21 Years Later & The First Pokémon Movie Is Still Making Kids Cry

Remember that scene where Ash dies at the end of the first Pokémon movie? Turns out its still an emotional watch for the current generation of kids too.

There are certain moments in kids' movies so emotional that even as adults we are left in a state of shock after viewing them. Mufasa being trampled to death in The Lion King, Bambi's mom being shot dead deep in the forest, and the emotional rollercoaster that is the first five minutes of Up.

It's not just Disney that left us emotionally scarred as children. In 1998, Pokémon capitalized on its franchise taking the world by storm by creating and releasing the first of what would be many Pokémon movies. The creatively named Pokémon: The First Movie. Towards the end of the film, its protagonist Ash Ketchum tried to stop Pokémon from trying to kill each other and was turned to stone in the process.

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Ash was then brought back from his frozen state by the tears of the Pokémon surrounding him. That made for a happy ending, but as kids, our own tears had already been shed. Turns out despite the advances in kids' TV and entertainment in general, that moment in movie history still holds up. Don't believe us? Check out the clip below for some concrete evidence.

Twitter user @MynorRodriguezz posted the clip of his nephew watching the scene a couple of weeks ago and it has gone viral since. It shows the scene that we know all too well as the uncle asks his nephew how he's doing. The little one then turns around to show his uncle and the camera that he's not doing too well at all, tearing up just as much as the Pokémon on-screen.

At the time of typing this, the clip has been viewed more than 2.6 million times. Mynor has used the clip's viral fame to raise a little money for his nephew and posted a second clip of him receiving Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff toys, LadBible. Needless to say, he looks a lot happier with his new toys than he did when Ash fell to the ground when he was turned to stone.

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