Ford v Ferrari Movie Crushes Opening Weekend Box Office

The Ford v Ferrari movie, starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, earned a pretty impressive $52.4 million globally in its opening weekend. In the States and Canada alone, it made $31 million - more than even the most optimistic projections of $30 million.

Released at the same time as The Good Liar and Charlie's Angels, it left them both in the dust. In fact, it made $10.9 million on its first day while Charlie's Angels only did $8.6 million over the entire weekend, and The Good Liar an appalling $5.6 million. That's a big win for car lovers!

3 Based On A True Story

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The plot takes us back to the 1960s when Henry Ford II was fuming after Enzo Ferrari walked away from a deal in favor of a more lucrative arrangement with Fiat.

The furious Henry II then set out to build a car that would defeat the dominant Ferrari team at Le Mans. We don't want to ruin the movie for anyone, but if you paid attention in automotive history class, you know what happened next.

2 Changes Were Made

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A movie based on the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari at the Le Mans endurance race has long been in works at 20th Century Fox. Originally, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were supposed to star in it, but after a change of writers and directors, the lead roles went to Damon and Bale instead.

Filming lasted for 67 days and parts of it actually took place in Le Mans, France

1 The Audience Were Mostly Mature Males

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Nearly 80 percent of those who went to see the movie during the opening weekend were older than 25, of which more than 55 percent were older than 35.

According to Hollywood Reporter, men made up 62 percent of the audience. We don't find any of those numbers surprising.

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