Former President Jimmy Carter And His Wife To Visit Nashville To Build Habitat For Humanity Homes

When a U.S. President finishes his career in the White House, they have a lot of different options as to what to do next. They can try to go back to the career they had before becoming President, pursue a new career altogether, profit off their presidential fame, or just live a quiet life with their family. But one popular option is to take up humanitarian efforts however they like. The good thing about this is that there are plenty of ways to go about it, meaning that what one ex-President does may be totally different from the next.

In the case of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, he and his wife Rosalynn build homes with Habitat for Humanity. In fact, the elderly couple has been doing this for well over 35 years! They've traveled all across the U.S. to help build homes for people who really need them. Now, the Carters are heading off to Nashville, Tennessee next month to continue this very mission.

The former President and First Lady are going to fly out to Nashville to help out volunteers as they build 21 houses in a neighbourhood known as Park Preserve, located in North Nashville. Despite Jimmy being 95 years old and Rosalynn being 92 years old respectively, the once presidential couple don't seem too keen on slowing down. They still want to build more and more homes for those in need.

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"Every generation only has one or two iconic people who really transcend time, and I think Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter are two of those because of their humanitarian efforts, specifically for Habitat for Humanity," said Danny Herron, who's the president and CEO for Habitat of Greater Nashville.

It's not hard to see why Herron would say such a thing. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have spent over three decades to work on over 4000 homes to some capacity. They've worked alongside about 100 000 volunteers across 14 countries to do so. Their achievements with the non-profit are so noteworthy that the couple is part of a tiny group of individuals named as Habitat Humanitarians.

Here's hoping that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter can continue building homes for Habitat for Humanity for as long as possible!

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