Foodies Test The Difference Between A $1 And $1,000 Bagel

Andrew and Steven from Worth It have been at it again and this time compared a $1 bagel to one that set them back $1000.

Food is judged on a sliding scale in so many different ways. There are occasions when we have eaten in restaurants and even though the food isn't great we have left the establishment more than happy because of the sheer amount of it we got for what we paid. On the other hand, there are times when we have paid through the nose for not a lot and maybe just said the food was good because you feel like you have to for the price you paid.

When it comes down to it and eating out you have to weigh up whether what you're paying for, eating and drinking is worth it. Just because a restaurant charges high prices doesn't mean the food is going to be any better than anywhere else. Andrew, Steven, and their cameraman Adam have been aiming to prove that across four seasons now via their aptly named YouTube series Worth It.

The guys traveled to New York for their latest episode which revolved around the humble bagel. As always they visited three different establishments and the difference in the price they paid for a single bagel will astound you. The first place they ate at charged them just $1 for a hand-rolled bagel with cream cheese while at the third and final place they tasted a $1000 bagel.


The outrageously priced bagel is topped with mascarpone cream cheese, white truffle shavings, goji berry jelly and even a little gold leaf for aesthetic purposes. Extravagant to say the least. The massive upside to the $1000 bagel is that every single penny goes to funding a nearby soup kitchen. That wasn't the Worth It winner for this episode though, that accolade went to the $1 bagel that began the episode.

Worth It is an incredibly popular series on YouTube. Even though the bagel episode was only posted earlier this week it has already garnered well over 4.5 million views. Andrew, Steven, and Adam have compared almost every type of food you could imagine from ramen to brunch to a $95 egg. They always pick a cheap, reasonable, and incredibly expensive product and then choose which one they believe to be the most "worth it". If you like the bagel video above then be sure to check out the rest of their stuff here.


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