Fisherman Miraculously Rescues Toddler From Ocean

A fisherman from New Zealand picked up a toddler from the ocean waters, thinking he was watching a doll float past him.

When he went to the beach to check the fishing lines he had placed, Gus Hutt noticed what seemed to bee a doll in the water, floating around. But when he went to pick up the doll, he noticed that it was actually a baby that was still alive!

According to Hutt, the baby looked exactly like a realistic porcelain doll, along with the wetted down hair. He only realized what had been happening when the boy let out a squeak when he was picked up.

It turned out that the boy, Malachi Reeve, escaped from his family’s camping tent while his parents were sleeping. The family had gone on a camping trip at Matata Beach, at the Murphy’s Holiday Camp, on the North Island to enjoy the spring. The rescue was incredibly miraculous because it wouldn’t have even happened had Hutt not decided to visit a different fishing spot than usual and had the sea not been so calm that day.

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The camp’s co-owner, Rebecca Salter said that she had been drinking her morning coffee with her husband when the event happened, so when she first saw the baby, she immediately went inside to grab a bunch of blankets and towels to keep the toddler dry and warm. It took them a while to figure out who the boy was, and who lost him, and then they woke up the parents. When they realized that their son had gone missing, and worst of all, he’d ended up straight into the ocean, they were horrified. They saw the boy’s footprints in the sand, leading from their tent, straight to the water. He ended up floating for about 15 meters (50 feet) before he was spotted by Hutt. And if anything happened even a second later, and the circumstances weren’t so lucky, the boy would have probably been lost.

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The boy’s parents said that they wanted to warn others to zip up their tents or use a padlock when they go out camping with toddlers, to avoid getting into similar situations. And finally, in the end, after getting a hospital check-up, the boy turned out to be fine.

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