10 Former Child Stars Who Drive C-List Cars (And 5 Who Actually Made It)

One of the best perks that come along with being born into a world of riches and fame definitely has to be the cars that come along with that. When you hit it big, you can drive anything you want! For car enthusiasts, this opens up a whole world of luxury, sports, and muscle cars. The modifications and personal customization are endless when money is no issue.

Sadly, not every celebrity seems to put a lot of emphasis on the cars they drive. Many of them putt-putt around the city in what we would consider to be very “average"  vehicles. Perhaps this is a conscious decision to avoid the paparazzi, or it could just be that driving an expensive car isn’t a priority to some of these celebs. Let’s take a look at 10 former childhood stars who drive around like they are c-listers and 5 who are the real deal…

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15 C-Listed: Amanda  Bynes

via the boston globe

Amanda Bynes can drive anything she wants; she just doesn’t really seem to care to. She was a huge child star on Nickelodeon and “The Amanda Show”. Maybe stepping up her game into a more luxurious car than this BMW would suit her better. She falls flat with such a basic ride.

14 C- Listed: Drew Barrymore

Via USMagazine

Drew Barrymore appears here in a Mercedes as well. It’s clear she’s in a casual mode on the day this photo was taken, but honestly Drew should use her ET money to splurge on something a bit sleeker than this. Even a newer model Benz would be a considerable upgrade.

13 C- Listed: Jodi Sweetin

Via Just Jared

Jodie Sweetin gained huge notoriety and fame when she starred on the show “Full House,” despite the fact that she didn’t make herself a household name the way her co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did. We love Audi’s and this is a great car choice, but considering her wealth, she could have been a bit wilder with her car purchase.

12 C- Listed: Katie Holmes

via pinterest

Katie Holmes made her mark with Dawson’s Creek, and then of course, her infamous marriage to her childhood heartthrob, Tom Cruise. We love Katie, but we have to admit, her Lexus is passé, and she needs to upgrade her car. This isn’t what we’d expect a huge star to be driving!

11 C-Listed: Lindsay Lohan

Via Jalopnik

Lindsay Lohan has quite a nice SL 550 Mercedes Benz – and most of us could own it too! After making it big when she starred in “Mean Girls”, we’d expect that she would have purchased something with more horsepower, and a more exclusive name. She must love the brand – she keeps going back, as she owns a handful of Mercedes cars.

10 C-Listed: McCauley Culkin

Via BornRich

Macaulay Culkin is one of the biggest childhood stars of all time. This entertaining child from the “Home Alone” movie franchise can buy anything he wants, and we’re sad to see that cars don’t seem to be his priority. This is another “nice” Lexus, but it’s too low-key and unassuming.

9 C-Listed: Mary-Kate Olsen

Via DailyMailUK

Mary-Kate Olsen is a classic example of a child born into superstardom and extreme wealth. The world watched her grow up from infancy as she appeared on TV in the hit show, Full House. With a booming fashion line and many projects, we’d assume she could get a newer Jaguar than this one. Coincidentally, her car had just broken down in this picture.

8 C-Listed: Miley Cyrus

VIa Celebuzz

Miley Cyrus is not one to shy away from the public eye. This must mean she just doesn’t care much about which car she drives. This mid-range Lexus is way too average for a celebrity that has reached this calibre of success. Perhaps she has a bunch of other cars that make up for the normalcy of this one.

7 C-Listed: Brittney Spears

via carblogger

Brittney Spears was the poster-child for Disney at a very young age, and grew up in front of the world, as she exploded on the scene with her catchy pop music. Sadly, all we notice about Brittney now is the fact that she has no taste in cars whatsoever! We’re pretty sure she can afford a nicer car than this, but we agree, the Mini Cooper is very unsuspecting for someone trying to blend in.

6 C-Listed: Demi Lovato

Via CelebrityCarsBlog

Demi Lovato is seen driving her Mercedes SL550, and while we admit it’s a great car, we also know she could do so much better. We’d expect most people in California would be able to own this car. She could drive anything she wants, and we’re surprised to see that this is her choice.

5 Made The Cut: Selena Gomez

Via TheInquisitr

Selena Gomez loves cars, and she has a whole fleet of them! This Lexus is one of the many that she collects within her fleet of flashy rides. She’s often photographed in various cars and it’s unclear how many amazing vehicles she owns – there are too many to count!

4 Made The Cut: Hillary Duff

Via Pinterest

Hillary Duff gets good points for her stunning Porsche. This is a classic beauty, and we praise her car purchase! She’s been in the public eye long enough that she can afford to drive anything, and we’re happy to see this slick ride as part of her fleet.

3 Made The Cut: Will Smith

VIa Youtube

Will Smith does it right, every single time! Growing up on the TV set of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air has afforded him some amazing luxuries in his adult life! Will has a fleet of cars that are his pride and joy. He’s seen here with a customized Lexus, and his collection boasts a Maybach, some Porsches, and so many more.

2 Made The Cut: Shia Lebeouf

Via Motor1

Shia Lebeouf loves his cars, and has been spotted in a number of fabulous wheels. The “Transformers” star is seen here with his 1975 Checker Marathon. It looks like a tonne of fun, and is very picture-worthy. This is an awesome car to add to any collection.

1 Made The Cut: Justin Bieber

Via Pinterest

Justin Bieber is not shy about his cars. He custom wraps most of them in colors that stand out – clearly avoiding the paparazzi is not really his primary concern. Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s are only a few of the many cars he has within his personal fleet.

Sources: Celebuzz, TMZ, Motors

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