This Food Truck Serves Up Tasty Tacos To Skiers On The Slopes

This isn’t your ordinary taco truck: the Taco Beast operates on the snowy slopes in Steamboat, Colorado, serving hot tacos to hungry skiers and snowboarders. Instead of the traditional hot chocolate after a fun day on the slopes, winter sports-lovers can indulge in a piping hot taco to fill their bellies. You have to be careful, however, when eating it, as you could get taco bits all over your snow suits for the rest of the day.

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The taco “truck” that Dan Luchs and Sean Hengstler operate is actually a silver snowcat: a giant, tracked machine that grooms the ski slopes. The kitchen is built into the back of the machine, and the beast is parked every night at a docking station. Every single day at 5 a.m., both Luchs and Hengstler begin preparing for a day of taco service out in the cold. The truck is open for lunch, and only remains in service until they sell out, which is usually pretty quick.

This past winter, the Taco Beast has been serving some fan favourites up in the ski slopes. Food served include beef barbacoa, ancho-seasoned beef; elk chorizo, a blend of elk and pork with seasoning; pollo asado, seasoned and grilled chicken; and tres hermanas, roasted butternut squash with black beans and corn. They’re at a new location every day, so you’ll have to keep up with their Twitter account to know where the snow taco truck is parking next.

Hengstler has been cooking in Steamboat for 30 years in a variety of restaurants, but he prefers his office up in the mountains: “I have the best office view in the world, for sure. We look at the flat tops every morning. It’s not a bad day, ever.” Luchs definitely agrees with his culinary partner, and they both continue to serve amazing tacos at the top of snowy peaks.

Even though they serve in the winter, they stop operations when temperatures dip below 12 degrees Farenheit and if the snow is too harsh. After all, no one wants snow in their fresh, hot taco. Weather-permitting, the Taco Beast will remain open until April 14.

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