Firefighters In Beverly Hills Save Kitten From Prius Engine Compartment

Firefighters In Beverly Hills Save Kitten From Prius Engine Compartment

City firefighters in Beverly Hills bravely saved a tiny kitten from a dastardly Prius’ engine compartment.

When you’re a cat, there’s no place that’s off limits. Even if your owner has a spray bottle, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not supposed to be on the kitchen table--it just means you’ll get a little wet whenever you go up there.

For kittens, there are even fewer spaces they can’t get into. Kittens are like cats, only they haven’t developed bones yet so they can squeeze into and out of places that would make an octopus start to sweat.

So it comes as little surprise for us to hear that a tiny kitten managed to wedge itself into the engine compartment of a Toyota Prius, a car so chock full of technology that a mechanic can barely get their pinky finger between the exhaust manifold and the wiper fluid reservoir. We assume that the kitten merely adopted its liquid form to squirm its way up to a nice, warm, and best of all, secluded space.


However, that seclusion came at a price. This Prius was a daily commuter, and on top of that, it was slated to make the long trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles the very next day. That’s a 5-hour drive that can be hard enough on a human passenger--a kitten in the engine compartment is not going to have a good day.

Luckily, this Prius owner noticed their car meowing, which is not a normal sound for a hybrid car to make. Whirring, sure, rumbling on occasion, and even the rare squeal, but never a meow.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple matter of popping open the hood and extracting your new kitten. As we mentioned earlier, kittens have no bones and can turn into liquid at will. Extracting the little furball would require professionals experienced in the ways of water.

Enter the Beverly Hills Fire Department. After arriving at the scene they correctly surmised that they’d be unable to perform a field extraction and instead got the car towed to a local garage. Once there, they were able to lift up the Prius and enter it from below the engine compartment, which turned out to be a little easier to get at the kitten.

Fortunately for the fireman, this kitten seems to want to have been taken away from the scary Prius since it decided to retain its solid form and allow the fireman’s gloves to grasp it firmly around the waist. You can see the look of clear triumph on the BHFD man’s face as he holds--perhaps for the first time--a kitten in his hands.

We have no word on what ultimately befell the little kitten, but we’d like to think they were immediately adopted by at least one person in these photos. It’d be hard not to, with a face like that.



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