Fight The Monday Blues With This Adorable Unicorn Desk Fan

Unicron Desk Fan

While you're battling the summer heat at the office, keep a smile on your face with an adorable new Elodie the Unicorn USB desk fan. The unicorn fan, which retails for £29.99, is made by Firebox. Since it is USB-powered, you simply plug it into your computer to enjoy a gentle breeze while you work, play games, tweet, comment on your friend’s new Facebook pic, or Instagram your lunch.

The unicorn fan has a pink tail, which is the on/off switch. According to Firebox, Elodie the Unicorn Fan, “who looks like she’s wearing an enchanted fencing mask, grips to most surfaces so no magical journeys to the floor for this unicorn!"

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Firebox.com is an online retailer that is based in London, England. The company was founded in 1998 by college friends Michael Acton Smith and Tom Boardman and sells homewares, lifestyle accessories, technology, and beverage gifts.

Smith and Boardman were inspired to launch the shop after coming up with a drinking game in college called the Shot Glass Chess Set. The pair set up the company with proceeds from a medical trial they both participated in, and a loan from Acton Smith’s mother.

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Elodie the Unicorn is not only featured on a fan. She also appears as a humidifier, a mug, a light up umbrella, a planter, and a ramen bowl. Unicorn lovers can also enjoy a series of other products that feature the mythical creature, such as the Giant Unicorn Sprinkler, the Unicorn Teapot, the Unicorn Neon Wall Light, the Crying Unicorn Candle, and even Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, a 40-proof “mythical spirit made from the tears of humanely raised unicorns that embody the magical power of this fabled beast.”

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If you want to show off your Elodie the Unicorn Fan, you can post an original pic on Instagram or Twitter of the fan, and enter to win a £50 voucher at Firebox. Simply take the pic, post it with a #firebox hashtag and tag @firebox. Every week, the company selects the best pic, and at the end of the month, the public selects a winner, who will receive the voucher.

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