15 Fictional Places So Amazing We Wish We Could Visit

This world is pretty great, but it has its limitations. Thankfully, we can experience new realities when we watch movies/TV shows, play video games and read books. These forms of entertainment introduce us to whimsical lands, magical locations, and wondrous destinations. Who wouldn’t want to visit SpongeBob SquarePants in his pineapple under the sea? Who hasn’t dreamed of going to Hogwarts? How amazing would it be to eat candy at Willy Wonka’s? How cool would it be to spend a day with Wonder Woman in her land?

Below, we have listed out 15 fictional places so amazing that we wish we could visit them for real.

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15 Wonderland

Via: Daily Motion

First on the list, we have Wonderland from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. This whimsical land was full of talking flowers, cards painting roses red and a tea party made up of a March Hare, a Dormouse and a Mad Hatter. Despite all the silliness and confusion, though, this land helped Alice realize who she was, what she wanted, and where she was going – an opportunity we would love!

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14 Bikini Bottom

Via: Wikia

As mentioned, we would also love to go visit SpongeBob SquarePants in Bikini Bottom! This underwater town is like a normal town full of residents, businesses, cars, and activity. It is just a bit different – it is animated, it is full of talking sea creatures, and a squirrel even lives there in a dome that we would have to hide out in, as well.

13 Westworld

Via: Wikia

Another fictional locale from a television show that we'd like to see is that of Westworld. Now, for those who watch this series, we know that this place can get a little rowdy and a little terrifying. But before everything went crazy (no spoilers here!), it seemed like the exact one-of-a-kind theme park we would love to visit.

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12 Hogwarts

Via: Playbuzz

This list would not be complete without Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We can just imagine receiving our acceptance letter in the mail, heading to Diagon Alley for all of our needed school supplies and then moving into this school full of moving photos, magical classes, and lifelong friends!

11 Neverland

Via: Excelsior

On the other hand, maybe we want to head to a more relaxing place - like Peter Pan's Neverland! When people don’t want to grow up and they want to escape responsibilities, they can fly here. They can swim with mermaids here, they can play with the Lost Boys here, and they can hide from Captain Hook here.

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10 Minecraft

Via: Wired

Minecraft definitely brought something new to the world of video games, and now, everyone is quite familiar with the squares and the cubes that make up this world. A world to which we would like to be transported for a day. Just for one day though, we’ll skip those scary nights, please!

9 Narnia

Via: Top Film

Many of us grew up reading The Chronicles Of Narnia books, and this made-up place is one of the most magical out there. Sure, it has its threats and scary moments, but all worlds do! Besides, the pros outweigh the cons, so bring on the royalty, Mr. Tumnus, and Turkish Delight.

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8 Stars Hollow

Via: CT Visit

Most of the lands on this list are far-fetched ones, but Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls could be real. There is no magic. It is not underwater. Scary creatures don’t attack anyone. Instead, eccentric residents live life and put on fun events together there. So let’s go!

7 Bedrock

Via: Wikia

Imagine writing on stone tablets. Picture showering under the trunk of a mammoth. Think about having to use feet to power a car. And then dream of living in or going to Bedrock from The Flintstones! Modern-day advancements are great, but it would be super cool to see this rockin’ place.

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6 Halloweentown

Via: WordPress

Lovers of Halloween and the Disney Channel, get ready - This one is for you. There were several Halloweentown films, which told the story about a family of witches and a supernatural world (named after a certain spooky holiday) that was just boo-tiful. We would love to spend October 31st in this world!

5 Whoville

Via: Weekend Roadie

Speaking of holiday-inspired locations, we would enjoy visiting Whoville during the holiday season, too. Any of Dr. Seuss’ wacky lands would be neat to see, but this one, from How The Grinch Stole Christmasis special and famed.

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4 Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Via: Places of Fancy

Of course, we included Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and of course, we would indulge in the chocolate river, nibble off of sugar-coated trees and lick wallpapers to test out new candies. We would try to avoid falling in, blowing up, shrinking down or getting sent down any scary chutes, though. And we don't know if we would actually want to take over this factory either. We would want more of the museum. Just give us some candy!

3 Lego Island

Via: Android Community

Lego Island is a game that allowed people to play with those childhood blocks on a whole new level. Everyone loves building up towers and towns with Legos, and through these games, a whole new, big, exciting world - a whole island, really, which we would love to see! - was introduced.

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2 Jurassic Park

Via: Awol

Like Westworld, Jurassic Park is another theme park where things could go awry... where things did go awry. Nevertheless, we are brave and we are up for the challenge. In fact, we are now completely ready for our invitation to go check out some cool dinos!

1 Themyscira

Via: Wikia

Just look at this place. The lush greenery, the surrounding sea, the fact that Wonder Woman lives here, along with other amazing women, all of it is simply amazing. Yes, we are concluding this list of fictional places with this one, and we are letting the world know that we would love to visit Themyscira.

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