Final Fantasy: 20 Wild Revelations About Tidus And Yuna's Relationship

Final Fantasy has become one of those franchises that seems way too large to fully comprehend. With fifteen main game entries, and countless stories and games branching off those, it's hard to keep track.

One of the most beloved parts of the franchise, though, comes from the series' complex romantic relationships. Square Enix explores the feelings and bonds that can grow under immense strife. By far, one of their most heartbreaking stories is of Tidus and Yuna. In their initial game, the story ends with them saving the world and Yuna, but losing Tidus in the process.

Even though later games change the rules up a bit and don't keep Tidus gone, the end scene is a tearjerker, watching Tidus fade away and fall right through Yuna's fingertips.

With so much extra story, no one can know everything about this adorable, tragic pair. Ergo, here are 20 Wild Revelations About Tidus and Yuna's Relationship.

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20 Tidus Faded Away (But Didn't Stay That Way)

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At the end of Final Fantasy X, Yuna's final summoning reveals that Tidus was an unsent all along. Their entire journey, he was an echo of the Tidus of Zanarkand. Sending all the other spirits away sent him away, too. Even though she fell madly in love with him, the lost of saving her world was watching him fade away before her eyes.

Understandably, more FF fans name this as one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the franchise. However, Tidus doesn't stay gone, returning in X-2.

19 Yuna Almost Married Someone Else

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Despite the giant threat to the world that is Sin, Spira has even more political unrest stirring underneath. Even though they all have one great enemy to fight, the enemy is cyclical and continuous. It couldn't hold off the rest of the world's problems forever.

As a solution, Prince Seymour of Guado proposes to her. He says that a marriage between a human and a Guado, and also a political figure and a summoner, will help bring hope and peace to their people.

18 Their Relationship Was Always Doomed

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Tidus and Yuna struggled with their feelings for one another because he never cared so much for another person and she felt destined to sacrifice herself. The closer she got to Sin, the closer she got to him, and it only broke her heart. After all, it didn't matter if she loved him when she'd be gone soon, right?

The couple overcame one issue, saving Yuna's life, only to run into a worse one. Tidus, being an unsent, started fading the second she sent away the other spirits.

17 Technically, He Wasn't Alive For Their Entire Relationship

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When Tidus went to Spira, it was like he fell through a portal and ended up in a new dimension. Over time, he learned that his world, Zanarkand, was just the far distant past. However, with time and some serious talks with Auron, he learned something even worse: when he fell into Sin's mouth, he wasn't just transported. His body was destroyed that day.

All along, throughout their journey, Tidus was just a spirit with a corporeal form because of Sin's return.

16 They Broke Up

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Even though Yuna and Tidus are one of the most beloved and tragic Final Fantasy couples, the extended stories decided to ruin that. They lose each other at the end of X, they find each other again in X-2 and supposedly move in together, but by the end of an infamous audio drama called Will, they break up.

Apparently, Yuna becomes unbearably jealous of Tidus' new female friend and has decided she has feelings for someone new, someone the story keeps vaguely dancing around. Naturally, most fans ignore it altogether.

15 Their Fathers Were Friends

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Tidus' biggest personal trauma stems from the fact his father left him and his mother when he was young. Despite being a dashing Blitzball player who claimed he loved his family, Jecht just disappeared one day.

Even once Tidus learns his father was sent through the same "portal" that he was, ending up in Spira, he still blames him. However, Jecht used his terrible circumstances to help Braska (Yuna's father) banish Sin ten years ago, allowing them to forge a genuine friendship.

14 Yuna Can Get Seriously Jealous

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While Yuna was consumed by the threat of Sin during Final Fantasy X, in later years she had a lot more time to worry about other things. Unfortunately, some of that time made her jealous of Tidus' other relationships.

Though she never got jealous of his friendship with Rikku, the second Tidus gets close to his friend Marphine, she's ready to nuke the relationship. Despite living together and falling in love, him having female friends ruins everything.

Let's be honest, the audio drama was a disaster for all characters involved.

13 They Came From Different Timelines

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Yuna and Tidus connected through their daddy issues and their desire to make the world a better place. He loved that she made him think of the bigger picture, she loved that he made her think of the little things.

However, the pair came from completely different worlds. Tidus grew up in the heavily mechanized Zanarkand, full of machinery and bright lights. Spira is a wildly different world. They're from worlds apart. Quite literally.

12 Tidus Taught Her How To Laugh (Terribly)

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How could we not talk about this scene?

While fans love Final Fantasy X for its bold decisions and (at times) cheesy dialogue, most of the time it's the heart that really pulls them in.

One of the most infamously cringey scenes in the entire franchise is when Tidus tries to teach a stressed Yuna a laugh out loud. Instead of sounding anything like an organic human being, Tidus brays the word "ha" a couple times like an angry donkey. And then Yuna follows suit to... interesting results.

11 Not Every Fan Accepts Their Whole Story

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Even though Final Fantasy X is the core of the story, the franchise has several spin-offs and stories that came from the original game. Most fans enjoy the other games, even if they do have a bad habit of bringing Tidus back from the beyond over and over again.

