Florida Cops Gift Elderly Man A New Bicycle After His Was Stolen

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Two generous police officers from Cape Coral, Florida, gifted a local elderly resident with a new bike last Sunday after his own was stolen.

Field training officer Ken Cody and officer trainee Guang Song reportedly bought the bike for the man, who has been identified only as Robert, because his stolen bike was his only mode of transportation.

After Robert's bike was reported stolen from outside a local supermarket, the two officers were tasked with tracking down the thief. When they learned that the missing bicycle was Robert's only means of getting around town, they decided to go above and beyond their call of duty and purchase him a new one while they continued their search.

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In a body camera video published online by Fox News, the officers can be seen going to Robert's house and personally delivering the brand new bicycle to him. They show a visibly thankful Robert the bike's different features, including a wire basket to hold his groceries, and explain how to adjust the seat so he'll be able to use it. The two officers clearly go out of their way to make sure that Robert will be able to use his new bike for transportation, as well as running errands.

Officers Delivering Bicycle

Field Training Officer Ken Cody and Officer Trainee Guang Song took a report of a stolen bicycle from the Winn Dixie in south Cape Coral. The victim was a male in his 80s and the bicycle was his only mode of transportation. After taking the report, both officers couldn’t just allow the victim to be without any way to get around so they went to Walmart and bought him a new bicycle. They delivered it to his home and made sure the seat was adjusted before leaving. A citizen took the time to share the incident on Facebook. Here is the video of the officers delivering the bicycle. The investigation is ongoing into finding the suspect that took the bicycle.

Posted by Cape Coral Police Department on Monday, February 18, 2019

The officers can also be seen giving Robert a new bike lock to make sure that it doesn't get stolen. Hopefully, the new addition will help ensure Robert never loses his transportation again.

Although Robert received a replacement bike, the officers have still promised to find the person who stole the original. As of right now, the bike thief has still not been found.

The touching video was first uploaded to the Cape Coral Police Department's (CCPD) Facebook page on February 18. Since being posted, the video has currently been shared 276 times and "liked" over 500 times. The comments are almost entirely unanimous in their praise for the officers and their kind, thoughtful actions.

Obviously, this gesture was much appreciated by the community, and by Robert himself. It's good to see members of the police force concerned not just about stopping crime but also caring for their community and its vulnerable members. Seeing this kind of outreach reminds us how important community is, not just for stopping crime, but for building connections that can support those who may not be able to support themselves.

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