20 Fire Emblem Weapons That Break The Game (And Where To Find Them)

Fire Emblem Three Houses is now available on the Nintendo Switch and it has quickly become one of the system’s most popular games, one that many view as a masterpiece of the franchise and one of the best games available on the Switch. Fire Emblem Three Houses features the traditional tactics RPG gameplay with a few adjustments, taking place in a school setting where you help train students in just about any way you see fit.

While the combat is fantastic, there are plenty of weapons that will make even hard mode runs much easier. Here we will cover some of the game’s most overpowered weapons. Also, as a bonus we will feature some of the most overpowered weapons used throughout the Fire Emblem series’ long history.

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20 Cursed Ashiya Sword

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The Cursed Ashiya Sword may deal 5 HP of damage to the wielder after combat, but it has an insanely high critical hit ratio to make up for it. Characters with good skill stats could easily see themselves have around 70% critical hit percentage, which is absolutely insane. This sword can be found in a treasure chest in chapter 13, unless it is the Crimson Flower route.

19 Thunderbrand

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Hero’s Relics are special types of weapons you will encounter throughout Fire Emblem Three Houses. These weapons are extremely powerful, often with an added ability or effect. The first one you encounter is Catherine’s Thunderbrand, a very powerful sword on its own, but it also has attributes of brave weaponry, meaning she will be attacking 4 times each time she uses it. As Thunderbrand is Catherine’s sword, you will receive it once you recruit her.

18 Friekugel

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Friekugel is a very powerful relic that takes the form of an axe. This A ranked relic boasts plenty of strength with a decent critical stat as well, but this weapon truly shines when it is used by Hilda of the Golden Deer House. Thanks to her crest, the Crest of Goneril, Hilda can activate this relic’s ability which can prevent counterattacks whenever she uses it. Many of the relics/sacred weapons will benefit greatly with certain characters depending on what crests they have.

17 Lance Of Ruin

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The Lance of Ruin is another relic that you encounter early when it is used by Miklan. With the Crest of Gautier, Sylvain’s combat arts will be much stronger when using the Lance of Ruin. This relic can be obtained in the paralogue battle “The Forgotten,” however you can get it much earlier. After chapter 5, if Sylvain is on your roster, you have the option of disobeying Rhea. Sylvain steps in and said he received permission to take ownership of the relic. Keep in mind this does piss Rhea off and she is very scary when angered.

16 Crusher

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The Crusher is a Hero’s Relic that deals magic based damage. While this could be useful for some axe users who don’t normally specialize in magic, it is particularly useful for Annette, who does have some skill with an axe. Equipping her with the Crusher will make her formidable at close range. This weapon is obtained after the paralogue battle, “The Weathervanes of Fodlan.”

15 Aymr

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Aymr is Edelgard’s Hero’s Relic. Aymr has a whopping 24 Might stat and is one of the most powerful axes around. When Edelgard is using it, she can use the unique combat art Raging Storm. This axe is automatically obtained in the Black Eagles route once you hit part two. It will be in possession of Edelgard.

14 Areadbhar

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While it’s still a mystery how to actually pronounce this weapon's name, this is the Hero’s Relic used by Dimitri. It has a bit of critical stat and is relatively light, making it easier for Dimitri to attack multiple times. Once you reach part two of the Blue Lions campaign, Dimitri will have this lance in his possession. Additionally, Dimitri will be able to use the unique combat art Atrocity. With this lance, Dimitri can ravage a battlefield like a wild animal.

13 Failnaught

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Failnaught is the Hero’s Relic bow that is used by none other than Claude. It’s a strong bow that has a high critical hit rate. It also has a range of 2-3, which is longer than the common bow. Combine that with Claude’s accessibility to move around the map, he can cover a very wide area for just one unit. Claude can also use Fallen Star when using Failnaught. Like the other house leaders, you receive this at the beginning of part two, in Claude’s possession.

12 Sublime Creator Sword

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The Sublime Creator Sword is Byleth’s (or however you named your character's) Hero’s Relic Weapon. It is the Sword of The Creator but upgraded. While the explanation of how the weapon got upgraded would involve spoilers, it will be powered up in chapter 10. The Sword of The Creator itself you’ll get in chapter 4. This sword transforms into a whip, allowing Byleth to look like Ivy from the Soul Calibur series. This gives added range and can be used to attack from a distance.