The least loved, though, is by far the audio drama, Will. The drama actually follows two friends, Chaumi and Kurgam. They amble through the world of the original characters, awkwardly listening in on their conversations, butting in on their adventures, and being more of a bother than adding anything to the experience.

10 They Made Each Other Better People

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Between Yuna and Tidus, the game started with him being an arrogant sports star and her a level-headed, altruistic summoner. She's easily the better off of the two. Despite that, though, the pair do make each other better people. Once they get together, they equal out the worst parts of themselves to make even stronger heroes.

Yuna gives Tidus something to believe in, which hones his passion and confidence into a powerful fighter who will sacrifice himself to protect her mission while Tidus helps Yuna open up and see the world for what it really is.

9 Blitzball Hurt Their Relationship

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Once Sin was defeated, and once he was brought back, the only thing left for Tidus in Spira was Blitzball. Just like in Zanarkand, he became a sports star, the best player in the league.

Unfortunately, though, the sport hurt their relationship. Being away in the city all the time made Yuna feel neglected.  Tidus grew less patient in regards to Yuna's worrisome nature, now that it was turned towards him instead of the fate of the world.

Maybe they'd be better off if Blitzball disappeared with Zanarkand.

8 They Lived Together

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After Final Fantasy X, Tidus' spirit was sent back into the void. However, in Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna resurrected him and they were back together. Even though their relationship was riddled with heartbreak, after she lost him and got him back, they seemed to have a happily ever after.

In the epilogue of sorts, Yuna even talked about how they were now living together in Besaid. Tidus was working as a Blitzball superstar and she was still a priestess, teaching about summonings and fayth.

If anything, this is the "happily ever after" that fits these characters the best.

7 Sin Ruined Both Their Lives

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Sin was a mistake made by the old rulers, trying to meld science and spirits. What they ended up with was a monster that plagued their world for centuries.

Yuna and Tidus both lost their fathers to Sin. When they became adults, they had to face the creature themselves. Yuna almost sacrificed herself, and Tidus actually did. Their lives were filled with anger, pain, heartache, and more all because of this enemy that they didn't make. However, they boldly took it upon themselves to save Spira from its destruction.

6 They Weren't The Only Ones That Got Together

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While Yuna and Tidus were center stage throughout Final Fantasy X, their romance wasn't the only one to blossom during the video game. Lulu and Wakka found love on their journey, too.

Once, Lulu was Wakka's brother's girlfriend, a family friend but nothing more. After losing Chappu, the pair comforted and supported each other, as well as Yuna. Over time, leaning on each other and acting as family turned into something more for Wakka and Lulu.

5 Yuna Gave Tidus Something To Believe In

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In Zanarkand, Tidus was a Blitzball hero. He drowned himself in the sport, trying his best to be the best player ever. However, he still was full of scars from his father leaving and the loneliness that made him feel. After all, he only played Blitzball to prove his long-gone dad wrong.

Only when he met Yuna did he find a purpose bigger than himself. He finally believed in someone else, and it was her. His father disappointed him, but Yuna always inspired him. Even if he ended up fading away, being able to love her changed him for the better and made him a real hero.

4 They Saved Each Other's Lives

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The only real reason that Yuna didn't end up sacrificing herself just like her father before her was Tidus. Once he learned she'd have to lose her life for the ceremony, he was determined to find another way to defeat Sin. With his support and encouragement, no summoner had to give their life to stop the creature this time. He saved her.

But that did mean he faded away.

Yuna didn't give up, though. She spent the next two years trying to find a way to bring him back to her. Eventually, she did. She loved him too much not to return the favor.

3 Tidus Saved Her From Seymour's Machinations

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If it wasn't for Tidus, Yuna probably would have married Seymour. How gross would that have been?

Spira, after years of Sin destruction, had become passive and ritualistic. Everyone accepted that summoners were martyrs sacrificed to protect the good of everyone else. Though they loved and protected Yuna, her other companions understood she might have to marry Seymour to protect people. Tidus, however, spat on that idea and saved Yuna from a loveless marriage.

2 Even In The Audio Book, They End Up Together (In A Way)

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The audio novel, Will, was a controversial piece of "canon" for fans (even though Final Fantasy rarely follows its own canon all the time). They struggled to picture a world where Tidus and Yuna arbitrarily break up for seemingly dumb reasons.

Even though the couple broke up, the story does end on a positive note. Tidus split off from Yuna, but learning Sin is coming back, he determines to find her and help in her quest to defeat him. After all, he told her he'd be with her forever.

Even if their split was stupid, at least they will stay together, romantically or not.

1 They Don't Know If Tidus Is Real

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From Final Fantasy X onward, the game is very vague about Tidus' living status. Between multiple summoning situations and a couple disappearances, it's nigh impossible to really know if Tidus is really real or not. There are different endings that point towards yes and no.

Ultimately, up to where the different stories have left off, no one seems to know for certain if Tidus is real or just an unsent dream.

It also seems that no one cares, just as long as Tidus sticks around.


Were there any more crazy facts about Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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