At First They Didn't Succeed, But They Really Shouldn't Try Again (20 Photos)

There are so many quotes about life being hard. “Life’s hard, get a helmet,” “What do you do when life hands you lemons? You make lemonade.” There’s a bunch out there. And while these quotes are comforting for some people (along with the thousands we find on Pinterest), people still take life by the horns and try until failure, which is admirable. It’s not everyday someone falls flat on their butt and wants to hop up and try it again. It’s the same thing after a heartbreak. No one wants to date another person after a breakup, in fear of heartbreak and disappointment, but most people do. It’s what makes people (and animals) so...real. It’s what makes us raw. We’re fearless, I tell ya, FEARLESS. And these next 18 people did just that; they tried.

They tried really hard.

Whether it’s a puppy who tried to make it through a fence and got stuck or a man attempting to pick up a woman on Tinder — these people flopped hard, but their intention was in the right place. The important thing is that they’ve learned from their experience and whether they attempt to do said thing again is up to them. But at least they tried.

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20 Nice Try, Buddy

Can we all please assume this little pup’s name is George. He just looks like a little pup named George who continues to get into situations he shouldn’t be in. Trying to trespass through a fence (while still leashed, mind you) is one of those things.

Look at those chunky little legs! While stuck in between that fence he can barely even touch the grass! I bet this was an exciting moment for him at first, but after he figured out he was never gonna make it through that garden jail cell, he gave up. His effort was caput. What a little dare devil.

I feel like he could have made it if his backside wasn’t so perfectly fluffy and gorgeous. However, I’m glad he didn’t because who knows what could have happened to him if he made his way through that fence. In fact, I would remember this moment—as George’s owner—and try to bulk him up a little more so he physically can’t fit through fences. Without a little weight in his rear-end, this little pup is gonna be hard to find. So as much as little George wanted to trespass and see the world, that day wasn’t his day. But at least he tried.

19 I Hope This Helps

There are two types of friends in the world: those who know exactly what to say to their friends in a crisis, and those who have nothing to say at all. It’s really something that you don’t find out until you’re super close with a person. Mainly because no one knows how to handle a crisis until it actually happens.

Personally, I feel like I’m the friend who gives out AMAZING advice, but do I take my own? No! I don’t trust myself. My hormones get wild and I never truly know if I can take what I’m thinking seriously or not. It’s a catch-22. But when it comes to my friends (or anyone, really), I’m a great listener. Part of being a good friend in a crisis is just listening to them vent. You don’t need to say much because your friend usually talks themselves in circles until they solve their own problem anyway. But as a friend, it’s important to give them feedback on what they just said and what you just heard.

But hey, some people aren’t as comforting as me. Others panic in these moments and literally just put a hypothetical Band-Aid on the situation, give a little pat on the back, and go on with your night. After all, some people don’t want to get involved with another person’s drama. But hey, at least they tried.

18 Solid Idea

I’m not a parent yet (at least not to human beings. I’m the sister-in-law to a Jack Russell Terrier and the sister to a Siberian Husky; and yes, animals are super similar to children), but I can imagine throwing parties for children is kind of easy. Sure, I bet there’s as much work that goes into parties that parents want to put in. There’s usually a ton of snacks, sweets, pizza, and fun activities to keep kids enthralled. But it’s also a time where parents are thrilled to get rid of their kid every once a while.

They can drop their kids off at the party, let them eat sugar and go crazy on someone else’s dime, and then when it’s time for pick-up, their kid is gonna be so tired from fun — they can barely see.

That’s a win-win for parents everywhere.

But when it comes to planning parties for adults? That takes way more effort. There has to be food for everyone that they’re actually gonna eat. (So many adults have food preferences once they reach a certain age.) There has to be a ton of booze. And it has to be engaging enough where people actually have fun, instead of whispering on a couch in a crowded room. So yeah, this dude tried his best. Adult parties are never the easiest.

