Ford Has Designed A Noise-Canceling Kennel For Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks

Ford has designed a noise-canceling kennel as a safe haven for dogs when fireworks are going off, or any other time loud noises are ruining their day.

There are a few times of year when some of us traditionally like to celebrate with fireworks. New Year's Eve is a big one, as is Independence Day. In the UK, the biggest night of the year for fireworks is Bonfire Night, a celebration of the time Guy Fawkes almost succeeded in blowing up the House of Parliament in 1605.

Whether you enjoy fireworks or you don't, they're going to happen, especially at the above times of the year. Also, if you do dislike them, we'd venture to guess that the reason you hate them with such a passion is that you have a dog. For the most part, dogs are pretty terrified of fireworks. If you have a pup that hates even the slightest sound of them you'll know how frustrating the above nights of the year can be.


Ford may have just developed the answer to all our problems, or rather our dog's problems. A noise-canceling kennel. A safe haven for our canine friends when those around us are celebrating an occasion by letting off fireworks. The kennel uses a three-pronged attack, or defense, on the noise outside of it. Ford's noise-canceling technology, sound dampening cork, and even an automatic door.

The technology prong of the defense is actually pretty smart, and one being used in its latest Edge SUVs. Microphones built into the vehicle pick up engine noises and react by playing the opposite frequencies, thus canceling them out. Quite genius, huh? The kennel prototype may actually be a crafty way of promoting the new SUVs, although we hope Ford intends on eventually releasing the kennels officially.

It's no secret that dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, but did you know exactly how much more sensitive it is? While an average person can hear sounds between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz, your average canine can hear noises all the way up to 45,000 Hz. They can also hear sounds which are four times further away than we can. When you take all of that into account, along with not knowing what fireworks are, it's no surprise the sound of them is terrifying to most dogs.


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