Florida Student Brings Bearded Dragon To School So It Wouldn't Be Lonely

Bearded Lizard

A kid brought his pet bearded dragon to school on Monday because he was afraid it would get lonely if he left it at home.

It’s back to school, and for most kids, that means putting their toys away and getting geared up with backpacks, pens, and pencils. It also means having to be away from beloved family pets for longer than they might be used to--especially if those pets are new to the family.

We don’t know how new one child’s lizard friend was, but we do know that he didn’t want him to get lonely while he was away at school.

A Florida district school board posted on their Facebook page a heartwarming story of a student that couldn’t bear the thought of his beloved bearded dragon suffering even a moment of loneliness. So he took the bearded dragon out of his enclosure, stowed him away in his backpack, and snuck him all the way to school.

Bay District Schools wrote that teachers at the student’s school eventually caught on to the fact that there was a lizard inside the child’s backpack. After being found out, the school contacted the student’s parents and told them to swing by to pick up the bearded dragon. In the meantime, teachers placed the frilly lizard in a mailbox with some towels while they awaited his human owners.

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"Parents, we love pets just as much as anyone but a backpack (Vera Bradley no less) is not a good place for a bearded dragon to spend the day,” wrote the school board. “We rehoused him temporarily in a courier box until his adults could return him home. Parents, please check those backpacks in the am!”

The bearded dragon, named Jango, eventually found his way home. When asked by teachers why the child brought his pet to school, he said that he “didn't want him to be sad at home all alone today so she brought him to school for some company."

Bearded dragons are relatively docile creatures when bred in captivity, so we’re sure it wouldn’t have been a danger to students. But learning is done best without distractions and a large lizard can be a pretty big one.

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