First Date Red Flags: 20 Signs It’s Not Going To End Well

Couples in serious relationships talk about their first date with picture perfect clarity. Even if they were friends before becoming something more and didn't have a traditional beginning, they can at least remember their early days with a smile.

We want love, and we want to go on that lucky first date that leads to a legitimate relationship. We want to talk over bacon, eggs, and waffles (and coffee) on a weekend morning. We want to come home from work and hang out with our favorite person. And we want to find our soulmate.

If first dates weren't the way to get to all of those things, we would totally skip this step. But first dates are pretty key here... and so is looking for red flags.

Here are 20 signs that it's not going to end well.

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20 He Looks Disappointed When He Sees Us

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Sometimes, we'll walk over to a guy sitting at a table at the restaurant and he'll look disappointed. This happens often with online dates since maybe he's paying too close attention to our photos, or he's even mixing us up with someone else.

Needless to say, this is kind of a drag, and the date is definitely not going to end well.

19 He Says He Can Only Stay For A Little While

The date isn't going to end well when he says that he can only stay for a little while.

Whether he makes actual plans and is meeting friends in an hour or he's just saying that he has to go soon because he isn't having fun, it's not what anyone would want to hear. He's clearly not the one for us.

18 He Orders Only Water (Or Orders For Us)

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When he only orders water on a first date, he's either just not a fun person at all or he's not having any fun. When most people go on a date, whether it's for lunch or dinner, they order a much better beverage than plain old water.

The date also isn't going to end well if he orders for us. This is so rude and proves that he doesn't even care what our thoughts and opinions are.

17 He Keeps Asking Us To Repeat What We Just Said

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Is there anything ruder than when someone isn't listening to us? Probably not... especially not on a first date.

If he keeps asking us to literally say the same thing that we just said, he's not having the best time on the date. And he's not putting enough effort in to actually hear what we're saying. It's not going to be a happily ever after situation.

16 We Run Out Of Conversation After Five Minutes

Sometimes we get five minutes into a first date and have nothing to say, particularly if we're online dating. When we're basically going on a first date with a stranger, it's very common to run into conversational dead-ends.

We can guess that things won't end well since if we can't even talk to someone much on a first date, how could we start a relationship with them?!

15 We Don't Get Each Other's Jokes Or Sense Of Humor

We're cracking amazing, smart jokes on a first date, or telling a great story. What does our date do? Laugh hysterically? Tell us that we're the funniest person on the planet? Say that he has to see us again?

He doesn't do any of these things. Instead, he stares at us with a confused expression on his face or even says that he doesn't find us funny.

14 We Feel Totally And Completely Bored

A guy can seem so amazing and yet when we go out with him, we realize that we've never been this bored before. When this happens, we have to be honest about the fact that we don't want to go on a second date with him (and be honest with ourselves, too).

The date won't end well if we find his company to be anything but interesting and exciting.

13 We Can't Find Any Common Ground

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Some people want to date someone who is pretty much a total carbon copy of themselves. Others like the whole opposites attract theory.

No matter where we fall here, we can admit that if we go on a first date and we have no common ground with the person, we're not going to see them again. There's just nothing that we can bond over.

12 He's Pretty Judgmental About Us

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We would never judge someone on a first date even if we didn't like something that they said or did. That would be rude, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes this is how people behave, and our date might make a strange comment that makes us realize that he's not a fan of our personality or something else about us.

11 We Keep Thinking About Better Dates We've Been On

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Sometimes a date seems alright but we're not swooning or feeling the romance. In this case, if we find ourselves thinking back to better dates that we've been on, that's telling us that this date isn't going to end well.

If it was great, then we wouldn't be able to stop thinking about how well everything is going and how much we like him.

10 We Can't Stop Wishing We Were At Home (Or Literally Anywhere Else)

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It's definitely true that many of us love a good Netflix binge and we all have busy weeks. But even if we're tired or working a lot right now, we're still going to enjoy ourselves on a first date with a wonderful guy.

When we think that it would be nice to be at home right now, it's not a good first date.

9 He Doesn't Have Much Of A Work Ethic

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The first date also probably won't end well if he doesn't seem to have much of a work ethic. Sure, not everyone is industrious enough to start their own business or get really far ahead of their industry, but most people take pride in what they do.

We care about our jobs, and we want to date someone who feels the same way.

8 He Keeps Asking If We've Having A Good Time

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If we're having a good time on a date, a guy can definitely tell, just like we can most likely figure out if he likes us. It's awkward and weird if he keeps asking us if we're having fun.

And honestly, if he has to ask, then we probably have a frown or look on our face that proves that we're not the best match for each other.

7 We Get A Bad Or Awkward Vibe

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Sometimes, a date is so awkward that we can't even stand it, or we're getting such a bad, weird vibe that we're not very comfortable.

We don't have to defend this feeling to anyone. It's clear that if we feel this way, something's not right, and the date will not end on a positive note.

6 He Compares Us To Other Girls

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It's not only awkward to be compared to another girl on a first date, especially if it's his ex-girlfriend or someone he went on a recent date with, it seems really rude.

When he's not focused on us and is talking about other girls, we're not going to want to see him again.

5 He's Stubborn And Will Only Meet At A Certain Time (Like For Brunch)

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Chances are, we don't look at our boyfriend and think, "Wow, he's so stubborn, and this totally happened out of the blue." There are definitely signs very early on.

If he'll only meet us at a certain time of day, like for brunch, for example, we can tell that he's stubborn. And we can also tell that the date isn't going to end well.

4 He Doesn't Answer The Questions We Ask Him

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He stares off into the distance and ignores us when we ask him questions, or he gives one-word answers like "yes" and "no." However he's acting, he's not answering what we ask him, and we're trying to get to know him but not getting anywhere.

We're not going to get a second date here, and honestly, we're not that upset about it.

3 He Keeps An Eye On His Phone The Whole Time

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It's crazy to think that some people actually look at their phones on a first date. It seems like such a bad thing to do, especially since we're supposed to talk to each other and we don't even know each other yet.

We're right to say that it's rude when he is more interested in whatever's happening on his phone.

2 He Says 'Nice Meeting You'

If we tell a guy "nice meeting you" that definitely means that we didn't have a good first date. So if he says this to us, then we know that he didn't feel much of a bond with us and that he doesn't want to see us again.

Even if we think that he might like us and the date went alright, this line is bad news.

1 He Leaves In A Rush And Seems Stressed Out

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When he leaves in a rush and seems kind of stressed, we can be sure that the date didn't end well. He would have spent more time with us if he liked us, and he would have also told us that he liked us or that it was a great time.

Instead, we get, quite literally, nothing.

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