Flu Shots Were Offered At The Golden Globes And Willem Dafoe Wasn't Having It

They Tried To Give Out Flu Shots At The Golden Globes, And WIllem Dafoe Wasn’t Having It

At the Golden Globe awards, they tried to give out free flu shots to all the assembled celebrities, and Willem Dafoe wasn’t having any of it.

If you think about it, you can kind of understand the mentality of an anti-vaxxer. How can some foreign substance protect the human body when its delivery is both painful and horrifying? It takes a conscious effort to prevent yourself from punching the person stabbing you in the arm in order to protect you from things like polio and measles even though they’re undoubtedly doing you a favor.

But we have to admit, there’s a certain amount of mental preparation involved in getting a vaccine. If you’ve booked an appointment with your doctor to get your shots, that’s one thing. If someone were to randomly approach you in the middle of the street and offer to stick your arm with a flu vaccine, that’s entirely something different.

And that’s sort of what happened at the Golden Globe awards on Monday night. Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Sandberg announced during a commercial break that a bunch of “doctors” and “nurses” would disperse into the crowd to offer free flu vaccines. Everyone thought it was a joke until people in white lab coats showed up with needles in hand ready to get stabbing.

Some celebs were understandably taken off guard. A few exceptions were game for the on-the-spot vaccination, such as Linda Cardellini, but more than a few others were definitely not

One of them was Willem Dafoe, who’s reaction to being singled out by Sandberg for a shot in the arm was nothing less than priceless.

Dafoe reaction memes are becoming a bit of a theme at the Golden Globe, with a similar shot taking place in 2018 (albeit with slightly better hair from Dafoe).


Meanwhile, Keith Urban practically leaped out of his seat when a nurse walked by with his shot.

We’re pretty sure the point of the whole bit was to call out anti-vaxxers, who are the cause of the resurgence in preventable diseases and recent outbreaks of measles in the United States. That said, we’re not sure if that point was entirely made, as suddenly asking a room full of celebs to accept a needle on live television might be pushing the boundaries a little too far.

Still, it made for some great reaction gifs.


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