17 Sick Ford Mods That Keep Chevy Execs Awake At Night

The battle between Ford and Chevrolet has been raging since at least the time of the Founding Fathers, or so it seems. With rival industry titans like the Mustang and Camaro, Silverado and F-150, or Corvette and Cobra going back for decades, plus headquarters located a few miles apart in Detroit and Dearborn, the two manufacturers have been forced to compete, which is a boon for the average car buyer.

But the battle for customer loyalty isn't strictly about the products that leave the factory line—the modern aftermarket industry also fits into the mix as Ford and Chevy fans decide which brand to choose. And in the modding world, Ford has some strong contenders that Chevy executives would rather no one knew about.

Keep scrolling for 17 Ford mods that keep Chevy execs awake at night.

17 Twin Snails

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The Ford Mustang currently comes with some awesome engines right from the factory, though Chevrolet also has some powerful beasts in the form of the Camaro and the Corvette (newly mid-engined, to boot). But Ford's big 5.0-liter V8 is more popular for mods like a twin-turbo upgrade, which is just visible in the engine bay above.

16 Ken Block Is A Ford Guy

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From his daily driver, an RS200 homologation special, to his famous twin-turbocharged, all-wheel-drive Mustang, Ken Block is definitely a Ford guy. Chevy has nothing that can come close to the insanity of Block's Mustang, which he apparently uses to prove to tire manufacturers that their products are weak and shoddy.

15 Rally Cars

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Chevrolet has the Silverado pickup truck and the Camaro and Corvette sports cars, but they don't really have anything in between. Namely, anything sporty that can go off-road. But Ford has the Focus RS, which is a popular car for anyone looking for a hot hatch with all-wheel drive that can be modded a little (or a lot!) for rally racing.

14 The RS200

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Ken Block's daily driver is the Ford RS200, a homologation special of a nasty little mid-engined rally racer. With a few subtle mods, including those white wheels and, of course, some power upgrades, Block has one of the sickest cars ever made—just don't try to put any passengers in it or Chevy executives might lose their minds.

13 The Focus ST

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The Chevy Cruze now comes in a hatchback variant, though it's still a long way from being labeled a hot hatch. Ford, meanwhile, has the Cruze beat from the factory with their Fiesta ST, which isn't as radical as the Focus RS but still has enough pep to burn a Cruze off the line without breaking a sweat. Throw on a few mods like the example above and it's game over.

12 Beefed-Up Raptor

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The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor occupied its own niche in the truck world for a few years, though other manufacturers like Chevy are starting to at least make an attempt to catch up. But the Raptor has been around for long enough that tuners and modders know their way around the platform, and off-road-enhanced versions like the one above are a step above similar products from Chevy at the moment.

11 Take That, Silverado

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Executives at Chevrolet are in a quandary: they would love to advertise the upgrade packages that Hennessey Performance offers on the Corvette, Camaro, and Silverado—but the wild options that the Texas-based tuners offer for Ford products are often a little better. Case in point is the VelociRaptor, based on the Raptor and pictured above, which is just wild.

10 Hennessey's Crowning Achievement

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Hennessey is famous for many cars, including the forthcoming Venom F5 hypercar, but the tuners made their biggest waves when they unveiled the VelociRaptor 6x6. With an extra driven axle out back, off-road goodies, and a massive power boost under the hood, the VelociRaptor 6x6 growls "America" in Chevy owners' nightmares.

9 Bucking Bronco

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With all the parts and knowledge available on the internet, the younger generations are getting into modding with a vengeance. Blame it also on the bland cars leaving most factories today and it's no surprise analog models from days past are receiving ground-up restorations. The modded Bronco above looks ready to rumble and is way, way sweeter than a new Chevy Blazer.

8 King of the Mountain

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Few Ford or Chevy owners are liable to get as radical as the modded Mustang above, which has been built up to compete at the Pike's Peak hill-climb competition. Still, Chevy doesn't want anyone to know that the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, with its track dominating enhancements, is the perfect base for a ridiculous race car.

7 I'm Saleen Away

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Saleen has been in the game of modding Mustangs for about as long as anyone. The established brand, famous for the likes of the world-beating Saleen S7 supercar and the forthcoming S1, built their brand by turning Mustangs into absurdly awesome vehicles. With superchargers, suspension enhancements, and custom exteriors, Saleen is another modding company Chevy would like to see go by the wayside.

6 Convertible Saleen Fox Body

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Saleen also worked on the Fox Body Mustang during the 1980s and those cars are quickly becoming hot collector's items—Paul Walker owned more than a couple before his untimely passing. The Fox Body above has been chopped into a convertible and has some perfectly 1980s wheels to go with the conversion.

5 Dodge And Ford?!

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The current generation of the Dodge Charger looks especially intimidating when it wears California Highway Patrol livery while roaring down the I-5 freeway and scaring every driver back down to the speed limit. Chevy hates that they haven't gotten fully into the police-special game, an arena where Ford was famous for their Crown Victoria. Still, a cop's Mustang looks great, too.

4 Explorer Police Interceptor

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Exactly why Chevrolet has fallen by the wayside when it comes to contracts with law enforcement remains a mystery. The fact that Ford is doing their best to keep those contracts signed is without a doubt. Their newest Explorer SUV will even be built up into a modified version called the Police Interceptor.

3 Crown Vic

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The Crown Victoria is perhaps the most instantly recognizable car on the roads, given that everyone slows down immediately when they see one (or a Mercury Marauder) in the rearview mirror. But the Crown Vic remained a cop car precisely because it was reliable, powerful, and drove like a dream. Modders are now getting their hands on the model and turning them into custom jobs like the one pictured above.

2 No Silverado Necessary

via Mustang Driven

This Mustang looks just about bone-stock, though those wheels could be aftermarket items. The awesome addition of blocks up top and excessive roping and strapping makes it a perfect kayak commuter. This guy didn't have to go out and buy an F-150 or, for that matter, a Chevy Silverado, to haul his boat to the water—just one more lost customer for Chevy.

1 Roush Performance

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Chevy definitely doesn't want anyone to know about Roush Performance and the upgrades they do on Ford's Mustang. From bolt-on superchargers to full-on modification projects like the P-51 Mustang, which features track enhancements, 727 horsepower, and a three-year warranty, Roush provides options for anyone looking for reliable power and fun.

Sources: Saleen, Roush, and Wikipedia.

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