11 Axe of Ukonvasara

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The Axe of Ukonvasara can be found in a treasure chest in chapter 13. This axe has a good might stat of 19, making it strong, but it also has a critical hit of 20, making it similar to a killer axe. Additionally, this axe has the added effect of healing the user at the start of each turn. This sacred weapon also reacts to anyone with the Crest of Gloucester, so if you can somehow build Lorenz’s axe proficiency for him to use it, the healing effect will be increased.

10 Luin

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Luin is a hero’s relic weapon that is similar to Dimitri’s Areadbhar. It is slightly weaker, with more accuracy, but with a weapon rank of E, anyone can wield it. However, with Ingrid’s crest, she can use the combat art Burning Quake when using this weapon. Ingrid is pretty strong as is so having this weapon would make her extremely dangerous. You can obtain this weapon by completing the paralogue battle “Rumored Nuptials.”

9 Meteor Magic

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It has been a few games, but super long distant magic returns in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Both Bolting and Meteor magic spells can hit enemies from afar. Meteor is especially powerful, strong enough to take out most enemies in just one shot. Meteor is only learned by two characters, Dorothea and Hanneman at rank A and A plus respectively. It can definitely be useful in a pinch if you need to take care of a unit with weaker resistance stat, worth the downside of having very limited uses.

8 Ragnell (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)

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Out of all of the weapons in Fire Emblem history, Ike’s signature weapon is the most overpowered one. Ike obtains Ragnell in chapter 27 in Path of Radiance and chapter 11, part 3 in Radiant Dawn. Once he starts using it, he literally becomes a one-man-army. Ragnell allows Ike to use Aether, which is a very powerful two strike move that will also heal Ike. Oh and the sword has a ranged attack that is also powerful.

7 Binding Blade (The Binding Blade)

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The Binding Blade is a legendary weapon that Roy uses in his Fire Emblem game as well as Super Smash Bros. Roy obtains this sword late into Fire Emblem The Binding Blade, but much like Ike and Ragnell, he becomes a one-man-army. This sword features a ranged attack, increased defense and resistance stats to Roy, and can be used as an item to heal. It’s so powerful that it makes the final boss battle a joke.

6 Falchion (Shadows of Valentia)

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While the Falchion is best known as a legendary weapon wielded by Marth, it has been used by other characters in Fire Emblem. One of them is Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Once Alm wields Falchion very late in the game, he can dominate a battlefield, but not in the same way as Ike or Roy. However, with Falchion, Alm can use an exclusive combat art known as Scendscale, an attack that has a range of up to 3 and a very high critical hit ratio. It is in many cases a guaranteed finisher.

5 Exalted Falchion (Awakening)

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At the end of chapter 24 in Awakening, Chrom’s Falchion is blessed and becomes the Exalted Falchion. This powered up version increases all of Chrom’s stats when he initiates combat. Chrom can also use Aether, although it isn’t as effective as Ike’s. Chrom can also use the sword as an item to heal 20 HP.

4 Gauntlet Weapons

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A new style of weapon is introduced, fisticuffs brawling pair of gauntlets that allow for hand-to-hand combat. These weapons basically have the same effect as the “Brave” weapons that you usually don’t get until later in the game, and they can pack a strong punch too. This will help power characters like Dedue and Raphael attack twice consecutively when they usually don’t have enough speed to do so. These common weapons can be easily obtained in the shop at the monastery.

3 Fortify Magic

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Much like what was explained earlier with recover magic, that need to be conservative doesn’t apply to Fortify in this game. Fortify is a healing move that heals every allied unit within a rather large area. In past Fire Emblem games, you had very limited uses of it in the entire game, but in Three Houses, since magic is recharged, you can use it a bit more freely. This would make certain healers like Flayn even more efficient, but it is an A rank white magic spell that few characters can learn.

2 Recover Magic

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Healing or White Magic is done a bit differently in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Instead having a limited number of usages from an equipped staff, white magic is linked to the individual character’s ability and how proficient they are in faith. There are limited uses per battle, but will be recharged once the battle has ended. Recover magic help makes late game chapters much easier as it pretty much fully restores a character’s health no matter how badly they are wounded. Most characters can learn Recover once they reach C rank in faith.

1 Raijinto (Fates)

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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is ridiculously easy, and Ryoma is one of the main reasons why. Raijinto is his signature weapon and it is in his possession when he becomes available. Much like the previous weapons mentioned, it basically makes Ryoma a one-man-army thanks to Ryoma’s speed, Raijinto added strength, a high critical hit ratio, and a ranged attack as well.

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