17 What In Tarnation...

Take a look at this image. LOOK AT IT. Besides the fact that this woman doused herself in yellow mustard to get rid of the sting of jalapeños, she STILL has her ENGAGEMENT ring on! UM EXCUSE ME, if there’s one thing that doesn’t really go together — it’s sticky condiments and diamonds. I mean, I know the diamond won’t be affected by the the delicious condiment, but just seeing a diamond covered in high-fructose-syrup rubs me the wrong way.

Now, I never knew that there was a thing known as “jalapeno skin burns.” I think we all know jalapeños are hot AF, and that we should always wash our hands after contacting them, but I never knew that this condition could burn “for hours.” Plus, who knew that dousing your burn in mustard could help? Certainly not I. But at least she tried, right? I mean, not only did she get burned (literally), but she wasted all that perfectly good mustard on something that didn’t even work.

I’m guessing she’s gonna stay away from handling jalapeños for a while. Or maybe she’ll at least wear gloves when handling those spicy little devils. Either way, it’s not a good look.

16 The Prank That Turned Out For The Better

I know playing with our pets is fun for both the animal and us, but sometimes, humans take their pranks a little too far. While bigger animals can take being pushed around a bit—and tend to fight back—little kitties can only do so much. All they have are their tiny kitty claws that they don’t even know how to retract. And don’t get me started on their soft and adorable teeth that have barely grown in.

The only thing we should be pranking kitties with is with yarn and feathers. (Why do cats LOVE playing with feathers so much?)

Sticking a kitten in a sock to mess with them doesn’t seem very nice… but fortunately for this kitty, she ended up liking the sock! I think she enjoyed being in a kitten burrito. It’s warm, a little snug, and she gets to do nothing but be warm and stare at her owner’s face. It’s a win-win.

The only issue is, this kitty better not get used to this. Although this owner tried to mess with their kitty and lost, this kitty won’t be able to fit in many socks for long. Kittens grow into cats, who grow to be too large for socks — but perfect for shoe boxes.

15 Get In Line, Alex

Sorry, Alex! You just got schooled hard. This person is WAY too intelligent for you, but thanks for playing; thanks for trying.

I’m not going to lie, after I read Alex’s introduction to getting this person’s number, I kind of wanted to give him a medal. That was a very clever way to ask for someone’s number without straight up being like, “Yo, can I have your digits?” (Okay, I’m sorry, it’s been a long time since I was single and I have NO idea how flirting even works anymore. Please forgive me.) Personally, if someone used this on me, I would be so taken aback by the originality, I’d probably give them my number because I was impressed by their witt. However, I am not this person. And this person was not digging what Alex was dishing out.

To be honest, though. As witty as Alex is, this person who responded with this tax number is even more witty. They’re not playing around. They’re also not into Alex. So instead of ignoring them or saying “no,” they played along and gave Alex a small dose of medicine.

It’s okay, Alex. At least you tried. Maybe this line will work on the next 100 girls you use it on.

14 Uhhh, Nailed What?

Unless you’re a baker by profession or truly love baking as a hobby (and do it often), I totally suggest buying a cake for birthday celebrations. In the baking world, cakes are a whole other ballgame. They’re not as small to fudge up, like we can with cupcakes. Cakes are typically large and tall. They’re filled with butter, sugar, milk, and different kinds of flavors. And however easy that sounds in writing, baking is a damn science.

The butter either has to be chilled, melted, or room temperature. The sugar and flour are either mixed with the whole egg or just the egg white. There are so many small things that make baking stressful AF. And because of the stress, this is why people should just hire a baker to make the cake for them. That way, the stress is eliminated and all you gotta do is take out your wallet and eat it.

Leave cake backing to the professionals, mmkay?

And besides… As good as this cake might be (I have no idea what flavor that frosting is. Vanilla? Mint?), it looks like its been ran over by a kid on a tricycle. Cakes are supposed to look appetizing — not like roadkill. But I mean, at least you tried…

13 Anything For A Dollar

The biblical period seems to have been a fascinating time. It was a time where everyone was practically on the same page, and anyone who wasn’t, well, they were exiled.

C-ya, later.

