Firefighter Proposes To Girlfriend And Fellow Firefighter During Training Drill

On Monday, wedding bells went off after Lt. Kelby Ueltschi of the Barneveld Fire Department in Barneveld, New York, surprised his girlfriend and fellow firefighter and EMT Becca Pelletier during a training drill with a marriage proposal. The romantic gesture coincided with April Fools’ Day but Ueltschi was not kidding.

Barneveld is a hamlet located within the Town of Trenton in Oneida County, New York. The population was 284 at the 2010 census, when it was an incorporated village.

“Our fire department is like a big family and we were excited that we could assist with the proposal,” department officials wrote in a Facebook post. “Congratulations and Best wishes to Becca and Lieutenant Kelby Ueltschi.”

Last night on 4/1/19 at our weekly training, we held a special drill to help one of our members out. While participating in mask confidence training their was a special surprise for Firefighter/EMT Becca Pelletier. Our fire department is like a big family and we were excited that we could assist with the proposal. Congratulations and Best wishes to Becca and Lieutenant Kelby Ueltschi.

Posted by Barneveld Fire Department on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Official shared a video of the surprise proposal, which showed Pelletier completing the drill and then turning to see her coworkers holding a banner that read “Will you marry me?” Pelletier and Ueltschi hugged as their fellow firefighters cheered enthusiastically. The video has been viewed nearly 115,000 times, with social media users celebrating the couple’s engagement.

In photos, Ueltschi can be seen standing behind the makeshift banner, which was actually a firehose. The couple have reportedly been together for nine years. In the age of social media, video proposals have grown increasingly popular. In November, Maurice Goldstein asked Laura Stampler for her hand in marriage. After she said yes, he unleashed a pack of 16 dogs for her dog-loving bride-to-be.

And last May, Jessa Gillaspie and Becky McCabe both proposed at the Memphis Zoo’s Zoo Brew event. Neither knew that the other had planned to propose, which made the occasion doubly heartwarming.

More photos from last nights events.....

Posted by Barneveld Fire Department on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Firefighters have been in the news a lot lately. Just last week, the Salisbury Fire Department in Salisbury, North Carolina, announced that the wives of seven firefighters were all pregnant at the same time. Two babies had been born since last fall, which brings the total number of babies expected to be born within the year to nine.

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The news wasn’t completely unexpected since the firefighters had repeatedly attended the weddings of their fellow firefighters in the last year. The news made the rounds after former Salisbury firefighter Brianna Mitschele, who’s now a professional photographer, posted pics of the pregnant women. She spent a couple of weeks fielding calls from news outlets like Good Morning America, which marveled at the baby boom. Perhaps, Ueltschi and Pelletier will soon join the list of expecting couples.

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