Flat Earthers Will Venture To Antarctica To Find The "Edge Of The World"

A group of enthusiastic flat Earthers are planning a trip to Antarctica to finally find the “edge of the world,” as they believe that the world is not spherical. The expedition will either be liberating or disappointing, depending on what the voyagers expect. They may anticipate seeing some cute penguins, but probably not the world’s edge.

For the uninitiated, there are people who genuinely believe in the flat Earth conspiracy theory. Their belief stems from the perception they have of our Earth: we seem to be living on a planet’s surface that looks and feels flat. They reject the evidence that the Earth is spherical, especially because of their distrust in the government and the information outer space organizations like NASA provide. The leading theory suggests that the Earth is a disk, the Arctic Circle is at the centre, and Antarctica is a wall of ice around the rim.

In order to prove this theory correct, a group of flat Earthers plan to find the ice wall. These members of the Flat Earth Society are determined to show once and for all that the Earth is not spherical. This event, however, is separate from the annual Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) that is planning a similar cruise in 2020. FEIC founder, Robbie Davidson, did clarify that theirs will just be a cruise and not an expedition to find the ice shore.

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Our fascination for the flat Earth theory has bled into different forms of media, and the conspiracy doesn’t only exist on internet forums anymore. From YouTube videos from popular influencers to Netflix documentaries, the flat Earth conspiracy has captured all our attention. For some, they genuinely want to find out more about the theory because it may coincide with their beliefs. For the rest of us, we are truly fascinated to know how others can strongly believe in this theory and reject verified scientific evidence.

No matter what they find on the cruise, the members of the Flat Earth Society will surely be going on a memorable trip. The expedition has a specific purpose, but they will see and learn more about the world as they cruise through icy waters. Who knows, perhaps they will come back with evidence of an ice shore that marks the edge of our world.

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