But if there was one person you wanted to be on the good side of, it was Jesus Christ or his stellar father. No one wants to be on the bad side of someone who appears to be all knowing and magical. That’s one dude you try your best to suck up to — especially in that period. So yeah, if you had to sell merchandise with Jesus’ face on it — by all means, sell away! Sure, that little seller is making a profit off of Jesus’ death, but at least he’s trying to be smart about it all. He’s showing his support for Jesus along with showing everyone his street smarts. He’s a walking business! We have him to thank for all the vendors we see on the streets of New York and the small shops on the boardwalk!

It’s because of this merchant that we have curbside hot dogs and people who literally draw you as a weird character in under 30 minutes. So, thank you street merchant!

12 This Went Terribly Wrong

I have no idea what these small artbook workshops are called, but I used to love them. I had a few drawing ones that I rented from my elementary school library, but I also bought those “paint by numbers” sets that were always fascinated to me.

It was essentially a graph with numbers all over the darn thing. In the fine print, the instructions will tell you to color sections one through 30 blue, section four brown, section 31-55 purple (you get where I’m going with this), and by the end of it all, our graph was supposed to look like a work of art. Our “paint by numbers” portrait was supposed to look JUST like the artwork on the box.

But it did it work?

For most kids who follow directions and paint inside the lines, yes. For me? No. I always got board and ended up mixing my colors so that my horse had rainbow hair instead of blonde. #Yolo.

However, this person ended up trying to sketch the horse above, and…. Well, you can see what happened. The horse’s neck started out good enough, but as soon as that pencil made it to the horse’s ears — it was game over. But at least they tried, right? RIGHT?

11 They Tried And Succeeded!

Ladie and gentlemen, please take a look at someone who tried their best and actually succeeded!

A little while back, New York subways began banning dogs on subways unless they fit into bags. So if anyone had a dog bigger than a fat Corgi was out of luck. Golden Retrievers? Nope. Labradors? Sorry. Huskies? Not allowed. Knowing this new “rule,” many New Yorkers were livid because HI! They need to get around with their four legged friend — no matter the size or breed!

After New Yorkers got pissed, they did what a typical New Yorker would do. They followed the rules, but passive aggressively. Pictures began swarming the Internet of humans taking their bigger dogs on subways while also being in bags. I’ve seen Pit Bulls in satchels. I’ve seen huskies in backpacks. And now—thanks to the Internet—I’ve seen this flawless dog in a DIY IKEA bag. There will be NO dog mess here. And the dog can even walk around until the owner get scolded at and has to lift the poor pup onto her shoulder.

So, to the people of New York. Keep on fighting back and being you. You’re a true inspiration for people who try their best and end up succeeding.

10 How Does This Happen?

I thought the whole point of buying cookie cutters was that when the dough grew, it would look like the shape of the cookie cutter? Why the heck are we wasting money on cookie cutters if our prized stallion turns into a horse who ate an hippo?


They are magicians, I tell you! Was this person supposed to leave the cookie cutter in the oven over the cookie? Or did this person just use way too much dough in their cookie cutter? I know it’s way too late to be asking these kinds of questions, but I feel like I deserve an explanation.

When we want to eat cookie shaped like horses (more on this later), we want them to actually look like horses.

Side note: why in the heck do we even have cookie cutouts for anything other than holiday cookies? I understand a bone cutout for a dog treat and a tree cutout for Christmas. But why are we making cookies that look like horses, pineapples, and coffee mugs? Why can’t we just eat the darn cookie regardless of the shape? I don’t need an answer (ever, really), but it’s something to think about.

9 This Effort Was Not Thought Through

When you own a car, lease a car, or rent a car, it’s always important to have more than one key. Two is usually the perfect amount. This way, if you lose your key, have to lend a key, or locked your key inside your car — you have a spare key somewhere.

Now, as a dealership that deals with renting cars on the regular, you would assume they know about this little benefit. You would assume that would understand someone’s need for a second key. However, instead of simply handing them two keys on separate keychains, they gave them the two keys that were attached to one another…

They tried their best to give the customer what they needed, but totally blanked on the reality of having two keys that are STUCK together.

