famous for doing absolutely nothing got in hot water last year over the Ferrari that was given to her as a wedding gift. The car was a present from a Malaysian businessman who was convicted for his financial indiscretions. Kardashian denied ever receiving the Ferrari but she has since been photographed in the controversial car.

6 Ferrari Wants Us To Forget: Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner potentially holds the world record for the shortest time actually owning a Ferrari after she wrote hers off just seconds after receiving it as a birthday gift. Getting ready to test drive it, she floored the throttle, not noticing the vehicle was actually in reverse. Nobody was injured but the $320,000 Ferrari was unable to be repaired.

5 VIP Gordon Ramsay

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As hot as Gordon Ramsay's temper is his passion for collecting supercars and being one of the top 21 earning celebrities in the world allows him to buy whatever he wants. He owns several Ferraris and they recently invited him to purchase a LaFerrari Aperta which was limited to a production run of only 200.

4 VIP John Cena

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One surprising fact about the man whose name is John Cena is that he loves to nerd out about cars and owns several Ferraris including a 360 Spider and F430 Spider. Not only does he drive his Ferraris in the rain, his F430 has a gated manual transmission, which he prefers over a dual-clutch automatic.

3 VIP Gucci Mane

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When the 812 Superfast was released, there was a 3-year waiting list to take delivery. Gucci Mane decided he couldn’t wait so he called his car broker who spoke to the factory and the new 812 was shipped overnight from Maranello. His broker is the same one used by Floyd Mayweather and is paid a huge premium to allow his customers to jump the queue.

2 VIP Mike Tyson

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The former heavyweight champion of the world admitted not knowing how to spend his earnings, buying a tiger, a $2 million bathtub and 110 cars, including several Ferraris. The jewel of his collection was undoubtedly his rare F50 which was eventually resold for close to $2.5 million. Tyson only put 4,900 miles on the odometer and kept it in immaculate condition.

1 VIP Sebastian Vettel

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It makes perfect sense that Ferraris number 1 driver has a permanent spot on their VIP list. The four times world champion owns several of his sponsors' cars including an F430 and a California. In 2014 he narrowly avoided landing in hot water when a YouTube video supposedly featuring the F1 star showed F12 reaching speeds of over 200 mph on a deserted highway in Abu Dhabi.

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