The Florida Man Challenge Turns Your Birthday Into An Unbelievable Headline


Apparently, "Florida man" (or woman) is busy all year round!  The latest social media challenge encourages people to look up what “Florida Man” was up to on their birthday.

“Florida Man” has become equivalent to a unique brand of foolishness emerging from the Sunshine State’s thread of daily news stories about people doing unspeakably silly things, usually involving guns, drugs, booze, or reptiles. Yes, Florida happens to be the setting for a lot of unbelievably outrageous news stories, with the words “Florida man” occurring together often in bizarre headlines.

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The challenge asks people to input their birthday (without the year) and the words “Florida Man” in a search engine to find out what “Florida Man” headline comes up. Then, like everything else these days, they must post the answer on social media. The challenge has become a social media sensation which isn’t surprising since the idea of “Florida Man” washed over the nation with the @_FloridaMan Twitter account. News of this challenge spread on Twitter like wildfire:

Student and Twitter user @g_pratimaaa added another tweet explaining that she got the idea from a Tumblr post.

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Indeed, "Florida man" does seem to keep himself very busy as the following headlines indicate:

    • Florida Man Puts Dragon Lizard in His Mouth, Smacks People with It
    • Florida Man Believes Wrestling Event Is Haunted by the Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage
    • Florida Man Tries to Sell 3 Iguanas Taped to His Bike to Passersby as Dinner
    • Florida Man on Bath Salts Head-Butts Car, Slaps Fire Chief
    • Drunk, High Florida Men Post Video to Facebook of Themselves Driving Around at 3 AM with Wounded, Possibly Endangered Owl
    • Florida Man Interested in Getting Tased Runs Through Airport in Underwear Waiving Nunchucks
    • Florida Man Dances on Top of Police Cruiser to Ward Off Vampires
    • Florida Man Steals Operating Table from Hospital
    • Florida Man Flees Library on Scooter After Smelling Woman's Feet
    • Florida Man on the Lam Butt Dials 911, Is Arrested

    Here at the Things, we could not resist this challenge. Apparently, on my birthday, May 20, Florida man with 20 tattoos got himself arrested wearing hot pink bra. Police said this particular Florida man smelled of alcohol, had a restricted license and was driving a car with plates registered to a different car and his license was restricted, The Smoking Gun reported.

    According to the police report, the deputy who found him also spoke to the man’s girlfriend, and when the deputy asked why he would be driving outside his restrictions, the girlfriend replied, “Cause he’s a dumbass!”

    And on that note, we leave you to find out what Florida man (or woman) was doing on your birthday. Happy Googling!

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