If they’re so worried about someone losing or selling the spare key, why can’t they just let customers know “if you return without both keys, there’s a large fee you’re gonna have to pay.” Whenever someone is threatened with spending more money than they have to, they’re usually pretty careful. No one wants to be judged, scolded, and billed for something as dumb as a spare key to a rental car.

So thanks for trying Enterprise, but try harder next time.

8 Free Coffee! Wait...

The words “selling” and “free” aren’t typically in the same sentence. When someone is selling something, that’s because it costs a dollar amount. When something is free… it doesn’t cost the customer anything. Sooo, seeing a sign that says “selling free coffee” is a tad misleading. We then, of course, see that coffee is a dollar, so it’s not really free. It’s cheap—don’t get me wrong—but it’s not free.

I do think it’s sweet when libraries do their best to make those visiting feel welcome, though. Selling some baked goods and warm beverages is always such a sweet gesture when looking for or buying books. But, at the same time, I do have a bone to pick with the libraries I frequent.

They. Are. Always. Warm. AF.

The last thing I need in a library is a cup of steaming hot coffee. What I need is a fan, a tank top, and an iced water. I know people are trying to make libraries all cozy and homey — but it’s so stuffy in there, I can barely read the first chapter of a book without falling asleep. So, libraries, thanks for trying. But can you cool it with the heat for a little? I shouldn’t be sweating bullets while looking for a darn cookbook.

7 Sushi Is Not As Easy As It Looks

For anyone that enjoys sushi and has been to sushi bars, where they make the sushi right in front of you — you’ll notice that it doesn’t seem as hard as it does.

When you see sushi for the first time, your mind typically races with wonder. HOW did they get all that rice to stick together? HOW did they get the cream cheese and avocado to fit so perfectly in between the rice and seaweed wrap? These are questions worth asking, people!

Once you chill at a sushi bar though, you’ll notice that the sushi creators make it look so easy. They flat out the rice, they load it up with goods, then they roll and roll and roll and roll, until it becomes sushi! However, we’re not all sushi chefs. And since sushi is SO delicious (to some), companies began making “sushi at home kits.” They pretty much come with this tube and all you gotta do is load it up with what you want and push it through the tube to become a roll. It’s magic, really.

But again, is it as easy as it looks? No. Just look at this person’s plate… They thought they were nailing their sushi roll, when instead, it looks like they slaughtered a fish that ate way too much avocado.

RIP effort. You did your best.

6 The Only Thing He Nailed Is Choosing The Right Partner

Considering our world believes that all men should be masculine and handy, some men try to live up to these random standards (even if they have zero interest in building things or doing work around the house). To fulfil this strange need to fit in with other handy men, some men try to do small projects here and there to fill that void.

The only problem is, unless you actually like doing this kind of stuff, you’re gonna have no idea where to start.

You’re not gonna have any idea what tool is used for what, which screws to use, how to make something sturdy while also being safe… It’s a lot of work and is harder than it looks.

Knowing how much hard work is takes to create a small coffee table, this dude did his best to give his gal the coffee table she deserves. The only problem is… it’s completely made out of cardboard. It’s accessorized with stickers and held together by tape. Once ANYONE puts their feet on that table or anything heavier than a cup of coffee — goodbye coffee table. And say hello to a wicked mess that EVERYBODY saw coming. (Well, everybody but the dude who made this.)

5 Oh Dear

I know a lot of people think chivalry is dead and that it should be dead (most importantly, that feminists made it dead). But chivalry doesn’t JUST have to be on the man’s side. A man isn’t the only one who should be chivalrous. I think women can be just as catering and supporting to men as well. Let’s be equals, SHALL WE!?

When it comes to dating, I do think courting a person is important. Get to know the person a little more before just asking them out. I think it’s incredibly vapid to see someone who is attractive, go straight up to them, tell them they’re hot, and then ask for their number.


Whatever happened to asking someone for their name? Whatever happened to asking how someone was doing? Whatever happened to using a compliment that wasn’t used 100 times in one night? It’s really annoying. So for this person to straight up Snapchat a person and say “Date me,” is just annoying to me. They might see it as effort, but I see it as laziness. Anyone can send someone a snap saying “Date me.” It takes a real person to get to know someone well enough to want to date them. Come on, peeps. Do better.

