Fitness Trackers For Animals Are Helping Chubby Pets Get Healthy

Czech entrepreneur, Robert Hasek, has developed one of the world's first pet fitness trackers thanks to his dog's laziness.

Hasek came up with this genius idea when he realized that his three-mile run with his bull terrier, Darwin, was rapidly turning into an ordeal for the animal. He was astonished as he had always considered his dog to be active and healthy. The businessman decided to strap a Fitbit to the animal to monitor his activity level. Hasek realized that his dog was only active when his human was around; otherwise, the bull terrier just slept and did absolutely nothing all day long.

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Hasek first turned to Kickstarter for funding before reaching out to private investors. Two years later, production and sales of the Actijoy fitness trackers began, with a price tag of $300. It includes a GPS tracking device, an activity tracker, and an internet-connected bowl that monitors food and water consumption.

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While Hasek's Actijoy is one of the first trackers, it is not the only one out there. It will have to compete with Wagz which can record and stream HD video from the collar. The Wagz collar is a whopping $495 apiece. The market is also replete with other gadgets for pets, like GPS trackers, automatic feeders, ball throwing machines for dogs to fetch, and self-cleaning litter boxes for cats.

While all these gadgets might seem too costly to some, Harrison Forbes, a dog trainer, and pet product expert believes that the price won't be a problem for Millenials, who are more than willing to splurge on their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans will spend $72.1 billion this year on pet products and care. Worldwide spending in 2017 was $109 billion dollars, according to Euromonitor International.

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Jana Rosenfelderova of Actijoy, explains that the collars are not meant only for overweight pets, but also for active pets to avoid health problems in the first place. For instance, monitoring water consumption can reveal if a pet is drinking unusually large amounts. Which may be a sign of kidney problems or diabetes.

Well, we are all for our pets being and staying healthy. Prevention is indeed better than cure! Woof woof!

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