This Flight Attendant Nursed A Stranger's Baby On A Flight

Patrisha Organo is a 24-year-old flight attendant that works for Philippine Airlines who went above and beyond in her attempts to help out a new mom that had just run out of all the formula she had for her infant during a flight.

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Organo is a first-time mom, and when she heard a baby crying during the flight, being a mom herself, immediately felt that she had to do everything in her power to help out the infant. After she first heard the baby’s cries, she decided to talk to the mother of the child, to see if everything was in order or if she needed anything. Organo also told the mother that the baby was probably hungry and it needs to be fed, to stop the crying.

Unfortunately, in tears, the mother of the baby said that she had run out of formula milk, and didn’t have any other food that would help her child’s cries of hunger. However, the airline didn’t have any formula milk on the plane either, so Organo, in order to calm the baby and make sure everyone had a nice flight, did the next best thing she could think of: offering her own milk.

The mother agreed, so the supervisor of the flight, named Sheryl Villaflor, took the baby, the mother, and Organo herself to a more private part of the plane, for the baby to be nursed, and the mother to be near her child while it was being fed. Organo fed the baby until it fell asleep, and then escorted the mother with her child back to their seat. The mother was incredibly grateful for the touching act that Organo did when she saw her baby finally calming down.

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But before anyone else attempts to help any other babies by nursing them as a stranger, they should know that according to the FDA, this is not recommended, because there are certain risks that come with using the breast milk from another mother. And they include potential exposure of the baby to infectious diseases, especially if the other person isn’t properly screened and evaluated. But, we thank this woman for her courageous actions in helping the baby find some relief. 

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