World's First Pusheen Cafe Opens In Singapore

World's First Pusheen Cafe Opens In Singapore

The world’s first Pusheen cafe has opened in Singapore.

If you’ve never heard of Pusheen, you’ve probably at least seen her. She’s a cartoon cat created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff back in 2010. She’s based on Belton’s real-life chubby tabby shorthair, with the name Pusheen coming from the Irish word puisin, which means “pussy cat.”

Originally Pusheen appeared in comics that were published on Everyday Cute, but Pusheen’s popularity grew to the point where she got her own website in 2011. Pusheen’s fame continued to grow with a set of official iPhone stickers in 2013, along with a published paper comic book entitled I am Pusheen The Cat.

Nowadays, Pusheen’s website mostly publishes fun gifs that get turned into all manner of animations used on social media, as well as a link to Pusheen’s official store. But you don’t need to go the official store to get Pusheen merch; Pusheen can be found in tons of places, including Hot Topic.

And now, Pusheen is making the jump from t-shirts to Instagrammable foodstuffs with her own pop-up cafe in Singapore.

Pusheen X Kumoya

Hello Singapurr! @Pusheen is visiting us here in Kumoya from 6 January – March 2019 for the world’s first Pusheen X Kumoya pop-up café! Feast on sweet treats and tasty dishes with your family and BFFs. See you soon! 💕🍭🍰🐱

Posted by Kumoya Singapore on Thursday, January 3, 2019

At the Jalan Klapa cafe Kumoya, a French-Japanese cafe that has housed multiple pop-ups from Donutella to My Little Pony, you’ll find a menu filled with Pusheen-themed items including Pusheen mains, Pusheen desserts, and Pusheen drinks.


Starting with Pusheen truffle aglio olio, this pasta dish comes with vegetable pasta, truffles, and bacon bits along with cat and fish-shaped carrots and tubers. Along with the pasta dish comes a rice dish with beetroot cream sauce and fried chicken (which must sound more appetizing to Singaporeans) and a shrimp burger with a charcoal bun made to look like Pusheen.

World's First Pusheen Cafe Opens In Singapore
via Kumoya

Each dish has been designed by Shirley Wong, a chef famous on Instagram for her delightful concoctions. Naturally, desserts are a big draw, and Pusheen gets her own Kumoya-style parfait, complete with Pusheen marshmallows and frozen yogurt.

And of course, official Pusheen merch will also be available for when you’re done shoving a chubby cat down your gullet.


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