4 Oh Baby, What Is You Doin'?

Oh. My. God. Where do I begin?

First of all, this Reddit post will only be comical to those who’ve actually seen Disney’s Hannah Montana. If you’ve never seen it, it’s okay — but you’re missing out. It was about a teenage girl who essentially lived two lives. During the day, she went to school like a normal teenager and was known as Miley Stewart. But when it came to the weekends — it was game time; she was known as Hannah Montana.

They only people that knew about her dual status was her family and best friends — but that was it. During the day she had her natural brown hair, but at night, she would put on this blonde wig (sometimes with different streaks of color) and she was transformed into a teen idol. (And yea… she literally looked EXACTLY the same, just with a different hair color).

While most people who grew up watching this show loved it, others were obsessed with it, and wanted to be Hannah Montana. I mean, just look at the sweet girl in the picture. She REALLY tried to be Hannah… She’s wearing a wig...tights… a denim skirt… and is holding a microphone.

However, if I saw her on the street for Halloween, I would have assumed she was literally ANYBODY else but Hannah…

Maybe Dolly Parton?


I’ve said this is multiple articles of mine, but I must make my feelings known. “To my own self, be true” as Shakespeare said.

I dislike bathroom humor more than any other brand of joke in the world. It’s gross, it’s dark, it’s unsanitary, it’s private… Those are just a few of the reasons I dislike that kind of humor so much. Like, WHY are we laughing at the fact that someone just went number two? Why is it funny to some people? There’s a reason there are SO many other words than the word written in the image (I literally cannot even bring myself to type out the word. I refuse). There’s a reason bathrooms have doors, toilet paper, fans, sprays, candles — literally EVERYTHING in the world to make going to the restroom a pleasurable and private experience.

So while this Pop-Tart shelf is just a major spelling error, it’s detrimental enough for me that would make me stay away from it altogether. No thanks. Nope. Nah.

I like Pop-Tarts as much as the next five-year-old, but after seeing this shelf, there’s no way in Hawaii that I would buy a box right there and then. The image of that shelf is scarring. I know the grocery store tried their best, but they should try harder.

2 She Tried And Was Not A Fan Of The Results

Most people workout with the same intentions. They want to feel good mentally and physically. Working out produces a lot of bodily chemicals and hormones to make us feel our best — so it makes sense why so many people enjoy working out.

This woman, however, had no idea what working out was going to do to her. She wanted to feel mean and lean (presumably), what she didn’t wanna feel was a large muscle in her calf that scared her from here to Japan. But don’t worry — the lump is gone now.

That new muscle of hers freaked her out so much that she gave up on fitness as a whole. Adios cardio machines and squat-presses — thanks for trying.

I know it seems silly that she gave up on her fitness endeavours due to a muscle (that was a direct result from her fitness endeavours), but at least she followed through with her workouts before she didn’t like the results. Most people start off working out every day, get burned out, start going less — and then stop going altogether. You literally cannot make this up — it happens every day. Whether someone wants to workout or not, at least put in the effort before quitting.

1 Ouch

When you’re so lonely that you’ve given up on happy hour and social media dates, and are now looking for love through Google Maps… That’s a new low. This person doesn’t even need me to explain that to them. They know how low of a feeling it is. After all, they scoured the world for someone who would love them and literally no one showed up.


Maybe next time they can actually put in a city, state, or country and then scour those streets until they find someone that will love them; someone they don’t have to pay for.

While this screenshot is rather depressing, at least they tried searching for love. Their effort is pretty lackluster, if you ask me, but they at least gave it all that they had from the comfort of their own bed (most likely).

I know there are a lot of folks out there who want love and rely on social media sites, but you can’t force that kind of thing. You can’t make someone love you, just like someone else can’t make you love them. These things should happen organically and always seem to happen when a person gives up (isn’t that always what happens?). So maybe in this case, this person should literally stop trying and maybe their luck will change?

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