Food Truck Driver Prepared Meals For Drivers Stranded On Texas Highway Due To Flooding

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A food truck driver made meals on the interstate for stranded drivers after tropical storm Imelda struck the Winnie area in Chambers County, Texas.

The impact of the storm was such that I-10 had to be shut down. At least 200 vehicles became trapped and one of them belonged to Reggie McCoy.

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McCoy was driving an 18-wheeler with a food delivery going to Beaumont. After being stranded on I-10 for more than 36 hours, with his truck full of food and nowhere to go, McCoy asked his boss if he could share with the other stranded drivers along the highway. His boss was more than willing to help out.

“He was like, ‘Hey, whatever anybody needs. Let’s get it off the truck.’ We’ve got water. We’ve got milk, toilet paper,” explained McCoy.

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Then he met Kenny the cook, another stranded driver. McCoy had some chicken, so they managed to get a grill and together prepared it right there on the side of the highway. According to McCoy, they were able to feed 30 to 40 hungry people.

Meanwhile, Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said the interstate could be closed for several more days. Deputies had been rescuing stranded drivers. As of Friday afternoon, they had already rescued at least 400 people. They were taking them to a bus and from there, they are taken to a shelter in Winnie, according to ABC 13. Hawthorne said they don’t want anyone to be in distress. They have been using airboats and have had two helicopters fly over the area. Officials warned that people would likely have to abandon their cars to get to the shelter.

Roads and several communities were still submerged in 2-3 feet of water in southeastern Texas Friday after days of heavy rainfall from Imelda. The storm spawned rising floodwaters that turned deadly and left a bridge potentially damaged after runaway barges collided with it, according to Accu Weather. Also, the slow-moving tropical system's torrential rain caused a devastating scene Wednesday into Thursday that was reminiscent of Hurricane Harvey's deluge just two years ago. The flooding prompted hundreds of water rescues as well as more than 1,000 calls for assistance.

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