Foot-Powered Washing Machine Is Environmentally Friendly

A super mundane chore just got a little easier and a lot more convenient (and maybe even a little more fun). The Drumi washing machine is a portable, pedaled-powered dome that will clean your clothes in the most innovative way. Its completely "green" and works without needing any electricity or much water. It's a minimalist's dream! The environment is a great cause for concern in our time and we should do anything we can to try to reduce our carbon footprint.


By using a Drumi, you'll only use 2.8 gallons of water per load, compared to an average washing machine that uses 15 to 28 gallons. The electricity and water that will be saved using this instead of a high powered washing machine makes the Drumi cost effective and beneficial to the world.

It's small but mighty! Drumi can wash up to 5 pounds of clothes at once in a short 5-10 minute cycle. That whole time you use your leg to work the pedal powering the inside drum, causing it to rotate and spin, cleaning your clothing. So you'll get a good work out too. Drumi currently retails for $299.

In The Know Innovation, shared this discovery and it's a good thing they did. This can change everything about how we do laundry. It's just so convenient. Not only can it be used in the home to save costs and water, it's perfect for on-the-go. Take it camping or on long road trips. It's also a good alternative for big cities where shared laundry rooms and laundromats are the norm.


Those participating in the tiny house craze or anyone looking to be more eco-friendly will also enjoy it. Drumi is also gentle enough for all of your delicates and small loads to keep up on laundry. It's also perfect for secretly re-washing your kids favorite shirt or blanket without them even noticing. It's so fast!

Tech geeks will love that Drumi was designed and developed by a college student studying industry design in Toronto, Ontario. Yi Jiang was living in a high rise in a large city and was tired of doing his laundry in his building's basement with old machines that were inconvenient to use. Jiang's innovative design works quickly, easily, and is made for simple storage and upkeep.

Inventions such as these will change the world. The next step is creating something like this on a larger scale. The Drumi could be the first of a major revolution for more eco-friendly household appliances.


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